President Trump Finally Making His True Intention Clear: Take Control of Black Inner City Communities and Gentrify Them

trump Any smart black person should have read between the lines a while ago - President Trump always had a hard-on for black inner city communities more than he had one for Nancy O'Dell. Trump is a real-estate mogul by profession and one of the most successful in the world. His profession and his passion is to prospect land and build up on it and sell it for profit. The black inner-city community was always hyper-valued real estate because of location, location, location but given up by white flight and Donald Trump want those inner-city areas gentrified as fast as possible to make America great again. claud Dr. Claud Anderson warned for nearly 30 years that this day of reckoning was coming for black inner city communities – use it or lose it. Either you going to create a black economic power base out of the inner cities or someone else is going to come in and take these inner cities from black folks. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years was keep re-electing career black politicians who won’t do anything for the black community but keep re-running for office and keep talking about how they got beat over the head in the 1960s. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years was make inner city corner-churches rich where the pastor drives an expensive car while the congregation live in dilapidated homes and high-crime blocks giving their money as tithes to the pastor who lives in a mansion outside the city in a luxury gated community. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years is talk about how they don’t support black business because black businesses cost too much or act like we owe them our business while running out to suburban malls where the police have speed traps and checkpoints to harass black folks going to their malls and arresting their black kids for shoplifting with harsh penalties. This is what black folks done with the black inner cities for the past 30 years. fergie Note: I forgot to include the Mississippi River, that transport shipping goods between middle America to the port of New Orleans If you look at cities like South Side of Chicago or Ferguson or Atlanta and even New Orleans post-Katrina and elsewhere, you will see strategic urban infrastructure that would cost trillions to create from scratch - black folks was sitting pretty for nearly 100+ years on it and did not elevate themselves to own their urban infrastructure. We are talking infrastructure for railroads, shipping containers, next to airport and pipes and streets zones for high-density residential and high-density commercial. Black folks were sitting on trillions in urban infrastructure alone but if you talk to the average black person, they got nothing but stupidity coming out of their mouth. But President Trump knows about these infrastructures in the black inner-city and President Trump children running his real estate empire knows about these infrastructures black people were sitting on doing nothing with it. gentry Wanna know who else knows about it? The Democratic Party and liberals know about it as well and was also working to gentrify the black community. We were looking at crazy stuff where we uncovered people from Israel buying up properties all up in the hood and you know full well who got into the mix later – the Chinese started buying up properties in northern inner city areas around black folks as holding companies to keep their money out of China. And they were quietly gentrifying the black community and you can go to Congressman John Lewis district and see the gentrification attempt and they done nothing about the AirBnB hyper-gentrification hustle around the new football stadium that is around the Morehouse, Spellman and Clark-Atlanta area but hey – let’s talk about how much of a national treasure John Lewis has been for something that happened to him in the 1960s while we quietly lose our strategic core black Atlanta communities to 2017 gentrification..yeah. nyt The New York Times recently ran an article that stated that the best way to reduce inner city crime is to create gentrification and show stats to prove it. But here is the thing we are noticing also, gentrification may not be as bad as we think it is and have some positive effects. First, if gentrification is done correctly, it runs out the worthless and negative blacks who were destroying the black community and replace them with hipster whites who are more willing to support a local black business than the negative black folks that were replaced. Second, black businesses have actually increased their revenue by attracting black people from outside the community and country after their community has become gentrified, meaning we may not need a geographical-based black community, we may just need black economic engines similar to the Korean merchant model that is based on the George Jefferson model – put up dry cleaners all around town, extract money and aggregate the revenue and spend the money in their own community and among their people. detroit So, either way, black folks are going to lose the all-black communities because President Trump as well as those liberals want those black inner-city communities and will fight each other to get them. Overall as we predicted, it will be the poor blacks and stupid blacks who did absolutely nothing to establish black economic power to maintain their black communities that will be ran out of these black communities and have to move to Raleigh or Memphis or a patch of desert outside Las Vegas. You black folks kept electing black politicians that I can pull up their public donation records and you will see payday loan / pawn shop lobby groups giving them 10s of thousands of dollars to keep doing business in the black community. You black folks took your money and gave it to a mega church pastor to hear the good word while your real world is dilapidated and high-crime. And you black folks majored in minors talking about starting up lightweight businesses when your black behind was sitting on 100+ year old brick-based warehouses situated next to rails, airports and harbors. Like Dr. Claud Anderson said, you were going to use it or lose it. commercial Note: If you and your people looked at this photo above for more than 5 minutes and didn't buy this to make a pop-up rental space or create something like George's Music Room on Roosevelt, then you are an idiot or really broke and busted. How should the black community respond? I believe we should let the chips fall where they may. Let the black community get gentrified and in fact, you work as a black person to accelerate the gentrification by using the AirBnB hyper-gentrification strategy to let white folks try out the black community before buying into it and gentrifying it. You start acquiring those homes in the hood and fix them up for AirBnB. You evict those hoodrats being hoes to thugs and birthing fuckboys that are destroying the black community. But you better get those goddam storefronts in the hood because they will increase from $2/square foot to $50/square foot really fast, especially if they are less than 10 minutes from downtown or near a subway. And you better seize those brick-based warehouses next to rails in the hood that were built in 1890s. If we going to build America then we need to transport American and take over the land next to major commercial transport hubs, including trucking zones. Please Note: While we agree with the background and outcome, the 3rd Strategic Institute do not endorse Dr. Claud Anderson solution approach as it is outdated, unrealistic and linear and never worked. The only true solution relevant today that is proven is cryptonomics, success pattern and practices, global trade alliances, parallel proliferation and Agile/LEAN methodology. And yeah, that screenshot image they using in the YouTube video, I created that image for an earlier Dream and Hustle article that stated what I just explained We are in the Post-Obama era, fuck the happy talk and it’s time to cover your ass and hold your own down. Everybody is coming at those black inner-city communities and black folks sat on their ass and did nothing for the past 40 years and going to get what’s coming to them as a result. You focus on getting your piece and don’t feel sorry for any of these black folks that chosen to do stupid instead of build up black power, let them be a lesson for the future black generation to laugh at where future black generations say they will never be like those sorry ass black people back in 1980s or 1990s or 2000s or 2010s that kept voting for sorry ass black politicians and tithing mega-churches and now those black folks were gentrified out their black communities and ended up living in areas that don’t respect them and they have no collective power.

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  1. God bless you Ed, for keep us righteously fed.

    I am making moves, to go back home. Fifth Ward Houston. where I will live and work to collaboratively build a thriving black and brown community.

  2. spot on point! I had a friend [blue collar class work class black man making union wage] that told me his 401K increase $56.000 a month after Trump won the election.

  3. we owe them our business while running out to suburban malls where the police have speed traps and checkpoints to harass black folks going to their malls

    The cops were doing this in College Park, Morrow and Riverdale ,GA in 1997 before Clayton Co.went 90% black . I lived in Morrow and still own property there and it was crazy how they sat there harrassed folks trying to go to southcenter mall. College Park would be out there at 2 am running roadblocks when you pulled off I- 285.

    But in st louis county, you had Beverly Hills PD almost choke Northwoods shopping center out of business because they wanted to run roadblocks every friday and saturday. folks stopped coming there and went further out to avoid the close in PD who were shaking down ALL black folks. The fergusons,charlack, st john, st ann, jennings, vinta parks were the main offenders in close in STL county. However when i went out into the high income areas, I never got stopped ,you got stopped in the white working class areas in close to the city. St Louis got a bunch of 100 year old cheap stuff that need total rehabs.if you do not have the money to rehab those fire traps, you do not need to risk your life in them.Every winter in baltimore those 100 plus year old row houses kill women and kids ,when the old electrical system starts a fire. Let’s see if the crook in the white house does anything,when the mafia calls him a crook= he a damn crook

    1. What you brought up about the 100 year old homes is an important point and another problem we have in the black community especially among black men. I’m from the hood and I know how to re-wire those outdated copper wires (which was dangerous where the insulation wears away and raw copper exposed to raw wood, especially condensation) because the old school cats in the West Side of Chicago showed me how to do it and I done a few for sistas in the hood and helped a few brothas who moved in.

      See cats be talking about they from “the hood” thinking they the same as me and other real cats but they haven’t acquired street skills and hood knowledge to hold their black community down and they cannot verbalize anything. I know how to rehab Greystones and went to Harlem in the 1990s to help brothas rehab those Brownstones – which as a result, gentrification started happening in Harlem after those Brownstones were rehabbed and the Clintons moved in. I know how to strip a car and install “acquired” car radios in other cars when I was a kid – these were STEM skills that our people knew and we lost the ability to know how to maintain our hood while we got posers trying to act hard over the Internet talking about they from the hood.

  4. it seems that mr president has a special interest in chi town being this is a major economic center in the midwest region. voicing that he is concerned about the violence and is willing to assist in whatever means is needed to resolve the issue.

    the ish is already heating up and prepared or not……

    having skills is key I can relate to the construction background because I would work with my grandfather who started his own construction company. The things I learned are still assisting me to this day and I am forever grateful for taking the time out in the summers working with him instead of playing like all my other cousins. I was in the IBEW as well as having a class A CDL before being turned on to technology and working with computers to make a living. just saying that I agree only having one way to make income is not the best way to ensure stability for you or those dependent on you.

  5. voicing that he is concerned about the violence and is willing to assist in whatever means is needed to resolve the issue.

    funny how nobody cared about chicago during bush/reagan-clinton-bush eras when the killings were even higher than they are now. trump is being used by folks like bannon to enact redneck bs .gentrification will be last thing on folks mind when these guys get done and it will affect everybody. that relative in the nursing home will be at your home. balance billing will be used to wipe out your 401k if you get sick, and all of us will end up in the high risk pool for health insurance if your are lucky enough to live that long

    1. Trump is not some idiot that fell off the turnip truck. He is in full control and not being used by anyone. It is incredible to compare Trump to a basic politician. You don’t get to build in places like Manhattan or D.C. or Atlantic City without real power,no one thinks he stupid or can be manipulated by some Breibart content producer – Trump is a monster and a powerful one.

      Also one thing I keep seeing you trying to do in your postings is keep saying “not just black people but everyone” as if I or another black person cares. Are other races saying this stuff won’t just happen to their people but black people too? So why you keep stressing what will happen to non-black people? You are doing what Dr. Claud Anderson bringing up – want to talk about other people when addressing black issues.

      I really want to hear your true reasoning and angle why you keep bringing up what will happen to non-black people here as a point to stress. You also say they don’t care about gentrification – you definitely got an angle and I know my readers see through it so might as well come clean.

      Anybody who constantly tries to de-emphasize the black issues by saying white people are going through it also is suspect, brotha. Just being honest.

      We talking about Black Lives Matters and you keep coming around talking about All Lives Matters and I just like to know why.

  6. Truth bombs as usual, Ed.

    I’m in the trenches and don’t have time for the pity party that everyone else seems to be having.

    Dig the fact that you clarified your stance on Claud Anderson (you can be a little harsh sometimes, ha) noting that his overall message is good but the execution is very outdated.

    Stay up blood, going back to work.

  7. The guy above, satchseven has been blacklisted from this blog. He was trying to be slick and cats like these show up too much when black people want to talk about progress or making something happen.

    He kept talking about what “white people and other groups” are doing while we talk about black issues and this reminded me of a slave law that stated a white man must be present at a slave congregation where we have to be reminded of white superiority or the presence of white people when we black people get together and talk. There is absolutely no logical explanation other than machinations and nefarious reasons why anybody would keep bringing up what white people are going through as we focus on addressing black issues.

    No one should ever be telling you about “someone else problems” when you are speaking to and working on addressing your own problem – that person ain’t on the team and full of shit and shady, plain and simple and you toss that clown out of your zone and your life and you keep moving towards the end goal.

    In 2017, we are our own story and no one is going to dilute the stories of us brothas and sistas any fucking more….

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