Why African-Americans Need to Drain the Swamp to Make Black America Great Again


Black America used to be so great when we had our black communities, our merchant class, our import/exports, our fashion and style and can tell our stories our way. But things change and a lot of self-appointed black opportunists entered the room spreading lies and fears to control black minds and here we are today. The last presidential election sent a clear and definitive message that our so-called black leaders are weak and ineffective and not capable of leading or establishing direction to the best interest of African-American people. However, we watch over and over as people like Rev. Al Sharpton is propped up by white media and uppity black media and Sharpton won’t stand down. Regardless of how many losses he racked up, Rev. Al Sharpton realize as long as he run his mouth and keep his name out there, that’s all that matters to Rev. Al Sharpton, not actual progress of our people towards betterment.

We had too many black leaders being hell bent sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win and bring back those Clinton years and they made a strategic error for being too leaning to one party. And in Europe, when a prime minister set a referendum like Brexit and the people set a mandate that run counter to the prime minister platform, that prime minister steps down from power and allow the people who won the referendum come into power to carry out the referendum that is the will of the people. In Europe, the leaders do the right thing and step down. But in the black community including Africa and the Caribbean and here in the USA, these black losers fight to stay on the podium and keep running their goddamn mouth after they lose and disappoint the black community over and over. These black leaders lost big against the Donald Trump betting on Hillary and all of you black people are too damn scared to step up and admit that a lot of black people voted and wished Donald Trump would win, fuck the political correctness, the voting data does not lie.


This era of failed black leaders telling black people to register to vote as a dog whistle to vote Democrat is going to be over and the current generation of black Americans need to set this mandate and enforce this mandate right now. That’s messed up that we black people stupidly keep picking one damn political side and bet the whole farm on it and when we lose, we lose big like this Clinton/Trump crap. Yall keep talking local black politicians won key election don’t mean anything if Congress and the White House and Supreme Court shift to conservatism the next 8 years. I’m not going to spend the next 4 years making funny social media memes or making comments about how racist this country is like the rest of these African-Americans losers are acting. No, the real African-Americans in the room need to figure out how we going to drain the swamp in the self-appointed African-American leadership circus and shut this clown show down.


What are you going to do? Listen to Roland Martin run his mouth on TV One the next 4 years? Like and share something from Facebook that talks about how racist Donald Trump administration is the next 4 years? Call in a AM transistor black radio talk show and express your grievances the next 4 years? What is your goddamn plan the next 4 years besides making fun of Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump? In fact, let’s call out the cats who have a problem with Kanye West meeting Donald Trump – why do you think that’s a problem with them? Why do we see these black media outlets trying to talk about Kanye West or useful idiots describe him like he is Stephen from Django in memes?


Somebody help me out here – what part of Kanye is the sellout part? When he went to Sierra Leone to participate in a documentary about conflict diamonds and rap culture? When he spoke up about George Bush not caring about black people early on in his rise to fame risking his cred to speak up for victims of Hurricane Katrina? Please bring your lame behind here with your real name and not hiding behind an alias and tell us how Kanye is all of a sudden a sellout when your alias-typing behind probably didn’t do a damn thing worthwhile the past several years but comment in a comment section somewhere. These fake black leaders and white liberals directing black liberals to go against Kanye because Kanye has friends in high places but at the same time, Kanye on his own accord speak up and speak out and act out for black people since day one and Kanye mother and father are well known ground-floor contributors to our black community – go ahead and step your ass up trying to speak on Kanye like you have any credibility to do so because you emotionally mad you saw Kanye with Donald Trump.


I’m not and I know other brothas and sistas who love black people more than they love the Democratic party ain’t rolling with a bunch of fucking black liberal losers who hedge a bet for the liberal politics and fucking lost. I’m going to look after the best interest of black folks and if Donald Trump want to rebuild the inner city, then we have something fucking in common. If Jewish-ran media attack Donald Trump the same way these Jewish-ran media attack strong black men like Farrakhan in mainstream corporate media, then we have something fucking in common. I’m not about to pout like some liberal ass toddler ranting they didn’t get things the way they want. This world and this hustle works around negotiating best interests or fighting for best interest and what real African-Americans need to do at this point is fight first for the best interest of black people. And as a real black person in this shit, I’m very interested in taking down this anti-black corporate media and rebuilding our urban cities.


The Post-Obama era is definitely as bad as I predicted years ago and the African-American community do not got time to bitch and moan with the white liberals who really didn’t give a fuck about black people except as a tool or keep portraying us as docile victims. Bitch ass brotha hugging an old bigot who suckered-punched him and told him he may need to kill him next time. Man fuck all this pussified brothas and liberal political shit, we need our hoods build up, we need our own economics in our black community and we need cultural and quality of life established for black people – that’s the real goal for us brothas and sistas, fuck a goddamn Daily Kos or Occupy Democrat or Raw Story viral video. We gotta survive and thrive in this Post-Obama Era and playtime is fucking over and these fake ass black leaders are going to have to get taken down if they don’t want to go down. We need to drain the swamp of these fake ass black leadership pretending they representing us.


It’s always the weak cats that want to stay in the same position of power, fighting to hold on. Real cats transform and become bigger and better and move into new paradigms and move on to the next chapter or phase. We still in the 21st century talking about some tired ass Rev. Al Sharpton, fake ass dressing-up Urban League and other shit like this while our communities economically deteriorate. If we look all over the world, people are rising up and fighting those fake leaders keeping the young people from rising up to take over leadership of their young future. It’s time for the African-American to start draining the swamp and make black America great again by bringing back our communities and quality of life for our people.

This Post-Obama Era is what our sorry black adult generation gave to our younger black generation coming up and if any of you had an ounce of dignity, you’ll take the weight as an elder for this fucked up world we black folks left for the young black generation and do something about it before you leave this earth. Rev. Al Sharpton or any other old ass motherfucker cannot lead our future generation – we current adults going to have to help the young black generation lead themselves – that’s the fucking mission, not mope over Trump winning. It’s going to take us, not sitting in front of a computer or TV or radio another damn day listening to some “black leader” tell us some bullshit that we want to hear that not going to change our current situation at the end of the day as black people. We got to be the change we looking for and we owe it to the young black generation to make their world a lot better because we ain’t shit if we leave the young black folks with shit the same way our black elders left us with shit and to fend for ourselves with no black foundation to build upon.

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