Considering My Own Branded Matching Agency for the Single Successful Brothas to Meet Quality Sistas Worldwide

It’s that Valentine for a lot of brothas and sistas who have someone in life they are digging and can curl up next to. Meanwhile there are a lot of grown brothas and sistas who are quality but are single and ain’t got nobody and find it hard to meet members of the opposite sex. So while the brothas and sistas who got somebody going to be having intimate sex and shuddering orgasms and hugging and kissing and have another round of slow grinding and pumping sex and more shuddering orgasms, the single brothas and sistas will be wearing their bunny slippers all alone sitting on the sofa thinking about how much sex their ex is having right now. Well, I’m going to be having sex and putting the D in that V on V-Day but for the rest of those Lil Louis Club Lonely ass brothas and sistas, I am seriously considering plans that are likely to be real and will happen this year in 2017. I have created plans to create my own personal branded matching service for the successful brothas like me where I personally qualify the sistas worldwide for the brothas. The reason why I’m not doing any kind of generic dating site is because you are playing roulette with online dating and not knowing who you messing with and what BS they got hiding around you. Nope, these will be sistas I personally reviewed and handpicked for the brothas. I am up in age and know how to navigate around the sistas and cut through the bullshit and pick the best ones. And trust me, I picked some real mistakes as well but that makes me the seasoned man that I am. I have been inspired first by my Indian friends who have been arranged married by their families and at first as a dumb American, I thought arranged marriages were crazy and felt love marriages were better but after putting some depth into the practice, I realize arranged marriage is the smartest way to go about it and it makes sense. Love marriage is you assuming a lot of shit about the other person on your own and usually you find out later, you made a goddamn mistake. But if you a brotha coming from a real family, your family knows what you want and you can tell them what you want. You can tell your brothers, cousins and uncles and aunts exactly the kind of sista you want and I promise you they will do a better job finding her than anybody you know. But you don’t have to blind arrange marriage, we are arranging the courtship partner. The second motivation is the tech job sector especially back in the dotcom era where you had the jobs paying $180K/year plus and more and you had real headhunters back then. One of those corporate headhunters was a cat in New York and he was called Ed Wonder and I thought that was the coolest fucking name of a firm ever – Ed Wonder. Ed Wonder had all of the top paying jobs and the connects to get you in and I met other headhunters who pick up the phone, make calls, take you to the interview and tell you what to say like a wingman and close the deal and I found that whole thing where one person can own the whole hustle of matchmaking tech talent with tech firms awesome. Ed Wonder was selective and didn’t take in anybody and didn’t list bullshit job either, just the elite ones that paid the top dollars. That’s the caliber I’m going to bring to helping brothas find the right kind of sistas to court. So here is the plan and here is the thing – I been talking about this for a long time, this is not new. I will be definitely using the blockchain technology and the same technology pattern being used for SistaSphere and Polexx with the secured photo technology as well as identity and scheduling. We will be based in Atlanta and I will prefer brothas fly here to Atlanta to meet their date and have supervised courtship. The reason for supervised courtship is to be a little phony and also corrective with one person get stupid or say something awkward but I expect both the sista and the brotha to be mature about it and tolerate of awkwardness. There are no playing games – the level of quality the brothas I’m seeking is those that can secure a $5,000 to $25,000 surety bond so you automatically know that eliminated all those broke ass brothas the sistas are afraid they will run into looking for a man. You going to find out real fast how $5,000+ surety bonds will keep broke brothas away from me and my hustles and keep broke brothas on that sideline talking sideways. The sistas will be my quality level and my standards. She got to have the kind of booty a black man wants, not the iffy/fake black chick booty shit the Jewish media be showing on TV. A real black man knows what kind of booty he wants and he can tell me and know I will understand his booty requirements and not bullshit on it. She got to have the kind of mindset he looking for and I know all about that also but truthfully, 90% of brothas want the booty to be right and everything else, he will just manhood that shit to get her in line. If it comes to Arab chicks, African chicks or Asian chicks there got to be some kind of booty formation there that a brotha can respect that and other brothas can give the thumbs up or head nod when we brothas walk past each other with our girls. And she can be either a poke toy or marriage material and I’m not caught up in marriage matchmaking. If the brotha want a chick he can take on the town and drop money on and jet ski off the Hudson, that’s what he wants and if she down with that, that’s a match. If he looking for courtship, that’s another caliber and that is where money and stability will be a factor for the matchmaking. But in the center of it all will be me making sure the sista is tight and the brotha is a qualified black man. I know my standards and I’m a veteran, frat, father and servant of my community and skilled and can skin a deer and gut out a wild turkey. So whether we talking snow bunnies to beach bunnies to city girls to country girls to international flavors, I know all about them for the brothas. I stalled on this because I felt the brothas were acting like punk lightweights talking about running to Brazil with each other like some bromosexuals and engaging in other nonsense where they were not building themselves up as a real black man to be ready for a woman. But I decided with my real-world quality brothas and real-world quality sistas is to make sure I have assurance only the best of breed brothas and sistas are facing each other and going to move forward. Hell, I got some fine ass sistas in my social media circle and hyper-fine sistas in my circles in the real world, I roll like that. I will give out more details later but just letting you know, creating a personal branded match making service where I select those that meet my quality standards may be what the kind of real black dating solution that is needed. I have personally hooked-up quality black couples and forced brothas bullshitting on their good woman to man up and marry her. That’s my job as a real black man because the black family and black love is more important than black economics for true black empowerment. I think other quality brothas and other quality sistas need to think like I’m thinking and stop writing negative black relationship books and start stepping up and show we have the real-world credentials to help the younger brothas and sistas find black love or whatever kind of love that black brotha or sista wants.

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  1. Well I’m here for it, thank you for wanting to creating such a network. The real quality sistas have been put on the back burner long enough, but we been watching and waiting for the tide to turn cause I know that good brothas will eventually start to want quality over quantity. You are a rarity Ed because are smart and skilled and what you are doing will change the dating dynamic because people like myself do want to meet quality people overseas, out of state, different cultures and of different flavors. So creating a network where you will weed out the derelicts whether male or female that consume the internet right now is so refreshing. Go for it!! 🙂

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