African-American Women, It’s Time to Be Your Story, Own Your Journey

Dear sistas, black women come too far and been through too much to arrive at this point to start being fake and acting phony. Although many think we are facing an uncertain future, this is also the time we know from history where sistas rise up to the occasion and rise above the situation. And the only way you sistas going to prevail is by staying real and true to yourself. Black women are right now making moves worldwide and winning worldwide. As you will see in the following video this is a sista living in China who is reviewing another sista living in China who started an enterprise in China to ship her desserts throughout China. This is just one example, I can go on to Europe, Africa, Latin America and all over but not only are moves being made by sistas worldwide, the sistas got so much opportunity here in America that is on the horizon ahead. Which is why I’m writing this article as the member of the Afro-Tech Revolution and takeover, I’m personally appealing to every African-American sista of mine to start embracing realness and accepting who she is and the skin she is in. We need you sistas to be real because there is a real reason why people don’t want you to be real. There is a reason the black church want sistas to be subservient. There is a reason black radio want to degrade the image of black women as a sex conquest. There is a reason white women want images of black women on TV to be loud and sassy. There is a reason weak brothas go online and attack black women because he cannot make her submit to his will. The reason why is because the real and true essence of a black woman is a radiance of power and awesomeness that intimidates others. But a lot of you sistas sold yourself out chasing fakeness, being angry at people that are not even worth being angry over and undermining your sistas when the whole world is trying to undermine all sistas. This is the beginning of December 2016 and I already quiet launch Swagg-Scientific for the Atlanta area and we will slowly rollout this month here in Atlanta. We are going to work with women entrepreneurs here and in a way where she empowers herself. I’m not out to chase tail, if you actually saw me in Atlanta you would know I already date enough fine sistas to be fake and thirsty hustling sistas and also, you don’t have to research that much in Atlanta to see that I’m real and about my business and people who know, know me. I’m not some fake alias on the Internet like the rest of these cats out here lurking. Here is a quick rundown of what I’m on behalf of the Afro-Tech is asking sistas to start considering to embrace her realness. Travel Worldwide on Business, Not Tourism. We need sistas to understand global markets and the demand there is for black women as a brand, especially in Asian countries and developing markets in Latin America and throughout Africa and Europe such as Brussels and London and Paris. This is to let sistas realize she can sell to markets like the lady in the video above selling snacks in China – that black lady and her husband selling those desserts can easily become a billionaire and I’m expecting she will considering the market conditions in China. All that sista in China selling those sweets have to do is license like Coca-Cola does and outsource to factories and that's all she wrote - she will be a billionaire baker in China. Model a True Form. I will be bringing back MochaStar! that will use the blockchain for licensing (the missing component) and the global market badly need portrayals of authentic black women. Not sexy modeling pictures but just authentic pictures that we can show in media. If you know anything about Dream and Hustle, we actually buy/purchase our photographs for this blog and we need more images of sistas representing her true form for the upcoming Afro-Tech explosion of digital media and urban media development. Start Publishing. The top cover photo above is actually a draft of a short pictorial story I’m working with another sista that will be sold via Kossier on the blockchain about a sista who finally stop trying to please everybody and just went out and did her, taking selfies all day long and expressing her true form, silliness and perspective on things. We need sistas to be hyper-creative and start looking at Harajuku culture in Tokyo and watch the living hell out of the YouTube videos of what the Japanese sistas have done there in terms of self-publishing and media. Sistas have to create short stories, lookbooks, white papers and more to support the sista-to-sista economy and keep in mind the sistas from India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Brazil, and Philippines are also interested in getting information from the African-American woman. Understand STEM. Look at some of the business models that I presented in the Kossier article such as offering coupons via QR code or loyalty programs or selling e-books or cube shop micro-retailing models. These are business models that can be up and running quickly, easy to promote and are real world revenue models, not phony MLM schemes. The blockchain is very powerful technology as I showed how to do everything from crypto-shipping and will be showing how to do pay-per-view crypto-streaming of media very soon. Learn this cool stuff. We come too far and things are looking too great for sistas to get caught up in the fake news and fake culture that taken over black people lately. That lady in China is real, Michelle Obama is real and the Afro-Tech is asking you sistas to start being your story and start being real and stay real because we need you sistas to be real.

5 thoughts on “African-American Women, It’s Time to Be Your Story, Own Your Journey

  1. Kita and others, I will be posting upcoming events (call-ins, meetings) at the web site pretty soon.

  2. Way ahead of you, brother. Between working on a book series, fictional podcast, and creating e-learning courses for k-12 education (inspired by my brilliant 4th graders), I’m excited about the AfroTech Revolution.

    While many people are sitting around moping, I see grand opportunities to capitalize during this time. My mindset: Rise every day and work. Honor my ancestors; lay a foundation for the future.

    1. This is impressive and what I like to see. It’s interesting to note that between your book on Harlem, my upcoming series on Brooklyn and I know of other projects (Netflix, etc) that New York City going to be the spot in 2017 and a Second Renaissance is on the way.

  3. Ed, this is awesome! I am glad you are bringing MochaStar back! Also, the publishing…my book is edited and ready. How can I get it on the Fooky site to be sold? I was going to go another route as you stated..sell it myself under my own publishing.

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