A Tropical House Music Take on the Afro-Tech 2017 Direction

beach1 2017 is going to be great year for the Afro-Tech as the worldwide movement matures. What I love is the real Afro-Tech worldwide coming up making moves but what saddens me is my own African-American people being too caught up in fake news about fake black tech entrepreneurs to really appreciate the beautiful moves we Afro-Tech are making around our African Diaspora in terms of technology and economic progress. In this article, we are going to give you our direction of what we are doing over here as part of the Afro-Tech movement and I’m as about as excited about 2017 as much as anyone. Tropical house music is a genre of house music that started several years ago that is a combination of chillout and progressive house with island influences. There is a reason why we going to have a tropical house music take on our direction in the Afro-Tech, because those of us handling ours are moving to new global levels while the rest of you other cats figure out how you going to live in the Post-Obama Era. Every day, I’m on Skype, WeChat or Facebook or FaceTime talking tech with fine Afro-Tech sistas from South America, Africa, Europe and Asia while we got these African-American PUA brothas gawking at pics in the United Players of America BBS board. Tech skills take you places and command respect and no conversation is better than an Afro-Tech conversation that teaches and uplift. And we are connecting worldwide, working worldwide and we going to enjoy ourselves worldwide. Meaning, in 2017 the Afro-Tech is going to be international and I can easily see an Afro-Tech brotha and Afro-Tech sista from two different places like America and Angola meet up together in Indonesia or Thailand. I already got plans for a sista in the UK to take me on a tour on her Caribbean island she from and she flying into ATL before we both fly out there. Afro-Tech going to be on our own level not even going to be thinking about basic brothas and sistas in the Post-Obama era reading fake news when Obama was in office; the Afro-Tech is going to be collaborating and setting up congenial excursions throughout the tropics and Caribbean. Don’t get it confused, we are not becoming elite, we just moving forward and leaving cats behind. leapoffaith For Swagg-Scientific, let me talk about our leap of faith and our story for 2017. We have mostly beta tested in Atlanta and I found some logistical issues in the real-world field that needs work but I will have it quickly ready. It is very important to beta test your technology and not think because you thought of it in front of a computer, it will be executed as you designed it by the real world. In fact, I became excited at learning exactly how to optimize our technology and speaking to a lot of people in Atlanta who actually is excited about what I’m doing – regular cats and celebrities who I won’t name, know who about to make things run. All I got to say is if you in New York or Atlanta, you better turn the hustle up to volume 10 because we about to pop our cities off in 2017, the biggest two global hubs of the Afro-Tech movement. Moving to QR-code 2FA with Kossier. We are removing our username/password scheme from all of Swagg-Scientific upcoming properties and moving to logging in via Kossier by scanning a QR code on the web site. So you will not have a separate login for each web property, you use your mobile phone to scan a QR code on a computer screen and enter the access code the same way as the Kossier demo. For mobile apps, we are going to leverage the hardware security modules but what is going away is people trying to remember username/passwords and we want to invest heavily in promoting Kossier so all we do is using Kossier to login. AI with Internal Cryptocurrency with Tracking. This is exciting and remind of me of HAL 9000 from 2001 Space Odyssey or VIKI from I, Robot. We are programming AI logic to run the daily operation and if you understand a corporation, it will create contracts for us and record deals for us and the cryptocurrency help us track every expenditure as an augmented currency that move digitally. I have already showed you this when I wrote an article on using SQL server when I showed you how to track how money is moved in the hood – we using that same code procedure to track how money is moved through our company in real-time. In fact, our investors if we choose to have them will be able to track every dollar they put in and see how it is being moved through the company in real-time, unprecedented and a game-changer that every investor is going to demand from others after we do it. BTW, I use internal cryptocurrency to track my spending and assets and value in my home and know how awesome it going to be to run AI-driven corporations. penguins Prepaid and Invoice Billing Models. We are looking to completely move as much as we can from merchant credit card processing and adopt the same payment model seen on PlayStation and Xbox. Similar to our prepaid voucher article, we want to sell prepaid cards alongside other gift cards and prepaid cards in retail outlets worldwide that are activated and you enter the code on our web site to activate a service or begin a service account. By entering serial codes, this gets us away from dealing with credit cards to accept payments but most important, it allow us to quickly ramp up accepting payment worldwide since all we accept is serial codes to activate services and replenish our services. But here is the cool part – we can sell your e-books and other digital services such as a Kossier bot and when a charge is done, we withdraw from the customer and pay you immediately, thanks to the blockchain technology. More Exchange Platforms. 2017 is going to be an economic explosion of free market exchange platforms that enable brothas and sistas buy low and sell high based on real-time demand, a missing component that is critical to the empowerment of our people and economic upliftment of our communities. The first exchange coming out will be by my crew the 3rd Strategic Institute selling futures contracts for the strip club industry and I have a full article coming out on it but this exchange is hyper-disruptive and our early feedback is everybody is absolutely excited (club owners and strippers and city officials) at the potential. Please wait for this article as I will publish it very soon. But there will be peer-to-peer exchanges and merchant prepaid exchanges but the free market economy is definitely coming to the black community and I strongly believe will bring our communities roaring back at a level not seen since the roaring 20s Harlem. modeling Multi-Cultural Marketing. It is utterly ridiculous to think just because I’m a black-owned technology firm that I’m going to focus on an American-American population of 40 million when we can reach a global market of 600 million or more with our product and offering. Even if 100% of all African-Americans support and pay for everything we got, it is not even 10% of our market potential and we need to put this out there. We are going to market around the world and market locally to local regions using regional images. We are not going to be a “black face” company and that is not the Afro-Tech mission; we are going to be global value producers and we will go where the market has opportunity and demand for what we have to offer. In the photo above is Miss Indonesia but we will be recruiting Indonesia models heavily to model and market for us throughout Southeast Asia – these are the moves we will be making to be a true global organization, not pandering to something a black dude living in Ohio who eat fish sandwiches think a black-owned business should do which is just sell to black folks. We also signing on beautiful black models out in Africa to represent the African Diaspora as well and some of them, oooh they so fine but we got to do business moves. So as you see, exciting things are in store for 2017 for the Afro-Tech. Fooky API and Kossier is also going to help a lot of brothas and sistas join the Afro-Tech family and get theirs up also. While other African-Americans played around being distracted reading fake news and listening to fake cats preach pro-black crap, the rest of us put in real STEM work to make sure we going to handle ours when things get hard in the Post-Obama era. I’m getting new Afro-Tech connects globally and I’m seeing more and more exponential progress where faking it ain’t going to cut it anymore. If you think about what I already demonstrated over here on this blog with photos, we mastered crypto-shipping, crypto-payments and crypto-exchanges, smart hoods and I will be showing how to do media streaming over the blockchain so that means the Afro-Tech already mastered the money, the media and our own hood already on lock. So hold on, 2017 is our year and our turn to tell our story and pursue our journey. See you at the top and definitely can’t want to see you in the tropics in 2017. tropic1 Update I Forgot Something! I failed to mention something very important - we are moving everything, including Dream and Hustle to the Kossier blockchain. This includes our short stories such as Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain and the Running Club, Dream and Hustle archive articles, and Dream and Hustle Power vs Prestige podcast, Hustle Space - everything we release will be sold via Kossier blockchain. We are putting 100% skin in the game of what we do.

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