55% of African-American Adult Males Live Below the Poverty Line and the Average Income for Butt Model Fans is $44K/year

pua_brotha These statistics are the true picture of these brothas currently on the Internet engaged in misogyny material against black women and talk about sneakers and sports all the time. They talking about how Kendrick Lamar got “verses” or people are hating on the Dallas Cowboys and show images of a latest shoe coming out on their social media feed. These are not the street thugs, by the way because the street thugs are whipping out street work and ain’t got time to entertain strangers over the Internet. These are not the Migos “bad and bougee” brothas, the majority of all African-American dudes are actually “broke and bummy” and we should change the lyrics to the song for these brothas…broke and bummy....got no hustle or money…broke and bummy….got no hustle or money….yaw, yaw, yaw, yaw! But yet, you are the same brothas that acting like you think some character like a Tariq Nasheed or a Dr. Claud Anderson can mess with the cats like me or the rest of the Afro-Tech in the 21st century, right? I mean, yall are broke and bummy, got no hustle or money so what the fuck do you brothas know about anything, real talk? Let me give you brothas a bit of advice because I’m at the public library and I be walking over the shoulder of you broke ass brothas at the computer section and see the BS you brothas be looking at online while I check out books at the same public library on urban economics and international trade. You gotta remember, I was broke and bummy just like you coming up on the West Side of Chicago but I want you brothas to realize one thing as you walk around pretending someone like Dr. Boyce Watkins is some kind of a black-orientated financial expert – that’s a giveaway you ain’t got money if you think a dude like Dr. Boyce Watkins is on the money, real talk. Black male model wearing hoodie serious expression The major factor that got this brotha out of the hood is I honestly accepted and embraced the fact I didn’t know shit and I don’t got shit and got other people trying to tell me shit and trying to take my shit. What I just explain is the number one reason why 55% of you brothas are broke and bummy and looking at butt models online you cannot afford to fuck. You brothas have not confronted yourself in the mirror with the statement I just made above - the day you brothas acknowledge this is the day you brothas will move away from your current situation of being broke and bummy and you reading this from a real brotha that was actually there like you but I made the decision to stop lying to myself. You broke brothas don’t know shit because you didn’t study and get your grades up in school and was fooling around – let’s not pretend this was not a factor, you was a fuck up in high school and not learning how to learn and solve problems, like math problems. You ain’t got shit because you are wasting your time and money on shit you don’t know about because you buy things that has no appreciation in value. Be on these BBS groups talking about coin-based vending machines or trading sneaks when these are lightweight broke hustles that are not even effective or scale at the level of effort to grow at, that’s ignorance talking online saying stuff that sound good but not able to calculate the fundamentals to realize that’s some broke shit altogether. Then you got people trying to tell you shit like the cats on YouTube or the pro-black characters or Dr. Boyce Watkins big head who all are so pathetic, they decided their target audience would be the 55% of broke ass brothas in our community to pull money from. The fact they talking to your broke ass should let you know they are full of shit because you ain’t shit, you broke and bummy. Accept your reality. Because they are around just like the poverty pimps and corner store preachers trying to take your shit when you don’t really have shit to give except they are on a YouTube video telling you to send them money to create a school for boys or pretending they are some financial/economic guru to you broke and bummy brothas out there or telling you to crowdfund for a DVD or whatever. See, when you are broke and bummy, you have to accept the fact and reality and situation of the ground and environment that you ain’t shit right now and you can be taken advantage of by other cats coming around. You brothas have to look at what you doing like subscribing to bullshit like talking about Hidden Colors – that DVD shit ain’t the fucking business for broke cats, that’s the top of the Maslow hierarchy of needs where you need food and shelter established first. You also have to look at the fact you are around other broke ass brothas who ain’t about shit just like you and that’s why your parole officer told you that it is a violation for you to hang around other criminals and other cats on parole while you on paper. Don’t hang around cats who ain’t shit like you, keep to yourself if you have to. You got to accept the reality of the situation – 55% of you brothas are below the poverty line and that’s broke as fuck so I don’t understand why so many black dudes are on the Internet doing something other than getting their hustle up and situation right. You brothas are fucking lying about your money and lying about handling your business when the overall stats got you broke and bummy. You have to admit you ain’t shit and you ain’t putting up with the shit you been putting up with and choose to get better. You got to be the man that says I’m going to go out to the library and look at every row of books and find the books that will help me get better. You got to be the man that says I’m going to figure out how my employer get the money and how other businesses around me collect their money and learn the technique. You also got to be the man with skills and work on them. Keep to yourself, stop fucking around other brothas and stop following anybody like a Dr. Umar Johnson or a General Seti or Dr. Boyce Watkins that would target a broke ass brotha like you in the first place because obviously, they ain’t major leagues to be fucking around broke brothas. Let me repeat exactly what I stated above so you understand the one statement that will be the changing point in your life and the day you accept this statement is the day your life will begin to be for the better. If you are in the hood or still living with momma in the suburbs, accept and embrace the fact you don’t know shit and you don’t got shit and got other people trying to tell you shit and trying to take your shit. And then choose to be better and do something about it. Rise up to be the kind of man that really know your shit, you got shit to show for, nobody can't tell you shit and you will defend your shit against anybody trying to take it.

7 thoughts on “55% of African-American Adult Males Live Below the Poverty Line and the Average Income for Butt Model Fans is $44K/year

  1. Some what an interesting point, I don’t know if the message will reach the broke brother; since it may unlikely be a broke brother be reading this post. I guess may just we’ll forward this to a brook brother I know… I tell him read this fucking shit and maybe he’ll read it…

  2. Actually, you are one of the broke brothas this message is reaching….

    I bet you think broke brothas are cats living in the hood/ghetto – they ain’t broke, they have access to resources and assets and get the hookup. Rich cats, they read this but you want to know something? They wouldn’t respond like you did 🙂

    See, you the real broke brotha this article was reaching for and your response to this article gives it away. You the brotha that would turn around and lie on the Internet with fake news saying you doing this and that and handling this and that but reality, this message was really about you, bro. In reality, you basic and on the Internet trying to agree/disagree about something or assume – that’s the primary sign of a broke brotha right there.

    So this blog is definitely reaching broke brothas like yourself, don’t kid yourself.

    One more thing and this is how I can tell you basic and broke – you promoting that alkaline shit. If you actually had an education and a little STEM – that alkaline junk is basically some late 1800s alka seltzer and Arm & Hammer baking soda shit that great-grandma used to use for everything. I’m going to call you guys out on that eventually but I wasn’t aware of this alkaline shit until some chick came to me about it and I explained to her how it is used for PH balancing and realize she been reading some bullshit somewhere…sound like some Dr. Sebi bullshit..

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