Walking in Brooklyn with Bri and the World Premiere of Kossier + Fooky.com

mstation Hello there, nice to meet you here at Marcy Ave station and I’m Briana from the upcoming series Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain. Did you know we just wrapped up our fourth season in production and we haven’t even release the first season yet? Yes, I already have 3 seasons already created and everybody is excited and cannot wait but anyway, let’s get to business. I’m here to walk you through the world premiere of Kossier and how to use it. While there was a concept prototype of Kossier previously available, this is the first time anybody in the world will experience the official pre-release version and you get the first look and first hands on! Come on, let’s get down to the street and take a walk..well before we leave the station, let’s set you up with a new Kossier account first.


registration Open your mobile browser and navigate to Kossier.com and you will see the “Register” button to get up and running. Please follow the instructions and setup your account and while you setting up let me give you some important information to understand. Kossier Does Not Collect Personal Information. Kossier is designed to help protect your privacy while you perform everyday business. We do not collect usernames and passwords as that practice is being phased out around the world. You will be assigned an address identifier and a passcode that only you will have access to. Do Not Use Your Full Name as Display Name. Your Display Name is what will be presented to other people or businesses and may appear on kiosks and digital signage. We recommend using a partial name with an initial like Briana L. Also, do not use a nickname everybody knows you as like QueenB because this may compromise your identity when doing local business. Save Your Assigned Address Identifier and Passcode! Because Kossier does not collect your personal information such as your e-mail address, there is no way to recover your account if you lose your address identifier and passcode. Keep your account information in a safe place and do not share it with anyone – treat it like you would treat any security document. So, once you create your account, please write down your information. You can also screen capture your account information by pressing the sleep button + Home on the iPhone or press Power + Volume Down on Android devices. On Windows phones, you can press Power + Volume Up to screen capture your account details. After your account is created, you will be logged in. However, you must log in manually with your account information to activate your account to do business. From the menu (circle thing), select “Exit” to log out and let’s log in to activate your account. Oh, one more thing you going to need is a QR code scanner. You can get a QR code reader such as Quick Scan for your iPhone or QR Droid for Android. Microsoft Phones have as part of the camera feature a Lumina Lens with Bing Vision that can scan for QR codes and process them. Please get a QR code reader if you do not have one as you going to be using it a lot for our walkthrough.

Hair Salon

diviniti_diva Hey, this is the new hair salon that just opened up I wanted to show you. Do you see the QR code on the poster in the window? Please scan the QR code and let’s get more information about this business. free_consultation What you should see next is the profile page for this salon and Kossier gives local merchants a powerful way to list their business and also provide mobile marketing engagement that is both low-cost and flexible. diviniti_profile_menu Local merchants have the ability to create accounts also and create not only a profile page with their information but can also list command options for their customers. The commands can be almost any workflow such as reserve a table or download catalog to allow customers and clients perform business-related tasks from their mobile device. If you select the Menu tab (circled in red), you will see this new salon has an option to request a free consultation – isn’t that cool? Let’s get you a free consultation going to do something about that hair of yours – select the Request Free Consultation Option and let’s talk about the revolutionary transaction feature on Kossier. kossier_unconfirmbc Kossier has the true best-in-class blockchain implementation on the market today and you are the first to see the benefits. Kossier basically runs over Ethereum, R3, Ripple and other blockchain offerings by focusing on the strategic key areas. Natural Language Processing. While other blockchain platforms focused on playing around with JavaScript to create an on-chain language, Kossier simply use natural language that a bot can read and execute. This is because the pros behind Kossier knew the future of blockchains would be AI/bots while the overhyped amateurs at Ethereum still stuck on script kiddie stuff. What’s beautiful is developers can use their preferred programming language from PHP to Objective-C to process natural language directives and the natural language directives can be written in English, 中文, हिंदी, Deutsch, François, Española or Português making Kossier globally scalable to developers worldwide immediately. Support Multiple Blockchains. Kossier has a blockchain ledger called KossierBC but there are more variations of blockchains from the Fooky.com platform that can be leveraged. For example, in one of my episodes on Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain, we will have a blockchain called OverproofBC for the fast fashion industry for designers to quickly go to market enabling upstart fashion brands in Sunset Park to compete hard against 7th Ave. Participatory Markets. The pros at Kossier were laughing hard at all the other blockchain blockheads chasing fintech when they knew they didn’t have true regulatory freedom to pursue fintech solutions around the world. The pros behind Kossier knew the biggest immediate benefit of the blockchain was not fintech but retail tech by enabling bricks and clicks and shared trustless datasets that can be shared by multiple SME retailers to offer bricks and clicks technology at a shared lower cost and robust functionality. transaction_flow Now let’s talk about how a blockchain transaction works. First you create the transaction as the sender and confirm – now once you create it, you cannot cancel it and are committed to it because you created a digital signature using encryption. Then the receiver has to approve the transaction and agree with you – only the receiver can cancel the transaction at this point. Once you the sender and the receiver sign the transaction, the bot or servicer will ratify and execute the terms of the transaction and sign the transaction. Then the transaction is added to the blockchain. So basically, you create a contract and sign it, the other party signs it, an executor carries out the contract terms and the contract and our signatures are stored on the blockchain. If you think about business – this is how it is done globally by agreeing to terms and carrying out the terms. So in this case, you going to create the transaction to request a free consultation, the hair salon is going to sign it and a servicer bot will set it up and this transaction is recorded to the blockchain. So let’s go through the process. diviniti_transact Click on the salon menu and select the menu option “Request Free Consultation” – notice on the transaction page the receiver and instruction section already been pre-filled out; business can set this up to quickly do business with you. So now all you have to do is press the confirm button to go to the next step. Commit to the transaction and there you go! You created your first transaction on Kossier! How was it?! Do you see how simple and versatile Kossier can create transactions?

Servicer Info: SalonM

SalonM was created by Sade M. who developed her bot using Microsoft C# and hosting it on a shared hosting server. SalonM service salons and beauty establishments in the Tri-State area and Sade just made inroads in the DMV area. SalonM charge 3 cents per command and is making $270/day or $1890/week with her bot doing all the work. This is Sade side hustle generating $100k/year while she working full-time. Sade co-workers are unaware of her hustle and Sade co-workers spend all day at the job listening to online streaming black radio instead of looking at how to get their money up.

Check-In at the Front Desk

diviniti_checkin Ok, it looks like time for your free consultation, let’s go to the salon and hopefully they can do something about that hair of yours. The first thing we want to do is check-in at the kiosk at the front of the salon. On a computer/mobile screen other than a mobile phone, type in the following address: https://kossier.com/demo/diviniti What you see is a check-in kiosk that retailers can create for Kossier users to check-in or perform other self-service activities. These things can do a lot of incredible stuff for a small business establishment not available before and at a low-cost, thanks to the blockchain technology and let’s talk about it later. I want you to check-in by scanning the QR code on the kiosk or go to the Diviniti Diva Salon & Spa profile page. diviniti_profile_contact Press the check-in button underneath the profile photo and you will see a QR code and a text code underneath. This allow you to check-in using a barcode scanner or smart camera or check-in by typing in your information at a kiosk. Enter the text into the kiosk check-in box and press Enter. diviniti_checkin_welcome You should see personalized information showing the kiosk verified your check-in code to know your address. Noticed your display name is presented here and why I suggested earlier not to use your full name to protect your personal identity and data doing business with retailers. Thanks to Kossier and the blockchain, these kiosks can easily be created by retailers to perform tasks such as self-check-in and self-checkout, ticketing, personalized food menu or sign up users to rewards and loyalty programs. Let’s go take a seat. cube_shop Wow, that’s cool…what is that!? Do you know what that is? That look like a consignment cube shop that allow local community micro-merchant to sell items out of places like salons, repair shops, doctors office and lobby areas. This was the rage in Hong Kong and Japan but these cubes are so modernized! Hey, look at those heels in the one cube, can you buy me those? You are so nice; I don’t know what gotten into you lately. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the cube and it will direct you directly to the Kossier transaction page to start a transaction. microcubyscan Go ahead and complete the transaction the same way you did the previous transaction. Do you see now how versatile the transaction feature of Kossier is? It allows digital entrepreneurs new opportunities to be very creative using Kossier + Fooky.com to create business models in the hood. Okay, now that you completed the order, let’s sit here and wait for the stylist to come out and get you for that free consultation.

Servicer Info: MicroCuby

MicroCuby was created by Keisha G. also using C# and her bot is a Console App running from her older home computer sitting on the floor in the living room. Keisha worked with merchants with waiting areas to install one of her cube stores. The merchant receive commission from each sale. Micro-merchants can rent a cube anywhere and some micro-entrepreneurs ship their item to the local merchant in Brooklyn to display. Each cube shop has its own identifier and a cube number so when the QR code is scanned, MicroCuby notify the seller a purchase has been made. Keisha has over 500 cubes around the country and in Japan and make $2500/week in revenue from global sales. MicroCuby is automated and run by itself allowing Keisha to work full-time while making $130,000/year off her side-hustle while her co-workers gossip about the other co-workers personal business throughout the workday.

Meet the Stylist and Author

nikole “Hello, I’m Nikole and I will be giving you a free consultation today. Thanks for dropping by. Follow me please” You go to Nikole chair and introduce yourself and notice a paperback book that has Nikole listed as the author. You ask Nikole is she an author. “Yes, I love to write on my spare time. I’m addicted to publishing ever since Kossier came out. Would you like to download a brochure describing Kossier + Fooky.com? My brochure is way better than whatever QueenB out there is telling you, trust me” as Nikole give Briana the side-eye for a few seconds. You say sure and Nikole give you a marketing card with a QR code on it to scan to order and download the brochure brochure_request Go ahead and process the transaction for the brochure the same way you did the other transactions. At this time, you should realize how flexible Kossier transactions are and can be applied to multiple business models. You should receive a notification later that contain the download link to the e-book you just purchased. You wrap up your consultation with Nikole who recommended you do something about your hair and Nikole offer you her contact information via Kossier. nikole_pic_qr You can add Nikole to your contacts list by scanning the QR code above and pressing the “Add Contact” button below Nikole profile picture. Please note that Nikole has a verified profile that was registered allowing her to upload a photo and have more features available to her. While people can join Kossier without providing data, there is a KYC verified person feature available for those who want to show their credentials as a real person who can be trusted. You go back out and meet with Bri and it’s time to go and get the heels you ordered from the cube shop display.

Servicer Info: Side Hustle Authors

Giselle S is a math teacher who loves to write micro-short stories and run a podcast. Giselle became upset after learning Amazon and iTunes do not have a paid marketplace for micro-publishers and short-podcasts. Giselle created a servicer bot called Side Hustle Authors where micro-publishers can submit their works and sell it on the micro-market via Kossier. This allow bloggers to sell PDF versions of their articles, podcasters sell audio of their podcast and others write whitepapers or how-to guides. A lot of fashionista are selling lookbooks and fashionbooks as well. Giselle S is very successful as she reach a global market and sell more short manga in both Korea and Japan than her market in the USA. Giselle makes over $6,000/week in short media commissions and still teaches math while earning $312,000/year on her side hustle and during her breaks at the student lounge, she watches the other teachers peddle each other vacation-based multi-level-marketing saying they can get paid and travel at the same time.

Picking Up Your Cube Shop Purchase

bk_scene Ok, now that we took care of the salon business, let’s go and get those heels you bought for me. Isn’t it a beautiful day in Brooklyn? Hey, look at that across the street! Come with me quick! I hope you don’t mind jaywalking. yogurt_special I see this yogurt shop with a poster to join their reward programs and get a coupon! I love coupons and frozen yogurt so why don’t you scan the QR code and create a transaction to join their rewards program? Did you notice once again so much awesome stuff you can do from the Kossier transaction interface? Does it make sense to you now how Kossier is so powerful and a game-changer for interacting and doing transactions with people and businesses? You should receive a coupon very shortly with a barcode you can scan at the retailer for a free frozen yogurt for joining their program. Notice that retailers can display barcodes that allow your mobile phone to be scanned at check-out, another game-changer that Kossier + Fooky.com made it simple for SME retailers to adopt bricks and clicks. But I want you to do something else – go to the account section in Kossier. account_activity Did you noticed the transaction instantly set up your rewards program on Kossier? You can view multiple accounts setup for you and view the transaction details. A retailer can quickly have up and running a mobile-based loyalty program and allow customers to track transactions and offer rewards without knowing the customer personal information. The cost is also relatively cheap and will be quick to setup thanks to the blockchain.

Servicer Info: Krew Pawns

Jazzie B is a freshman attending Medgar Evers and realized the potential of Kossier + Fooky.com early on. Jazzie collaborated with her roommate to create the Krew Pawns bot that track Kossier users interactions with retailers to purchase points and create dynamic coupons and offers based on the purchase history and geo-location. Krew Pawns is growing rapidly as a cheaper and smart workflow alternative to Groupons and Krew Pawns is pulling down $25,000/week in account receivables. Jazzie and her roommate use their money to buy tuner BMWs with custom widebody kits and drive around Medgar Evers while her fellow students are hanging out at the student center acting like they all cool and stuff.

Meeting Heidi for the Pickup

meetheidi Ok, we are here at the spot Heidi say she will be at and there she is. With Kossier, you can do a person-to-person verification by scanning Heidi QR code similar and press “check-in” under Heidi photo. On a computer/mobile screen other than a mobile phone, type in the following address: https://kossier.com/demo/heidi Scan Heidi QR code and check-in by entering the numbers into the text box. In the real world, all you have to do is present a QR code for Heidi to scan to verify your identity and you can scan Heidi QR after she check-in using your profile. This feature is also good for dating over the Internet and other instances where you have to do person-to-person interactions and want to validate the other person. Keep in mind again, this is why you do not provide your full name to Kossier during registration to protect your full identity. While you add it, why don’t you add Heidi as a contact? Wow, thanks for the heels! I really like them and appreciate it. Now, we have one final step and this is the coolest step. Let’s head back to the yogurt shop and you give me the free yogurt coupon to enjoy. Let’s talk about the blockchain and how to verify the blockchain.

Inspecting The Blockchain

blockchain The blockchain is not complex or rocket science and it should not be. Everyday businesses and people like you have to know how to blockchain works or the blockchain is worthless as shared distributed ledger. The blockchain is a trustless distributed ledger meaning you don’t trust it until you can verify the ledger is authentic enough to trust. The KossierBC blockchain can be downloaded at: http://fooky.com/data/blockchain/kossierbc - please note that kossier blockchain is for testing as the release kossierbc is going to be like kossierbc_brooklyn or kossierbc_atlanta and so on. Here is the straight dope on how the blockchain works: the blockchain take the hash value generated from the previous row and combine with the data from the current row to create a chained hash value. This is how transactions are written to the blockchain and what you have to do is run a set of code that perform the same task, take the row and hash it and verify the hash equals the same value as the downloaded blockchain ledger. code_sample The above is code in C# that gives you a hint how to validate the blockchain. You generate a hash and validate the hash you created is the same as the hash provided in the blockchain ledger. Notice how straight-forward it is. Told you the blockchain was not hard – it’s just some dorks in the tech media trying to make the blockchain sound hard to confuse you. So when you do a shared blockchain ledger for retail technology, a whole new paradigm of features and data is available that has not been available before.

Hope You Enjoyed Your Day!

nextmove I really hope you enjoyed learning about Kossier and everything it can do. I will say that I really enjoy you deciding to do something about your hair, buying me some shoes and getting me some frozen yogurt. If you browse through your Kossier app, you should see new accounts with transaction history, new contacts of people you met and downloaded materials and coupons. You really had a full day with Kossier! What you should take away is the possibilities and opportunities Kossier + Fooky.com bring to the urban landscape like Brooklyn. Retailers can quickly create digital services to interact with mobile phones to engage their customers and clients and transactions can be performed to automate marketing and workflow tasks which used to be very expensive for a small business to do. And urban digital entrepreneurs have plenty of revenue opportunity and can quickly develop business models that obsolete a lot of the generic hype coming out of Silicon Valley. Thanks for hanging out with me and don’t forget to catch me on my upcoming series Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain on the new Dream and Hustle coming very soon.

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