The Worst Thing You Can Do in the Post-Obama Era is Stick Around African-Americans Who Didn’t Prepare the Past 8 Years for a Donald Trump Presidency.

lastmoment We all knew this day was coming back in 2008 when a black man was elected as President of the United States of America – we knew there would be backlash in 2017. Back then, I stated President Obama can say all he wants he is not the president of black America but of all of America but the next president will 100% make sure they are the president of white America. And here we are today. Right now, what you are seeing is what we expected – a lot of African-Americans who didn’t get their act together and stayed stuck on stupid the past 8 years in full panic mode. And we have to be honest, that other side of the Trump presidency is a hell of a lot worse than I expected because truth of the matter is, this Trump presidency is about to be really bad for brothas and sistas who ain’t got it together. Now, that does not mean Trump will be a bad President; in fact, we predicting he may surprise a lot of us. If all you got to say is what Trump said about someone and that hurt your feelings, that’s weak. Talk to me when you can compare Trump to Bill Clinton or George Bush who did the Southern Governor tradition of executing a black man during the campaign to show he is tough on crime. Talk to me when you can compare Donald Trump to a Bill Clinton who has a record of physically sexually assaulting women working under him as a governor and cummed on an intern dress in the White House as president. But Donald Trump isn’t the problem; the problem is all those people who voted for Trump and all those Republicans elected in office, that’s the real problem, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the least of the Post-Obama worries you need to be concerned about. For African-Americans who got their act together and put themselves in a position to stay stable and thrive regardless of the adversity, like our ancestors have done for themselves throughout our history, I would strongly advise you to get away from middle-class working African-Americans because they are the most messed up in the head and toxic right now over a Trump presidency. The poor black folks are going to stay poor black folks, and rich blacks are going to keep collecting interest on their existing money, nothing will change. But middle-class blacks are the ones who are seeming to have the most difficulty because they done nothing to prepare themselves for where we are going right now in the Post-Obama era. Here is what’s going to happen in 2017 that we want brothas and sistas who got it together to understand. The first thing we are seeing and I warned you on this months ago is the Hustle Economy Shock – you guys not taking this seriously and I’m telling you cats and this is a worldwide experiment by the global consulting firms right now. They are going after the informal economy with digitization efforts to make cats who do cash-based business like barbers and hair stylists to start reporting their income and pay taxes accurately using mobile apps. They are going to replace the unemployment model with a sharing economy model to make yall work gigs for money. If you read the news, in India they had demonetized the high dollars to force them to deal with smaller bills and force informal economy merchants like fruit cart vendors to use mobile payment apps to report their income. They are moving on this in Africa and they definitely bringing this to the USA soon. This is not made-up, this is active right now, do your research and prepare for this. Second thing is going to happen is Donald Trump is a real estate mogul – something African-Americans are too idiotic to realize what his master plan is – the black urban communities. Those black urban communities - Donald Trump want that shit, plain and simple. When Donald Trump said John Lewis district is full of crime and stuff like that, Donald Trump is a real estate mogul and a prospector by profession, he knows the black urban community John Lewis represents because he has eyes on it. You guys do not realize the data several organizations have on the black urban community as a valuable land grab and their plotting to take black urban communities and gentrify them. The problem isn’t what Trump said about John Lewis, the problem is Donald Trump and the Republicans are powerful to rezone John Lewis district and put in federal judges that will agree and John Lewis is an ineffectual weak Congressman who stayed in office for decades and accumulated little to no power – that’s the source of the no talk, no action dossier the Republicans have on John Lewis. You better know your enemies and the cards everybody holding if you want to know what the strategy is and the end game. If you spent years voting for a worthless ass black politician, I hope you are prepared for how fast that worthless black politician will be kicked to the curb to prep those black urban communities for gentrification through real-estate development because that is Trump passion right there. Right now, there is no partisan side for black folks to choose there are binary positions. Either you are an African-American prepared for the Post-Obama era or you are not prepared for the Post-Obama era. The majority of African-Americans are not prepared and just on social media posting weak emotional commentary that don’t mean anything. Black folks don’t even have political power, not even among Democrats who been wrote black folks off and just keeping them around. In the data manipulation era, the Democrats and Republicans realize they can “fake news” their way to earning votes so the black vote is pretty much null and void factor from this point out. So basically, the majority of African-Americans who relied on being partisan and opinionated and didn’t prepared are now marginalized and have no leverage in the Post-Obama era. If you are an African-American who knew this day was coming, the best thing and most critical thing you can do for you and your family is do what God told Noah to do and get inside that Ark you built to stay above water while the rest of these clowns get washed away. Get away from worthless losers because they are toxic and they will eventually hate you for having your stuff together when they been acting a fool the past 8 years. Cut off the social media, rebuild with your close friends and real network and focus on your skills and market demands to keep eating and staying above water. Don’t get caught up with the rest of these fools who failed to plan, that is all behind you now. If you can quietly move away, do it. But focus on the fact there are always new opportunities out there and you got the skills to handle yours. We all knew this day was coming where we have to deal with the Post-Obama era, let the chips fall where they may.

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  1. I found out your blog the middle of last year and am glad I did. It’s sad to think of what will happen if folks don’t quickly get the skills needed to make it out here in the Trump era. A lot of people’s false assumptions about their personal economy will crash down hard this year.

  2. When Donald Trump said John Lewis district is full of crime and stuff like that,

    trump is saying that crap about anywhere black folks live. he plays on folks not knowing how to research. just like that bs he talks about air force one,the defense industry not worried about him. he does not know that engineering changes cost money. clinton nor obama was fucking around with the likes of Sal Testa ever but trump did, google sal and trump. then he put all the totally unqualified folks to run cabinets and that is not going to effect everybody? you may be too young to remember when folks like him and the gop was poisoning folks in the 60’s. what good is anything when he guts OSHA ,EPA and folks gets a dose of cancer. remember love canal

  3. he problem isn’t what Trump said about John Lewis, the problem is Donald Trump and the Republicans are powerful to rezone John Lewis district and put in federal judges

    this can only happen because black folks do not vote in the midterms. if you sit out the midterms you hose a john lewis. just that simple, just like in 2010 when folks sat out then cried about what obama could/did not do. the congress controls the purse not the president. you got nothing because you let your enemies control the purse.

    1. This already happened because John Lewis is a weak ineffectual Congressman with no leverage.

      So-called “super white” towns began incorporating in John Lewis district to aggregate white voters into the area. This is a well-known reversed white flight strategy done around major black cities with a long term goal. The news media stated areas in John Lewis are doing well but not disclosing these are the super-white areas that voted for Trump.

      In addition the black community in Atlanta John Lewis represent is going through agressive gentrification and the AirBnB hustle. We covered this extensively on this blog for years as well as the crime and community being neglected by the black political leaders who want black votes but offer little in return.

      John Conyers, Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel with their rank and power couldn’t stop gentrification of Harlem, Detroit and South Central so John Lewis who never bothered to create strategic allies and serve on powerful chairs and committees after so many decade has no power or leverage to protect his district from the scenario above.

  4. Thanks Ed for this Wake up to late article l myself have been preparing my family and friends who would listen. less social media and more personal connections is the goal l have been around for awhile reading your blog and was also a member of the now defunct Global Urban Collective in a way l glad you shut it down because it woke some of us up and got us on the right track and a valuable lesson was taught, l going to make it come hell or high water l hope y’all make it too.

  5. I don’t think Lewis and the rest were ever serious about that kind of stuff. I got the impression they were comfortable being congresspeople. I think they’re acting up now because the gig is up and they won’t be able to play around like they’re used to.

  6. the corporate guys drive a lot of the hiring levels not the feds. they have been seeking to cut overhead no matter who is in office for the last 30 years, this is not new.. if you vote in the midterms and pay attention they cannot gerrymander you. they gerrymandered the heck out of us in 2010. i ask folks did you vote in the mid-term of 2010? if not shut up . there is no reason for the georgia and alabama to be red states. but our folks in those states too scared or too lazy to vote.there is enough folks in lewis district, he should never have to worry about that mess

    i will say this, if you cannot get the loans to rehab these 100 plus year old homes, you better off getting out of those fire traps. if you got your folks in congress you might get some money for rehab without dealing with the racist bank. the gop dominated congress not going to do that, then go back to their district and listen to rednecks crying about urban america getting rehab cash.

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