How to Detect and Deal With Black People Trying to Sabotage Black People From Achieving Progress and Prosperity

sideshowbob In my years of doing real work and handling business, I experienced only black folks attempting to sabotage black people from getting better. When it comes to true bigotry, what bigots do is deny you their resources but they don’t necessary try to get in your way because they honestly believe you cannot pull it off yourself anyway. It is black folks out there seeing you as a black individual rising up or a black movement rising up and those black folks be trying to figure out how they can sidetrack or disrupt that momentum. In this article, we are going to explain these kinds of black folks trying to disrupt your moves, how they work at trying to disrupt and how to deal with them. Every movement whether it is a business revolution or political revolution or social revolution around the world have saboteurs who attempt to stop the hustle or the progress. Saboteurs want to see you trip and fall and not make it to your goal. It is important for you to understand why because in black movements to better black quality of life, many of you think it is the white man or your adversaries which is not really true. Skilled competition is not sabotage and is fair play because both parties have the capability of achieving the end goal which can be market share for example. But saboteurs are not competitors and their involvement to make sure you don’t make it or black people don’t make it is simple – they are jealous. If you truly try to list every reason why someone black is trying to stop another black person or black people getting better, sure you list insecurity or resentment or fear of being better but all of that is really at the core, jealously. A saboteur is jealous because they don’t have the skills and ability to compete with you or make a difference themselves and that jealously is driven by their passion with the movement. Think about episodes in your personal life where you getting good at making moves or dating someone fine and you see your friends start withdrawing. That’s because those fake friends don’t have the control to have a say in your progress or they stop speaking to you instead of supporting you to have you feel bad and stop you from feeling good about progressing. You will see members of your own family pull the same moves where they don’t want you to talk about coming back from China and setting up a wholesale distribution at the family table but they want to talk about their lightweight matters, I know you noticed that as well. It’s bottom line jealousy as the motivation because the saboteur has no control of how to stop you and seek to control through disruption of what you doing. Let’s look at what black people who trying to disrupt and sabotage us as a black people from progressing be trying to say and do. Everybody Else Have the Same Problem as Well. The goal here is to try to be dismissive of you giving importance to the challenge or problem at hand. We had a clown here when we talk about the Post-Obama era, this character want to start explaining white people will have problems to. That’s a way to make it seem we black folks cannot 100% focus on our own black issues and we black people have to keep the white folks in consideration of whatever we black folks do. The whole tactic is to make you think you are not special or unique to focus on handling yours, which is what they don’t want to see you do to address your problems. I’m From the Hood Too or I Got a Friend Who Works in Technology Too. Yeah, I get that a lot where some character tries to say they know plenty of black folks in technology like me handling it also – ok, show me that other “black tech” person Dream and Hustle blog where they speaking directly to and providing black folks code and technique to empower and handle themselves – yeah, thought so. See, the goal here is to make you think you are not special and everybody else is doing what you doing as well. They want to put artificial competition in your head or make you feel what you doing is a commodity that everybody else is doing to make you feel like you not a standout. But in reality, you know who your competition is and the parameters. Anybody can be from the hood, but special people gives a damn about making the hood better – that’s the real separation of wheat from chaff. The Anecdotal Story Describing Themselves or Someone They Know. You will see black folks trying to disrupt or sabotage black movements do this a lot. They will narrate a story saying they have this accomplishment or that accomplishment or they have a friend who done this or done that to counter your statement or claim. If you say payday loans keep black folks in poverty, they will say they have an auntie that use payday loans and she pays it back on time and it has helped her to counter your claim of predatory lending techniques with a personal story of their auntie. The news media does this after a cop shoot an unarmed black man, they start showing cops doing the latest dance or giving some poor black mom a bag of groceries trying to create stories cops are good people despite the fact unarmed black men keep being shot by police officers. Create Unnecessary Noise and Confusion. This is where a person tries to get into a shouting match with you and talk louder than you and cut you off from speaking in a public forum. This is where someone tries to type paragraphs in the comment section full of noise that does not address the matter at hand. The goal is to lose focus on the issue and try to make it personal towards the individual raising the issue and hope people become distracted to the person instead of the issue. For example, the Congressman John Lewis thing – this is a black politician that doesn’t do much of anything worth talking about but folks want to keep talking about him being beat over the head in the 1960s instead of the fact he been in Congress since 1989 and do not have the power or leverage Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters or John Conyers have and black folks in his district ain’t benefitted much from John Lewis. Black Twitter is another example of this, a bunch of ineffectual idiots creating memes and talk as noise as a technique that has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Create Icons and Made-Up Leaders. This goes back to John Lewis but this is what black folks do by trying to anoint someone as the movement leader. And the person the saboteurs anoint is usually an ineffectual who don’t do anything. Black people wanted to anoint Tristan Walker who is propped up by white people and who you never seen Tristan Walker made a damn statement on how to do anything in technology - they propped that Tristan Walker clown up in order to prevent yall from knowing people like me who highly skilled in helping brothas and sistas make moves. It is not just me in the example, Dr. Claud Anderson ain’t the man when it comes to black empowerment, I can pick up the phone and call some old-school Alphas, Ques and Kappas making moves in DC and Atlanta and Chicago and New York and get action happening while some lame clown on the Coli talking about Dr. Claud Anderson running his mouth in a YouTube video. See, they want to bring up the name of cats who are not making moves to distract you guys from knowing who is making moves and to make people like me feel black folks don’t want to know about me – I’m in the real world and know my people better than that, they love me and what I do. Want You to Constantly Prove Yourself. You will start seeing the questions show up – what have you done for the black community? Here is the thing – they don’t want to know the answer; the goal is to defer you from having you stay on your mission by trying to make you stop and keep explaining yourself. Think about this Dream and Hustle blog, I would have a person come here trying to question if I’m real or what I’m doing and I got years of pictures and screenshots and diagrams of what I’m doing as part of the Afro-Tech but these people want to ask what I’m doing – they don’t want to know the answer, they want me to waste time trying to explain myself instead of stay on mission. This is something that punk Dr. Boyce Watkins used to do until he got called out on it where he goes around saying “I never heard of him before” as if that fat-head Dr. Boyce Watkins is the center of the social circle that supposed to know everybody. That is a popular goal in the black community to try to make someone explain themselves by demanding they produce links or facts or answer a question to create distractions. Fake News. This is where stuff like Urban Intellectuals and Atlanta Black Star comes into play. They write stories like the one years ago about a black lady who supposedly invented an app that allow you to go back and delete text messages before you send them – what happened to that chick and her app? The goal is to sell you fluff stories and fake news to prevent you from knowing real cats like me and sell you guys happy stories. The goal is simple, control the narrative to not acknowledge the real black folks making moves. This is important to understand because you will see so many fake news and blogs like Madam Noire that work with Israeli firms and yall don’t know the backstory of these content properties and who own them but believe the fake news they putting out, especially when it comes to black people. The whole black woman chasing white men thing or swirling is fake news and stuff like that is designed to destroy the black family unit. When you hear a has-been Boule character like Frank Ski in Atlanta on the radio talking up black relationship drama issues and you in the real world at a Frank McComb or Kem concert with other grown black folks as beautiful couple and beautiful people, you know these media targeting black people are putting out fake news to hurt our image of black people and black love. Keep Repeating Black History Stories or Nostalgia. This is the “back in the days” characters that keep telling you what happened a long time ago. Have you observed as an African-American that you never see any future-facing talk among our people? About what can happen with black folks months from now or years from now? Instead what you hear is after the fact – cats come around talking after the cop shoots an unarmed black person, cats come around claiming a dude on death row is innocent after they moved him to the death chambers and the court refused to issue a stay, cats come around talking about the water in Flint, Michigan after kids get lead poisoning. You see Dr. Umar Johnson keep talking about the past as well as Hidden Colors and Dr. Claud Anderson, not future-facing matters. These are black people wanting you to keep your head facing backwards instead of face-forward because they don’t want you moving forward and know you cannot move forward with your face turned backward. Because they are self-interested in selling you the past or nostalgia, not future-facing solutions. Think about house music, it is future-facing dance music making money all over the world – meanwhile black radio pushing “old school classics” that barely break even in radio revenue and look at who own those black radio stations pushing “old school classics” and this is the same with black movies. The goal is to prevent black people from looking forward and can look around. I bet you see this at the family reunion or your alumni reunions – cats want to talk about back in the days instead of where you guys are currently heading. We Just Have a Difference of Opinion. This is where the black person want to size you up as equal as them on the matter of black progress. See, you have strategy and execution and you have laid out the plan of attack to make things better for black people. They have nothing to bring to the table so they start talking opinions and perspectives and what they think and then try to tell you that you have a difference of opinion with them. This is an attempt to make themselves appear as legitimate as you to speak on the matter that you actually planning to do something about. You will see this a lot and you can tell a phony instantly or a saboteur if they ever say “we have a difference of opinion” when it comes to a black issue or almost any matter. There are no “opinions” in the hustle – either you got a plan and strategy or you don’t. The beautiful thing about competition is everybody has a plan and execute and we observe each other strategy and formulate a better one and everybody gets better. When you have a cat who not doing anything but talking up opinions, they are really trying to avoid establishing a true competitive environment for black folks to compete and everybody learn from each other mistakes and collectively get better. A lot of you cats are following cats with opinions, not people who are competitive or about action and that’s how they are sabotaging you from becoming a better black person by having you argue in a comment section somewhere. Think about it - the only way you can really come at Dream and Hustle is to compete against us by providing black people with better content on how to do for self - now go look at the motherfuckers that have a problem with this Dream and Hustle blog and observe they telling you nothing but opinions and not putting out better sauce for you to hustle against. Bring Up God and Talk About Prayer. This is the most desperate attempt by those trying to stop black folks from getting better. God bless the child that has their own, not people who sit down and pray or talk about wait for the Lord and stuff like that. Think about how boring and meaningless our life would be if God just gave us everything if we just prayed to God and handle our business and hard times for us. Those people that tell you to stay blessed or pray up are fake and do not really follow or understand God. The real God gave you power to go do for self and to find your purpose and take the journey to betterment and fulfillment. Nothing is more fun and better than actually doing it, not praying about it and if cats telling you about God or bringing up God when it comes to black issues, they are trying to make you believe in their fake narrative of God and make you not believe in yourself and your faith that God given you to go and get it yourself. Black folks bringing up God and displaying pictures of white Jesus (TD Jakes share memes on social media showing images of a white Jesus all the time) are definitely trying to prevent black folks from believing in themselves and have their own relationship directly with God to just go out and do it. See, these are the strategies that black folks be trying to pull to distract and divert black people like me and you from progressing and making moves as a people, trying to get inside your head and make you self-doubt or try to make you waste time by spending energy responding to nonsense. These are black folks pulling these nonsense, not the bigots. And the reason why is because of jealously that they cannot control or have a say in the actual work to make moves to progress black folks. makingmoves How do you deal with these black characters who are trying to stop black people from progressing? The 3rd Strategic Institute was designed to deal with this very issue a long time ago and I already put the thought into it and the strategy. What I done with the 3rd was simple – move the black empowerment strategy outside the United States of America. I don’t need black people hands-on involved in my mission to uplift black people, I already know what the fuck to do as a black individual; I just need the skills and talent to help me carry out the mission and the vision. That way and you should notice quickly – any black person that come at me or the 3rd Strategic, you can automatically see through them because I have zero African-American involvement and cats coming at us will be instantly exposed for who they are to the rest of yall. I purposely designed it that way because that’s what real strategic cats like me do to protect the environment and the mission. The other thing you do is you have to control the narrative where you communicate your message. If you didn’t realize, this is what President Trump is doing by staying on Twitter and streaming his own media – he knows the power lies in owning the narrative. We don’t let others speak for us, speak for our movement and tell us who to follow or who is our leaders. We work on our own narrative. If you didn’t realize, there is a reason why the new Dream and Hustle will incorporate fiction and the Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain series – it is a solid narrative that puts us black people in the technology and not allow bigots to exclude our contributions to the blockchain development as a technology platform. So you have to own the narrative and the channels to communicate our narrative. And last and this is the most important – call out and expose the black folks who are trying to disrupt and divert our people from making progress. No one has any business even doing any of the things I mentioned above to us as black people. No one has any business telling us what white people are going through when we talk about black issues. No one should keep telling you about the past when we trying to addressing things down the road ahead of us. And no one should be telling you who to follow or admire if they cannot extend their hand out to you and say let’s move together and do this ourselves right now. In 2017, me and my crew is going to move forward with our plan to make sure anybody black who got a problem with black progress, their real identity will be established and their actions will be permanently recorded as public record in the real world and we got ways to uncover who they actually are in the real world. I'm dedicated to the betterment of my people and I'm not playing with no more black people trying to stop us black people from getting better. While my kids know what I'm personally doing for their future, I also want the kids of these black saboteurs to grow up knowing their parents or their aunt or uncle was on some bullshit when it came to our black people trying to make black progress. I want their children and their nieces and nephew know their relative was trying to sabotage the black movement and those kids have to live with that shit about their elder family members was a self-hating person. I will hold these cats accountable and make the actions of those black characters working to impede black progress part of our permanent black history also.

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