SWV Goes to the Philippines…

swv_manila Here is another article with a video African-American sistas should watch and this is when TLC and SWV performed in Manila, Philippines and doing a live FB feed with one of their fans. Please watch the whole video. This is just another reminder of how influential you sistas are around the world and your market potential. We say it over and over on this blog - you sistas need to step your game up to global moves and realize you got a market of hundreds of millions of women around the world that admire you sistas - stop limiting yourself. Source: http://www.wheninmanila.com/watch-filipino-fan-impresses-swv-singer-in-manila-concert-asked-to-send-demo/

6 thoughts on “SWV Goes to the Philippines…

  1. I loveTLC. They were just in Japan and will be in Australia next. They have fans in the UK trying to get them to tour there too. Their brand is definitely global… ok fangirl moment over.

  2. This is the typical article where African-Americans tend to shut down or shut off from acknowledging. Not only every other ethnic group but EVERY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES have global outreach and base. Only African-Americans walk around thinking they don’t need to expand and keep it basic.

    The world change and people grow and will eventually outgrow you if you stay stagnant.

  3. I love this and you have been speaking this for a while. We have a brand that far surpasses that of the US.

  4. Ed,

    Homegirl can sing. Wonderful video and you are correct Ed, African-American artists need to think globally. There’s an entire world out there to explore and keep in mind. It’s been said that Hollywood movies get a lot (I don’t know the exact figure but perhaps more than half) of their box office from OUTSIDE the United States. Music is another thing altogether, but I often read about how old-school hip-hop artists make a significant living touring overseas.

    One thing that I have noticed is that many have that Block mentality, folks find it hard to believe that there’s an entire world to consider when thinking about alternative markets to look into. You’d think that with the internet, that that kind of thinking would not exist, but it does.

  5. the house music black dj’s always overseas kai alce,kerri chandler dj spen tony humphries all make their big money overseas. ultra nate’ had the number 1 record(Free) in 10 countries but could not get on urban radio at home

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