Understanding Why African-Americans Don’t Got Shit to Say When You Succeed on Them and How to Not Get Pissed About It

stuntinhomey I’m currently at the crossroads many successful African-Americans have ventured before and it’s important we have this conversation right now at this juncture. The juncture is where an African-American go-getter met their goal or definition of success and will decide at this point if they want to just move forward solo and leave behind the black folks who didn’t support them from the bottom to the top. In this article, I want you to understand that I purposely documented the journey on this blog towards this juncture to show you how things will go down in real-time so you can fully understand the experience and understand what you will feel and how you should proceed. Here is the current position – I talked as much as I can what me and my crew was going to do and went out and did that shit. At the beginning of the year, look up January 2, 2016 on this blog – I stated the Afro-Tech and the 3rd Strategic got two major missions for 2016, go look it up. I stated fuck Al Sharpton because we doing Agile and I stated fuck Powernomics because we doing cryptonomics. November 6, 2016 I can stand here and say the crew accomplished and delivered. n_afrotechagile The most important key to Agile is user stories and operating around our story of who we are as black people, define our current situation, create a strategy to fulfill the user story and deliver a solution to the story. I have worked with our people throughout the year and helped them look at Agile and LEAN and focus on small user stories that they understand and feel. Not the crap on the Al Sharpton show or TV or web but what they walk outside their home into the black community and see every day and change the little things. The goal is not a nice inspirational Urban Intellectuals write-up but knowing we are fulfilling our personal journey that personally mean something to us. We are not an African-American demographic – we are a diverse collection of individual stories that shines like each star in the universe. As a result and I get the feedback – more and more of us are empowered to our story and realized it is our stories that need to be fulfilled, not a black agenda and we changed that landscape. dh_shine Dr. Claud Anderson can definitely sit his old ass down somewhere - cryptonomics is the new paradigm and many of you guys may not even know what happened in 2016. Just a few days ago around November 3, 2016, one of the biggest economic events happened in the African Diaspora and no one except the 3rd Strategic Institute picked up on it because if you did, you would know the revolutionary impact. Read what happened and let me see if you understand what the Motherland Afro-Tech has accomplished: eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) announced today that it has partnered with Banque Régionale de Marchés (BRM) to provide a digital currency in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). BRM will issue the digital tender, eCFA, in compliance with e-money regulations of Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (BCEAO), the Central Bank of WAEMU. This secure digital instrument can be transacted across all existing payment platforms and will be equivalent in value to physical legal tender. BRM announced the eCFA distribution will begin in Senegal and will be extended in a second phase to Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo and Guinea-Bissau. The eCFA is a high security digital instrument that can be held in all mobile money and e-money wallets. It will secure universal liquidity, enable interoperability, and provide transparency to the entire digital ecosystem in WAEMU. What you read is our ancestral motherland where many of us African-Americans are from formulated a cryptocurrency pegged to their physical currency. Translation – this allow us to immediately begin establishing trading (import/export) between us African-Americans and our ancestral homeland and invest directly into the currency of our ancestors. We can buy these cryptocurrencies at the US Dollar exchange and begin funding the building of businesses and retail and economic development in these West African regions, empowering our motherland but establishing a secondary base for us outside of America. I don’t have to do a digital wallet pegged to the US Dollar, we can utilize the existing eCFA as the unit of value to divest from USA bigots and their money and instead invest in our homeland via cryptocurrency and trade in the American black community off the eCFA cryptocurrency. goinghome That means we can go home to Africa and build our second home for cheap and trade for cheap with our African partners. We can use this West African digital currency to do business with each other in the black community here in America and we increase the circulation and use it for global exchange. Meaning, we can setup a port in the Panama Canal from China to West Africa and from West Africa to China via Panama Canal. And we can also setup trade from Brazil to Africa and Africa to Brazil using the cryptocurrency of our motherland. I will blog about this just recent breaking event in detail later but this shows you how on top of things the Afro-Tech and 3rd Strategic is and also how cryptonomics already owned 2016 on cats who didn’t even see the hyper-exciting accomplishments going on in the African Diaspora. And sistas be walking around Africa and Europe looking like this for a brotha who just tired of these attitude-having black-feminist American sistas. So, building me a modern style house back in West Africa off the water that I will put on AirBnB and Roomarama to help pay it off, setting up micro-businesses in West Africa like resale fashion retailing filled with products imported from the Goodwill store here in Atlanta and having an Afro-Euro chick living in Belgium originally from Africa looking like the one in the picture above coming home to chill with her Black American sugar daddy – shiieeeet, fuck Powernomics and thank God for Cryptonomics! Yall think I’m being funny and petty but this is really what we black folks always wanted – we want our motherland and economic independence and this news about the African cryptocurrency is a revolutionary game-changer forward. heidi And here in America, I delivered our cryptonomics platform. This platform allows global possibilities but will definitely address black economic issues such as quick ramp up of business operations and handling transactions between each other to build up our local communities in a fiscal responsible and healthy manner. Many of you do not realize Kossier will also have local community alerts as well – I didn’t mention this but showing you that cats ain’t going to catch up with us anytime soon because I know what the black community wants as we been using Agile and black user stories to get better to serve the black community, homey. wemadeitbaby So once again, we said we going to do that shit and we done that shit. And when you say you going to do something for the black community and you actually do that shit, the black community don’t have much to say and they go silent. The reason why is inferiority complex – we black folks don’t want to see black folks we are familiar with rise above the level of inferiority we allowed other people to put us at. So when these black folks out there celebrating a cornball like Tristan Walker because white people propping him up and realize someone from the West Side of Chicago is more advanced than that shit and Kossier and the blockchain implementation already wiped out that Bevel shit and that Mayvenn shit at the same damn time with cryptonomics, AI and bots and distributed ledger within the black community, that inferiority complex start fucking with how a black person brain was programmed to not believe cats from the West Side can handle their shit without begging white people for shit. So these black folks become stunned and quiet and start hiding behind the woodpile and peeking at your next move talking around you but not openly supporting you. longwolf That is where you at when you arrive at the success junction – you proved to yourself as a black go-getter that you can accomplish your goals and dreams and you put in the work and you made it. But African-Americans don’t want to truly appreciate your journey to the top but they want a seat at your table and eat what you eating for free after you did all the work. Most African-Americans at this juncture will say this success is their moment of self-realization of who they are and this is really a one-on-one relationship between themselves and the purpose God gave them to pursue. And they are correct – this is their purpose and journey and they can thank God for giving them the journey to add meaning to their life. The real question of this article is when a black person reach the mountaintop, do they look back at the people still lurking at the bottom or do they move to the other side of the mountain forward and forget where they come from? Those cats on the bottom on the mountain want to start calling you a sellout, Uncle Tom and coon and you be like fuck all black folks and move forward and forget where you come from. That’s what our black people have done over and over throughout history – we kept it moving and pissed that our own black people didn’t support us like we thought they would. What makes us successful black folks pissed the most is we hear our own black people saying they want us to succeed but our own black folks act shitty when we go out and actually succeed – that’s what piss off successful black people the most. about_them When you become a true successful black person, and understand the blessing God gave you as a calling and a journey to reach your calling, the biggest takeaway at that juncture of success is this is not about you – this is about the future generation and you building a path for them to become bigger and better than you, thanks to you. You learn your success was actually a sacrifice where you may not see the fruits but the future generation will. With that said, when you reach the juncture of success the best strategy is to leave the African-American adults at the bottom and leave them where they at – fuck them if they didn’t support you. Your next move is to go to the other side of the mountain to the promise land and enjoy the fruits of your labor and reflect on the journey you taken to reach this destination, my friend. But what you need to do is leave the footprints and the trail for others to follow if they want to take the same journey. Don’t be pissed at the brothas and sistas who acted funny because they are already beyond the opportunity to do something meaningful with them. You want to go after the young generation and help them be a better person than you and take the road to success a lot easier than you. When you at the juncture, don’t forget about our young generation of brothas and sistas – do this shit for them and don’t ever forget that is real reason why you made it at the juncture of success.

5 thoughts on “Understanding Why African-Americans Don’t Got Shit to Say When You Succeed on Them and How to Not Get Pissed About It

  1. I appreciate being able to go outside the box when I come to your page. You are proof that there is a big ole wide world out here to tap into. You don’t show us your picture in some locale, you show us a photo that could be us!

  2. Good stuff. Hate to go off the rails but you did mention Bevel…lol

    Hilarious they call Bevel a black owned business. Utter BS You don’t start a business with no skin in the game with funding solely coming from outside investors(whites jews) and end up owning a majority share. If that guy owns more than 8% i’ll be shocked. That’s a white jewish owned company period. Typical Silicon valley invites a guy to come in(probably for charity reasons) and watch how things get done for a few months in a residency program and is told to come up with a idea to fund. He comes up with a product that is nothing innovative or new and gets funded millions of dollars in a part of a country solely focused on building software products. Like what the f&%k!?!?! That’s corporate welfare like you have never heard. And his white peers get the same treatment for stupid ass ideas. Reason why i can’t stand to listen to any of this fake seed capital tech founders who go to conferences and act like philosophers. 90% wouldn’t be around if they had to bootstrap the initial phase of their business, because they would have realized their idea was bleeping stupid with no market fit. But in the environment of silicon valley these ideas get flushed with cash which allows them to lie to themselves they are are successful by spending millions on marketing and pushing articles on tech sites. I would love to look at Bevels financial metrics. I bet with that excessive spend they do on over hyped marketing,multiple offices(to fucking sell a shaving kit), bloated workforce I bet they constantly in the red. He better hope those investors don’t call in their money in. If they do they will be fucked.
    Main reason why i respect initial bootstrappers. Especially black ones, who in many cases don’t have a choice.

    As a software developer its so embarrassing that blacks get represented in the supposed “tech capital of the universe” by a non-techie who sells fucking shaving kits and clippers.

    Now since this article is centered around “hatin’n ass blacks”…i’m not one of them. I have my own company and worked on a number of sub contracts with other successful black software firms who are not big but have a respectable $500k – $4m a year businesses. And these guys are creating their own frameworks, building extensions and building vendor relationships for the likes of Oracle, SAP and IBM. So i’ve seen and championed blacks that do well in this industry. And congratulations to you on your accomplishments.

    I just don’t like blacks looking at this guy and calling him some f****g tech wizard when all he is doing is pushing grooming products. Some moron in the barber shop called him the “Black Elon Musk”. I almost lost my mind but kept to myself. Trying explain why what he said was ridiculous would be like try to talk to a bag of rice. I know some enlightened white tech professionals want to say something but most won’t due to the expected backlash.

    Ed, what’s your thoughts?

    1. Tristan Walker is a cornball with no tech talent and a token. He use the white media framework to position himself and the thing is I’m not concerned about him that much. In the tech industry, skills is what matters, not social manipulation and like I indicated in the article, our framework obsolete him and the money they invested in his firm as anybody can now quickly launch a subscription service, including razor blade subscriptions, homemade soap and cream subscriptions or even offer monthly free vouchers to select barbershops each month.

      But I have to look past Tristan Walker and look at his actual handlers – that’s the level I’m at in this game and look at the white privilege system who propped him up in the VC world and the tech media world and go after them which is what me and my crew intend to do (we already have but not made it public).

      Your point is spot on and what I believe is the major problem – we have black people in our own community quick to elevate Tristan Walker and Bevel and the reason why is because he is being validated by white people – this is how African-Americans act as if we cannot proceed without permission and acceptance or signed off from white privilege. I was running a group called the Global Urban Collective and was showing most of the technology and one guy after all the time spent presenting and sharing information, he wants to talk about Nas and Bevel or Tariq Nasheed showed up as a guest, name-dropping and having other people name in his mouth instead of just being about it. I don’t care about these kind of black folks and they do not validate me nor speak to the tech industry and do not have true knowledge of who is black and have actual tech talent. It’s sad but then again, what group of black people were encouraging Simone Biles to be a gymnast? These black folks only know what media tells them and deny the black person standing next to them of the same recognition, even if that black person is better.

      These African-Americans are waiting for someone white to talk about me before they talk to another black person about me – watch and see and bet on it.

      I don’t hear people in the real world in Atlanta talk about Bevel – we have Bronner Bros, a real firm out here. But when I do hear someone talk about Tristan Walker or Bevel, they are not someone who actually know anything about tech and just let them be…

  3. Kudos again Ed. This piece is the reason why I am thinking outside the box and learning all I can. I agree with the guy above…Bevel is not a black-owned business and I actually got into it with a few people who thought otherwise.The majority of all corporations as we know it is owned by Jews or white people and they see something we have good, and would like to capitalize off it. I have been speaking on you, Ed, for the past few years and I was hoping more would be on board but of course, that did not happen. I thank you for this and always pointing out the knowledge needed to move forward. Plus, I do not know anything about tech-I learned everything from you and your blog and the GUC.

  4. Wow wow wow. I am so happy I’ve stumbled on your website. I was just looking for more hustle ideas and here i am. This is truly a great read. Thank you and keep it up. I’m definitely bookmarking this!

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