Our 2016 People of the Year So Awesome, No One Else Even Come Close


No one done more for our people in 2016 than Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant, period. Oprah has proven over and over with her media empire positive black media is more profitable and long-term and triumphs over negative black media put out by Boule black media like Radio One and Cathy Hughes. The mandate is clear – if we black people want to thrive, we have to be positive and uplifting in how we address each other and deal with each other as a people.

Iyanla Vanzant is our real 2016 winner with Fix My Life and House of Healing for creating a positive black media platform that do not exploit our issues like Cathy Hughes and Radio One. While fake-celebrated Cathy Hughes and Radio One promote stories to make black people laugh at other black people with “no she didn’t!” style of reporting, Iyanla Vanzant decided to “fix it” by sitting down with our black people, discuss the problem, approach the solution but more important, help black individuals realize the power is within ourselves to be the change we black people want to see around us.


Oprah made a lifetime milestone in 2016 that embodies who she is as a spirt and gift to our African-American heritage. Oprah was able to attend the college graduation of the South African girls Oprah took under her wing by creating a leadership school back in 2007 that allow these young South African women become students and focus on studying to be someone. This was Oprah Winfrey promise to Nelson Mandela to better the lives of South African daughters to become world-class leaders and in 2016, these upstanding women Oprah sponsored are now ready to take on the world.

2016 was a tough year to bear due to African-American supporting fake news and telling fake stories. African-American adult males (not black men) talking about they dropping knowledge on YouTube but at the end of 2016, these pro-blacks just bickering and looking stupid. African-American adult females (not black women) selling herself out talking about dating white Jewish men instead of finding true love that validate her essence. Notice Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant don’t talk about dropping knowledge or dating white men but just focusing on their own positive spirit and what they can contribute to make everything around them simply better. There was no surprise seeing African-Americans act like fools throughout 2016 as the Post-Obama era approach because the Bible written thousands of years ago showing this same pattern over and over of people getting wiped out because they chose to act wicked and foolish in their ways.

The best spot of 2016 is the Rise of the Afro-Tech and the fact we are real and a movement that eclipse all others in scope and scale. I stated we are going to focus on addressing our stories and this was accomplished in 2016 and I stated we are going to move to cryptonomics and we accomplished this in 2016. I’m pretty sure other cats thought the Afro-Tech was made up and that is true – the Afro-Tech is made up of STEM talent around the world and we are beginning to collaborate closer and closer to meet the end goals of uplifting and empower our people around us.

I would like to thank God for Oprah and Iyanla for continuing to be a lifelong servant and a blessing to African-American people and using their media channels to care about the betterment of our people worldwide. We stated a long time ago our true black leaders have silently transitioned to powerful black women like Oprah and Iyanla and I have worked with plenty of awesome sistas in 2016 who turned entrepreneurial, never gave up, kept getting better and still raising their kids. The beautiful, mature-thinking, entrepreneurial black women I’m meeting over in the UK is so phenomenal, I’m thinking of moving (and seriously getting offers by some UK ladies to house me in). But let’s not take away from the positive brothas and sistas back in the USA – while we had a majority African-American population choosing to chase fake news 2016, we had real brothas and sistas made major moves in 2016 that will show up as the harvest in 2017.

In 2017, we are predicting Trump presidency to go hard on poor blacks who failed to hustle up. Let’s keep something in perspective – poor blacks are cats who don’t have skills, not socio-economic. A poor socio-economic black person highly skilled in fixing used appliances with junk parts will be constant and ain’t having problems. A poorly skilled middle class job worker that done nothing but sat at a cubicle making $55K check-to-check is the real poor black person in the 21st century and will be having problems in 2017.

The biggest wipeout will be the Hustle Economy Shock that African-Americans ignored when this blog first published the story because African-Americans decided to focus on enjoying fake news instead. India has already started the Hustle Economy Shock through demonetization of certain bills and forcing the informal sector to use mobile payments and we are looking at this same paradigm to reach African-Americans and affect those working on cash-based operations like barbers, hair stylists, tent vending and brothas thinking they cutting hair to avoid reporting income for child support going to be in a big surprise when that Hustle Economy Shock hit the USA.

But 2017 good things will happen for brothas and sistas that invested in themselves and put in the work. The Afro-Tech which officially owns the black empowerment movement will begin to deliver a new paradigm for our people ushering in Agile and Cryptonomics full blown as the official solution platform to create empowerment and upliftment of our people. The blockchain will eliminate the majority of fake black folk fronting out here and black people running organizations skimming the funds or cooking the books, the blockchain going to shut all of that down quickly. And the 3rd Strategic Institute will begin a long-deferred operation beginning January 1, 2017 to take down black Boule media still putting out black self-hate as their business model. So with that said, African-Americans have no choice if they want their dreams to be seen in 2017 but to put in real work to uplift themselves and become positive and empowerment elements to themselves and their community and people like Oprah and Iyanla have already proven and accomplished.

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