The Ultimate Nightmare: The Autonomous Black-Owned Multinational Corporation

ai_bro Swagg-Scientific will be one of the first-generation corporations driven mostly by artificial intelligence. While executives are looking to replace their corporate workers with robots, we already replaced many traditional corporate executive roles at Swagg-Scientific with AI-based workflows, decision-making and adherence to governance and compliance. You are hearing this news published for the first time although many people heard about our autonomous structure for several months and this is not made-up or sci-fi, this is real and right now. This is our secret weapon to make sure Swagg-Scientific moves forward and compete on a global stage. The background for the autonomous operation is I felt as a startup operation, I did not care for the “strong management team” bullcrap that we all read in these business plans books. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs who can do well by themselves bring on any clown that has a good resume trying to impress investors with that “strong management team” nonsense. I’m not falling for that after watching entrepreneurs lose their dream by bringing in wolves dressed in sheep clothing into their startup. In addition, the incoming CEO of Swagg-Scientific will obviously be overwhelmed and creating AI assistants to perform executive and operational functions will make the CEO job easier to focus on the core mission and free us from wearing too many hats. ai_flow Creating an AI corporation is not as difficult as you think because there are defined workflows, constraints and KPIs that can operate just like cruise control or auto-pilot looking at numbers and reading data with safety triggers and alerts. I would argue the cruise control system on a Mercedes E-Klasse is more complex than an AI-driven corporation. If you look at the chart, what you are seeing is the automation of cash management from revenue to expense which is the lifeblood. Let’s go over each one: Awareness. The AI can auto-publish to social media as well as online classifieds but this is base level. The AI can understand the features and benefits of our products and help build out chatbots and advertisement artifacts. We can even have the AI automate After Effects to create corporate videos presenting our brands. Networking means mailing lists and other subscription databases we have to stay in touch with our loyal customer base to keep them inform of news and updates. Transact. This is where current implementation of sales force automation is situated but we take it further. The AI can manage a salesforce team by region and delegate as necessary based on experience and expertise and relationship history. The AI has a data repository to assist the sales force in selling, handling objections and negotiation scenarios to close the deal. But this is the most important aspect as the AI will handle the processing of payments and recording the revenue transaction. Allocate. This is the most critical part and the key to how lean a business operates on margins, especially a startup. From the revenue, the AI will at this point determine how to allocate with tax compliances and fees allocated first. Then the AI prioritize based on the business modeling what areas to cover first. So for a startup, my salary will not be covered at all because it may not be enough resources but will allocate funds more to increasing awareness and transactions. So this is where the AI leads and change the game - the AI will automatically know how much cash on hand the corporation have and how to operate in the best interest to raise revenue and allocate accordingly. Also at this point, the AI can also hire and let go of resources to save money or invest for bigger money. Spend. The AI will use an internal cryptocurrency and sub-ledgers to track spending and allocation, making the accounting 100% and open for the books. This allow investors and shareholders as well as regulators view our books anytime they want via the blockchain to see exactly how the AI is generating revenue and spending and our financial position. Spend is basically cutting checks for salary and services, making purchase orders to acquire assets and outsourced work and providing a company car and executive perks to the executive team. So if my AI think our CEO should have an executive home, executive transport and executive getaway resort, the AI can rationalize it based on strict rules and this is a beautiful thing. ai_gov The AI will also be based on rules and those rules dictate corporate governance, compliance with regulators and the best interest of stakeholders. The AI will serve as an advisory to the CEO to keep all of these factors in mind throughout the business operation. The priority will always be compliance that drives governance and the governance is based on our self-interest of the corporation to benefit the stakeholders. So all that business guru yapping about why startups fail or it will take 5 years to make money is all thrown out of the window because we now have an AI that can make real-time assessments from revenue to expenses to gauge the health of the corporation and adjust earning/spending strategies accordingly from bootstrapping to balling out like a boss. Also the AI will be used at the brand level as well as the parent corporation level so when launch a new Swagg-Scientific brand, the AI will know the financial positions and revenue/expense also and can let us know whether to keep it going or shut it down. As you see, the benefits and potential are awesome. At this stage, our AI is still learning but that is also cool and beautiful because I’m learning as well and our incoming CEO is learning also. And I don’t have to hire a so-called "strong management team" or pitch a damn thing to VCs or Shark Tank because as you see, the AI is doing the hustle work to attract customers and manage an elastic sales force based on budget. Now, the AI can recommend funding but here we go again – the AI can scenario build and I promise you the AI will always recommend debt financing over any VC becoming a stakeholder doing the scenario number crunching to determine best interest, trust me. While Swagg-Scientific will be among the first AI-driven corporation, the model will proliferate fast among competitors and this is where the Fourth Industrial Revolution kicks in gear. AI can fully operate startups without extra humans or VC characters or begging mass media for attention. Keep in mind once the AI mature running our firm, the same algorithm can be replicated to launch other firms and I can pass the business down to my family to launch their firms using the family-owned AI engine, that’s where it is going. Wow, this AI thing kinda pissed off a lot of those status quo humans who thought they were going to gate-keep on an Afro-Tech brotha, huh? I told you cats things ain’t the same anymore in the 21st century and brothas and sistas still joking around like we still in the 20th century. Even if we talk about Kossier +, cats will be able to make bots that will drive side hustles automatically for them so I don’t understand why people still acting lightweight nowadays. Everything around us is moving fast and revolutionizing at a rapid pace right now, homey and AI and robotics are already here changing your life as you know it, for better or worse depending if you are on top of it or you are slipping on it. And the Afro-Tech is on top and once again, another reason why the Afro-Tech got it going on and no one on these corners got swagger like us.

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    1. Thanks. I will wait for the incoming CEO to be fully up and running before discussing if investment is necessary. I am definitely not interested in Silicon Valley VCs that don’t seek out black tech talent and I will put that out there.

    1. Just FYI – is design to replace this blog as this blog move to a publishing model. Will update with more news soon.

  1. This is amazing! This 4th Industrial Revolution has so many levels it’s crazy. My mind stays blown reading your site. Are there any suggestions you have on things to read to stay aware of the trends? I participated in a hackathon using the Hololens & my team won! I’m learning how to use Unity3d to learn how to create VR games & to learn how to use the Hololens.Just trying to make this STEM work for me & not against me.

    1. Congratulations on your hackathon win. I just advanced one round for the global blockchain hackathon in Dubai and know how tough they can be. I don’t expect to win but this is where you meet real cats that about it.

      When I wrote about the cube shop I left out a secret – the empty cubes would have AR markers and we can download a 3d image cube display to fill the empty cube space. So AR/VR has real opportunities. In fact I always lose to the hack team that use VR in their demo.

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