Introducing Polexx – The World’s First Trading Platform for Exotic Dancers and Fantasy Clubs Using Blockchain Technology

upthegame We are going to give you a quick introduction and overview of which is the official name for our secret project now ready for launch to create a free market solution to the strip club industry. We have worked quietly on this project and to be honest, this is going to be a highly disruptive paradigm change to the stripper/strip club industry as we know it and shift the balance of power to an equal level playing field between strippers and strip clubs where value is based on market conditions, not hustles and exploitation. In fact, I strongly believe you are going to hyper love what Polexx offers whether you are a stripper, a strip club, a patron, a county license regulator or someone looking to find new business modeling in the strip club industry, you going to love it, I promise you. Polexx is a forward contract trading exchange many of you may know as futures trading. Future trading and forward contract trading is establishing a contract for a fixed price on the future. Barrels of oil are sold on futures so for example when someone buy a barrel of oil future at $79/barrel that is what person locked in the price to buy barrel of oil 6 months from now. A trucking company cannot afford to have unexpected gas prices go up and down so trucking companies buy future contracts that guarantee them to buy diesel at $2.10/gallon 6 months from now; that’s how future contracts and forward contracts work. With Polexx, strippers can list future contracts to appear at a strip club for a fee. If the stripper is popular, strip clubs can bid on her appearance to sign a future contract with her. Also strip clubs can offer future contracts for strippers to bid on to appear at their club where they can get good tips. Then strip clubs can swap future contracts. So we are looking at scenarios where strippers can be offered a future contract of $3,000 just to appear one night or a strip club offer a 3-month forward contract for amatuer strippers to bid on. This free market dynamic allow new streams of revenue enter the strip club scene and allow both strippers and strip clubs form hedging strategies to maximize their revenue. dancer Let’s highlight some of the current problems with the strip club industry to understand the solution Polexx will provide. Employee/Contractor Lawsuits. Strippers were being “controlled” by strips clubs like obligated employees leading to class action lawsuits where court ruled strippers were deemed free will contractors and strip clubs had to pay minimum wage back pay for creating these rules and house moms and tip the DJ crap. The strip clubs were definitely wrong in this case overregulating dancers and may have been making the mistake of even sticking to the “house dancer” concept. This was a legal advocacy movement ran by anti-strip club lawyers. Pole Tax. This is a legislative movement ran by wholesome conservatives where a tax is levied upon strip club establishments that serve alcohol or have a liquor license where patrons pay an additional fee to go to programs for sexual assault victims and to health care. Roachy House Strippers. Nothing is worse than going to a club and see the same ugly stripper that you don’t want keep coming around you every time you visit. I had one stripper at a club I been at and she know she ugly and she even know I knew she was ugly and she still come around saying she know I don’t like her but can she get a tip, just give her a tip like she some beggar on the streets. Strip clubs need to have top shelf quality dancers and roster to maintain a high-quality brand and this is another problem of so-called “house dancers” that strip clubs may want to reconsider. Stop harboring roachy strippers! Roachy Strip Clubs. Then you have strip clubs that don’t pay the strippers, exploit strippers, make up rules that are enforced for some strippers and do not apply to other strippers. The strip club is poorly maintained and just have table and chairs like a cheap diner and the management appear to be lowlifes that want to bring negativity and low-life antics to the strippers to make strippers feel bad about herself for being a stripper at their roachy strip club. These type of strip clubs give the overall industry a bad name and over time, violent felonious crime are more likely to happen inside or the parking lot of these roachy strip clubs. Utility-Based Central Planning Model. The strip club revenue model resort to the bar and the pour rate and the flat-fee collection from strippers’ revenue gathered on the floor. So the revenue model becomes utility such as door entry fee, bar pour rate and finding creative ways to tax the strippers. The strip club overall become a utility model with basically a fixed income service-based business with a revenue ceiling like a barbershop or salon or laundromat. No Solid Upward Mobility and Security for Strippers. Once a stripper, they can do things like side hustle like butt modeling or appearing in rap videos but very few will breakout from the dancing career. Most of the strippers end up getting into stupid trouble messing with predatory clown brothas who creep in the picture and got their “stripper girlfriend” running scams or washing his drug money and she get caught up and she have to do a bid behind bars for it. I seen strippers talking about she calling her dude not realizing most dudes in the strip club are just as hard as the knucklehead she messing with and I seen dudes run from a situation where his “stripper girlfriend” being disrespected by a crew, yeah some boyfriend right there. Overall, the strip club industry has been operating at a market inefficiency where while the strip club has a fixed-based revenue model, the strippers can become quite famous on social media, doing rap videos and reality TV and increase her exposure value and followers but this does not translate to maximizing her revenue via the strip club venue. What is the needed solution is two-fold (1) want strippers to operate as contractors who can bring value to a strip club and (2) strip clubs that only accommodate high quality strippers with a market-based revenue system based on having top shelf dancers on the bill to attract clientele. We believe Polexx is the solution addressing the current market-based problems in the strip club industry. diagram The diagram above explains exactly how Polexx will work and this section is the most important to understand because here is the secret – Polexx is going to be the pre-cursor to SistaSphere using the same platform to manage sistas as personal brands. Second, Polexx create new opportunities in the strip club industry to facilitate a free-market and best-of-breed environment. The cities we launch Polexx in will become the best strip club markets, period. Let’s talk about each entity in the diagram. Talent. This is the stripper or exotic dancer. In some cases, talent can be the fine-ass bartender that is a superstar or the DJ talent that can be a headliner. But in this example, we are only talking strippers. There are 3 tiers of strippers and let’s explain them. The Tier 1 strippers are the ones that have become popular and well-known via rap videos and social media and draw a crowd based on their name and photos spread around, they don’t need to strip, they can just appear and will command top dollar for their appearance. Tier 2 strippers are what considered well-known strippers that the locals know and she fine but she just ain’t at Tier 1 level yet and probably may just be fine at Tier 2, someone you can trust show up and round out the talent roster. Tier 3 are amateurs or basic strippers that usually become residents at a strip club and become “house dancers” with long term contracts for cheap. Agent [New Opportunity]. The Agent is likely a talent agency and their job is to represent and manage strippers and their forward contracts with strip clubs. A stripper sign up with a talent agency and the talent agency sell the forward contracts on Polexx for the strip club to purchase. Talent agents are going to be the new player in town because of several advantages. A good talent agency will only bring the best strippers on deck and strip clubs will trust going to the agency instead of playing around with amateur night. A talent agency can easily work with the county licensing to get licenses for their talent better and faster. Right now, there are no real regulations for talent agencies except they sign contracts with strippers to represent them and present forward contracts via Polexx to be viewed by strip clubs. Agencies will likely retain a percentage of the forward contract amount so agencies are motivated to get as much money out of the contract as possible. Now keep in mind, strippers can provide their own forward contracts on Polexx as a free-agent but it may be best to work with an agency first. Talent Acquisition [New Opportunity]. Talent Acquisition is like the A&R for a record label and their job is to find the best stripper talent for the strip club and may be an in-house employee or a consultant. It would be best to have talent acquisition as an employee or be a stakeholder in the strip club to serve the strip club best interest. The talent acquisition is like a sport scout that seek out talent and curate portfolios of strippers and research their background and popularity and work to create a portfolio to headline the best strippers for the club. This is almost like fantasy football but picking out the best strippers to appear as headliners for a certain night. So if a major sporting event is coming into town, the talent acquisition is going to hedge to acquire the best tiered 1 and tiered 2 future contracts for that night to advertise these strippers will be at their club. So this is going to be a new role where someone goes out and recruit and sign talent to the strip club off the Polexx platform for certain nights or as a house dancer. Venue. The venue is the entity that actually has the agreement with the stripper to perform. The venue goal is to have the best headliners that attract patrons that are willing to spend money. Strip clubs should definitely know their demographic to bid on the right talent in Polexx. So let’s say a strip club frequent by white married executives over 35 years old see a 3-day trade industry conference is coming to town. That strip club better know that they have to recruit Tiered 2 and 3 Southern Dixie, Russian and Ukrainian and Chinese and Filipino and Brazilian and Columbian and Trinidadian strippers to entertain these corporate white men and get future contracts established well ahead in time to lock these dancers for those 3 days. Now here is the cool part – let’s say another venue want one of the Russian dancers with a forward contract bought as a Tiered 3 but she blew up weeks later to Tiered 1 based on her photobook she selling over the Internet. The club holding the future contract can sell that contract for a profit to the other club and the Russian stripper also get her cut. Now I have to stress this for black clubs to do the same thing and let’s use the black strip clubs situated in downtown Atlanta or Kansas City for example – if there is a Chinese trade expo coming up downtown, then buy in advance some forward contracts for Chinese strippers and white women strippers for the rich Chinese clientele that staying in the downtown hotel – focus on hedging the strippers fit for the clientele instead of being a “black strip club”. If the hip-hop awards come into town, a white club can easily start buying future contracts on Tiered 1 black dancers to attract the rappers so this is how Polexx going to change the landscape. Polexx. This is the exchange that is using a cryptosystem meaning the data is encrypted. Polexx will not be over the web – it will be a private VPN network system that is local-based and will use desktop apps, not mobile apps as the user interface. The images of strippers with have digital watermarks so if they are leaked, we will know who leaked them and ban them from Polexx as a violation of confidentially. The agency will be able to list their strippers on the market for future contracts and talent acquisitions will be able to bid on those contracts. The free market system is based on the venue, the popularity of the stripper, the event coming into town and the weather and so on and we will see outcomes where a stripper fine as hell have all of her future contracts purchases for the next 6 months at $3,000/night just for the appearance fee to be there. We will see a strip club purchase all of one Tiered 3 stripper future contracts because she has potential and eventually sell her contracts to another strip club who wants her at their club. Each entity will have a public/private key as their identity and allow them to only send information encrypted/decrypted and sign the blockchain to ensure marketplace transparency. Future Contract. Also known as the forward contract, this contract is the agreement between the stripper and the strip club. It will outline the appearance fee, the locker and shower accommodations and in some cases for Tiered 1, transportation accommodations and security detail. A good agency can create a future contract and negotiate better for their clients and this is a strength of an agency to make sure good contracts are on the market to be bid on. Now, strip clubs can also list their contracts for Tiered 1 strippers to purchase so this is a two-way street. If a Tiered 3 stripper want to appear at a strip club featuring Tiered 1 strippers on a basketball game night, she may want to bid on Polexx for the strip club contract herself to appear. This is something agencies may do also – have their Tiered 3 strippers make an appearance at popular places to raise their client profile. in_russia_the_club_strip_you So as you see in Polexx solution, free marketplace for the strip club where everybody come out a winner. The strippers can now have market-based pricing and be in future demand based on her popularity and status and attracting quality clientele. You can find your way in the industry by becoming an agency that represent strippers bragging you got fine strippers on your roster or you can become a talent acquisition picking and choosing only the best strippers for a strip club and make that your job, picking out fine strippers. The strip club can now headline strippers in their promotions and even dynamically cater to demographics by signing future contracts based on who showing up in town. Black strip clubs need to bring on more thick Colombian and thick DR strippers and stop focusing on ghetto black chicks, just saying as a real 21st century brotha looking for diversity. Strip clubs can even swap future contracts for profits meaning they can actually get into hedging strippers and helping strippers become more valuable to the market so the strip club can trade their contracts off for profit. Everybody wins using the Polexx free market trading platform. The next step for Polexx is to determine the test/launch market. We are looking at Atlanta of course, but we can also look at Houston and Tampa as well or even Las Vegas. What I would like is honest input from those working in the industry on their thoughts and inputs and we will definitely consider it. You can even post anonymously in the comment section and we will not reveal your post but just let us know and we are definitely listening. Overall, you and I know the 3rd Strategic Institute will eventually sell Polexx off after we mature it because we have to keep it moving with solutions. But overall, our initial experience with Polexx and the potential is pretty awesome and I think this is going to work out well. Previous Articles:

6 thoughts on “Introducing Polexx – The World’s First Trading Platform for Exotic Dancers and Fantasy Clubs Using Blockchain Technology

  1. I’m feeling this idea. Great concept. This will work.

    I’ve read the older posts and see where “music” is eliminated. Not sure if you are aware of the influence the DJs have. Especially in Atlanta. Here are a few articles if you aren’t aware of the “Coalition DJs”:

    The Rise of Atlanta’s Strip-Club DJs as Music Moguls

    How a Strip Club DJ’s Death Marked the End of an Era in Atlanta Hip-Hop

    Beats, Booties, and Business: How the Coalition DJs Dominated Atlanta’s Music Scene

    They are nationwide, not just in Atlanta.

    1. I have to be honest – I’m having trouble understanding what is being expressed here in terms of the value of the strip club DJs.

      In my previous post I indicated the per-song unit where a stripper has to wait for the next song to play is a time-waster. By just focusing on real-time where the stripper can dance at anytime behind blended pre-recorded music is more efficient.

      I need you to help me and explain why you brought up the DJs and how you think they fit in and provide value? A DJ that play a song too short and the patron is screwed. A DJ that play a song too long and the stripper screwed. A DJ play a whack song and no transaction happen. I remember one of these strip club DJs in one of those articles playing long whack songs to mess with the strippers working the floor. Do you see how strip club DJS interfere with the fundamentals and value chain?

      I know the backstory – these DJs are not as heralded by the strippers as you posted with those links. I haven’t read in those articles a stripper that said these DJs were good for business. A good strip club DJ spin for the strippers, not for their selfish recognition. They are not the draw, they the help. And if the music can be automated, they are not needed.

  2. Ed, good stuff! Question, so the talent agency would be one that focuses mainly on strippers? And also, when would they be able to be a apart of Polexx? I see this as a new opportunity for up and coming managers or women to help women use their influence as you have mentioned before by attracting women to spend money and buy products.

    1. Handling strippers is going to be like herding cats so I believe an agency is going to have to focus on strippers with specialization of understanding the nuances of the industry. There is a lot of massive opportunity like you stated that is hidden – for example, the strippers can wear a black fashion designer exoctic line of lingerie or intimate wear as a sponsored deal once they become Tiered 1 or even Tiered 2. Or appear in off-the-pole appearances at car shows, etc.

      However, the same business model can be and will be ported to talent/venue matching later on. So it may be the case a talent agency may want to start with this sector before going to other venues.

      One more thing – the agency model is done heavily in Korea as well as Japan.

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