Open Letter to All Brothas Still D-Riding Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Killer Mike, David Banner and the Rest of Those YouTube Characters in December 2016


The only thing constant in this world is change. New people come up and old people fall off. New ideas spring up and existing lines of thought become debased. Nothing ever stays the same and that’s how the world works – over time whatever we come up with, the world around us evolves and obsolete whatever we thought we were on and a new chapter has begun. The question is are you going to try to stay on the old chapter or move on to the new chapter?

The world today and the upcoming world tomorrow is evolving into the 21st century which is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are in the age of robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, automation and globalization. Africa has several emerging economic urban hubs growing at a faster pace right now than any other city has grown in the 20th century. China is quickly usurping every opportunity we had as an exclusive entitlement here in America and repackaging as a Chinese export. Self-driving cars and virtual assistance. Big data has become easier to handle and cryptology and trust-based platforms like the blockchain create new paradigms of enforcement and monitoring never seen before that will stamp out the “hustle/hookup” factor most of us had to get by on.

You brothas at this juncture only have two options – either you become better than the Fourth Industrial Revolution or you become the bitch of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – pick your path. Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Claud Anderson and Dr. Umar Johnson or Dr. Boyce Watkins have no answer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and their hustles are obsolete and if you still following them then you are planning your own obsolesce as well. The United States of America does not have a lot of good options for the African-American black man, especially under Donald Trump. You have no choice but to outdo the Fourth Industrial Revolution – but there is one exception and alternative path that is really the true calling for brothas.

You brothas can focus on resettling in Africa or Latin America and even Southeast Asia and help build up economies there and start old school business like the black merchant class of the Great Migration period has done. Get some natives pregnant and raise your foreign children to run your global empires and make that your legacy. And I’m going to just put it out there – you brothas have not seen what a nice booty look like until you get outside of America and real brothas reading this blog will co-sign to this statement. There are a lot of hustles from construction, plumbing, moving, telecommunications, water filtration, etc. that you brothas can get up and running and build empires that don’t have to be techie or STEM. But you got to go do these hustles now because if you don’t, there are plenty of educated hustlers from places like Mexico that willing to go handle it themselves.

And last and this is something even I have to contend with – you African-American brothas may have to accept that the African-American woman may not be the one for you in the 21st century. I’m in the real world and trust me, I see how shitty some of these sistas treat you brothas by default and that ain’t right. You can love her as your sista but if she running around talking about dating white dudes who are unapologetic children of slave masters and Jim Crow supporters, then you need to be like me and look elsewhere. Colluding with white racists to take down Nate Parker, I ain’t got time for that sellout shit just like the rest of you brothas. Your woman may be in the UK or Puerto Rico or China or Columbia or Paris or Belgium or Senegal and you have to accept that fact. But you cannot talk it, you have to set yourself as a man ready to be able to take on a beautiful global sista to be on your side.

There is a reason why I don’t even acknowledge you brothas anymore because I’m ashamed to even be around you brothas the way you acting online like some punk ass cats when things are critical right now. Things all around us are changing and you trying to hold on to following cats on YouTube and still writing up comments in the Coli and shit like that – man yall stuck on trying to stay the same like the cats still in the hood still on the same block still doing the same thing every time you go back to visit. Nothing in the world is constant except change and I have to keep posting this message on Dream and Hustle to the brothas because the majority of brothas are waiting for the axe to fall before they realize, but it will be too late.

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