Black Twitter is Not Black Power and Only F*ckboys Use the Word Coon

blacktwitter In the first 100 days of the Post-Obama era, African-Americans will no longer hide behind their cognitive dissonance and will be forced to accept no one gives a fuck what black people think in America. Not even Africans give a fuck what African-Americans think on anything, sorry my pseudo-Pan-African friends. The problem with the black generation today is they made the mistake of actually thinking someone gives a fuck what they think or say or express. Black Lives Matter, they don’t give a fuck. John Lewis, they don’t give a fuck. ObamaCare, they don’t give a fuck. Racism, they don’t give a fuck either. Your black-orientated woes, your plight, they don’t give a flying fuck. You hate the way the police treat you? Well, fuck you buddy. You hate the way crime run rampant in your community? Well, fuck you buddy. You hate you are not portrayed positively on television? Well, fuck you buddy. You cannot find a job? Well, fuck you buddy on that too. This was always the response and narrative African-Americans had but somehow, a bunch of idiot African-Americans under 50 years start thinking they can express an opinion on social media and think someone out there gives a fuck. What a shit generation of African-Americans we have become, let’s be honest. Black Twitter is not black power, it is actually a waste of time and energy and data. Twitter is streaming data and streamed data get destroyed after consumption or rendered useless because the next tweet is what others are after. If you look at the chick above in the screenshot image, she is trying to argue with someone trolling her ass and she typing back to them like they actually give a fuck what she thinks or care even if she lives or die, they don’t give a fuck about her. But she is typing up on Twitter – this chick is the type of chicks I hear about over the years that strip off all her clothes and hang herself in her closet or bleed out in a warm bathtub after years of being online trying to make people she don’t know respect her opinion and viewpoints. This is real talk and not made up - the graveyard is full of chicks like this one and you can add Sandra Bland to that list as another example. You got black media like Essence and the Root others like Ebony talking up a Black Twitter when these are fake black media that do not have genuine black interest like their original purpose decades ago. Even worst is a seeing a black dude call someone else a coon – no real black man use that word because it doesn’t mean anything. Only a fuckboy would use the word coon and to be honest, brothas can get mad but if we list them out including rap dudes calling people coons, you will see only busted ass fuckboys using that term, coon. Here is the fundamental problem calling someone a coon – it has no power and fuckboys tend to have no power. If you call someone a coon, what you really saying is the person you calling a coon have superior power, even if they sold out to get that power, it is still power they attained. So by calling someone a coon, the fuckboy already established themselves in a position of inferiority and can only resort to name calling, childish fuckboy shit unbecoming characteristics of a black man molded by the hand of God. So if a brotha is seen smiling with a affluent white person that don’t give a fuck about black people overall and use that brotha as a token, the minute you fuckboys call that person a coon, you positioned yourself as a name-calling inferior and surrendered to that black token to be acknowledged as superior, that’s the problem calling someone a coon. In fact, the word coon doesn’t even sound insulting or demeaning – it says more about the idiot using the word coon than who the word coon was directed towards. It’s annoying because it’s not even offensive, it’s a stupid ass word – coon – and only fuckboys use it and think it means something, really. If you want to make a difference and make people give a fuck about black issues, you got to establish true black power. You don’t go on Twitter and type 120 characters that disappears in days or hours – you create a data repository of information that you can draw from forever and pass that knowledge down the next generation of black kids coming up to read. Once you write something, it should be forever like the Bible or the Magna Carta, not a tweet in a digital stream. Learn to start writing books, stories, manuals, explanations, how-to and start publishing a library repository that 25-50 years from now, what you wrote is sitting next to Carter G Woodson or Dr. Claud Anderson books that black folks in the future can still read 80 years later. No one black will be reading your fucking tweets 80 years later. You don’t confront a sellout by calling them a coon, you confront a sellout by establishing black power positioning and excellent superiority. A sellout will not be allowed to establish black power positioning with white/Jewish money and you leverage this to your advantage. In my personal example, you got ignorant brothas talking about Tristan Walker and Bevel not realizing white people in Silicon Valley is propping up this Stanford character as a black face to the new generation of black beauty products so white people can enter that market dominated by black families who are staples of the black economic infrastructure. You guys up here talking up fake news about Tristan Walker and Bevel while black-owned hair care firms still going strong after 100 years of being in business. Calling Tristan Walker a coon is not the way to approach the situation. You approach the situation by creating a superior solution that I done that allow anybody to start their own razor subscription business in the black community and allow homemade natural black beauty products to be sold and distributed in the black community by making it easy for black folks to do what white people propping up Tristan Walker to do at a cheaper distributed TCO and ROI, that’s how you respond to a sellout motherfucker, you don’t call them a coon. infowin Let me explain something to you lightweight ass Tariq Nasheed following cornball brothas and stupid ass brothas and sistas on Black Twitter typing up your worthless ass opinion. This is something I’m also going to say on an upcoming podcast for you to understand. Nothing is more thrilling and exciting than being a STEM-based data-manipulation hacker to come after these cats with strategy and execution. Fuck the talk, the comment section or the typing or twitter or stupid ass memes – getting into the battle, going behind enemy lines and sabotage, divide and conquer, force them to suffer economic loss propping up tokens and word analyzing a journalist writing style and predict how they will write another article is the shit that exciting and fucking fun, not sitting around looking at Tariq Nasheed run his fucking mouth on YouTube or typing a tweet or sharing a meme. Because at the end of the day, no one gives a fuck about the Black Twitter shit and yall just go to bed knowing you ain’t accomplished shit. But when you execute strategy and operations, you actually fucking accomplished the mission and sit back on the sofa at night relaxing with a glass of wine smiling to yourself about how you and your crew just fucked their ass up and nobody don’t realize what the fuck just happened. That’s fucking black power right there.....

9 thoughts on “Black Twitter is Not Black Power and Only F*ckboys Use the Word Coon

  1. venus and serena have made a lot of folks money because the ratings and attendance are up when they play. without them i could care less about tennis, that scumbag should have lost his job for calling that woman a gorilla. if they can use stuff the black pro ballers say on twitter against them to create click bait for them and grief for those guys, let them take a hit from twitter that causes grief for them.

    1. What you typed is an opinion. Your opinion relies on someone to care what you think. The scumbag should lose his job…what power or influence does an offended black person have to make him lose his job? His boss who probably bought his wife an anniversary gift last year should take away his livelihood because some black person over the Internet is offended. Typing it over and over on twitter is not power or influence. Also, the end game is him losing his job? What is to gain – he will “learn his lesson or made an example out of?”

      This is the problem when we black folks started entertaining opinions – before we didn’t have the luxury to entertain opinions, we had to do something to stand up for ours or be ran over and that rules still apply to this day. Nowadays, we are flexing opinions. Yall going to be extremely devastated when you find out you expressing outrage personally inside of you and see it means nothing after a while because the people you targeting simply never cared. Your opinion means nothing if the other person you addressing [not me or other black folks] does not respect it.

      I been in the fights and all the way to the end game boss. I had the truths, the facts, the reasoning, the moral authority and everything. And it came down to this statement every time from them:

      “so what…what are you going to do about it?”

      If these are problems, we got to do something about it, not have an opinion. Wasting time twitter protesting and typing up opinions or name-calling is not doing something about it – it is a display of ineffectual emotions that the adversary finds black people expressing being offended as entertaining as poking a tied-up puppy with a stick.

      Like I said, we got someone in the White House who don’t care about opinions but we got a whole bunch like him in Congress and Senate who have the same mindset but just not a bigmouth about Donald Trump. Opinions are not going to help any black person in 2017,.,,,

  2. You are so right about those Tariq Nasheed types, that kat sits on twitter all damn day talking about coon and white supremacy. No actual solutions for black empowerment just begging dumb nig nogs for money to make the 40th documentary about nothing worth while. We need to put in real work to uplift and get our community where it needs to be and thats at the forefront. Black people use twitter the most of any other group, yet we dont make any money or have any influence in what twitter does or doesnt do for out benefit. Its really time for the talking heads to take a back seat to something real..

  3. Ed just gave the destination to the solution. The pathways to it are determined by your intentions/dreams/visions etc., the need you see to be fulfilled and the skillsets you pick up. The vehicles are technology combined with whatever else useful you know and/or learn. That’s it.

  4. Like I said, we got someone in the White House who don’t care about opinions but we got a whole bunch like him in Congress and Senate who have the same mindset but just not a bigmouth about Donald Trump. Opinions are not going to help any black person in 2017,.,,,

    it is not about opinions, it is about pushing back; you can’t run all the time and swallow crap. The bottom line is, he is gone because ESPN knows they have a lots of black viewers. We knew about those folks in congress and senate since day one Obama got in office. those folks are mostly from the red states with high black populations who fail to vote them out .

    1. He was dropped from the tennis event coverage lineup; he was not let go or fired. He was warned to be careful with his words and make a public apology. Posting an opinion is not pushing back the offender; it’s just you vetting yourself as your own reaction, like the Twitter lady above in the screenshot.

      You may have not remember this incident before but there was the boss of MSNBC that didn’t want to fire Don Imus over this. The executive over Don Imus back then is now head of CNN programming right now, Mr. Zucker. Don Imus did not get fired from Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton running their mouth which MSNBC ignored. Don Imus got fired when black employees of the companies that advertised on MSNBC received letters and e-mails from their employees letting them know advertising on MSNBC created a racial hostile work environment – lawsuits, tensions and corporate chaos and that when MSNBC got the message to fire Don Imus. And what happened next is Van Jones took advantage of what black corporate employees done and created his Color of Change, I was around back then to see it unfold at the micro-level.

      Black Twitter does not sit on the board of directors or pay to run commercials so her opinions has little value. Most people on Black Twitter have little to no value – they are attention seeking at best. Let me just put it out there so we don’t have to go further – I can personally care less about the opinion and no one black is going to convince me of anything if it is just an opinion..they better do something real about it or I don’t care.

  5. the battle is fought on all levels and different ways, you even said that yourself in your post. let 10,000 black folks dump cable/ espn and tell their board why they did it and see what happens.

    1. I mentioned in a previous article that the podcast will be on our upcoming blockchain-based media platform. I will release more information as soon as we are done with some QA reviews. We just exited a hackathon in Dubai showcasing our platform and now getting ready to start announcing.

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