Creating a Job Tour Operation to Show Cats Where the Jobs at in Atlanta

atl A job tourism excursion is a new type of travel excursion to a city area to learn about jobs and opportunities there. The trip is designed to help people looking for a job and wanting to move to a new city learn about the major employers there and the major industries and sectors that are hiring. The trip would entail learning about key hubs in the city where jobs are concentrated, learn about the entrepreneurial hubs and visit those areas and communities that are best to move to. The tour would be guided by experts who can help provide knowledge and tips for job tourists as they go around town to the areas where the jobs are at. Many of you know this type of business model is needed where many of us want to move to New York or Los Angeles or Houston or Miami but don’t know how to settle down or find the jobs that are hiring. There are many of you stuck in your own city but may want to move to Seattle or Chicago or Atlanta but don’t know where to start. The job tourism trip is designed to help you know where the jobs are at and get a real feel of the area where the work is happening. So let’s discuss the elements of a job tourism model would happen in Atlanta. bmax Arrange Transportation. You can rent a bus from BusMax or Enterprise down here in Atlanta. You may need a licensed bus operator and that driver is going to get their cut. The bus will get around town to the locations and here is a secret – plenty of brothas and sistas in Atlanta due shuttle buses during the weekday so if you can hustle, probably can have them hook you up for the weekend. Now, in places like Chicago and New York or Boston, you can just hop on the train with your tourists and get around because they will be working that way when they move there anyway. If I do a job tourism with your operation in Japan or London or Hong Kong, I expect to be taking the subway with you, not be on a tour bus. Set up Bookings. This is setting up the tour group and recommend how to get airfare, hotel and meals. Most people will setup their own travel plans. Now, some people will actually be local in Atlanta who want to know where the jobs are at and there will be people overseas wanting to travel to your local city knowing where the jobs are at and where to settle down at. Keep in mind that anybody coming from overseas looking to know about a job may need a special visa to enter the country. In addition, you cannot use a tourist visa to go to places like China or London or Dubai to look for work, you need a special type of professional visa. They not hard to get but as a hint – just get the business/professional visa when you traveling overseas to places like China if you can. buckhead Get the Experts Involved. This is where you get people like me who been in the tech industry for 20+ years and know where the jobs are at and the hub spots are at and the hangouts are at. So if you are in Seattle, do you know the pool hall where the professionals frequent after hours? Or where professionals go drinking at the strip bar in Soho in Manhattan? What is better as a co-working place to do a startup, Ponce City Market or near Georgia Tech? Also what community to move to and pros and cons. So you going to need cats who know the jobs like in DC, know the real estate cats and also relocation experts who can join your tour and give your tourist group pointers. In addition, you can enlist the Chamber of Commerce to help provide with information. See, you are the glue that brings all these experts together because in the past, people have to search for all these experts on their own to know more about moving to a new city. Figure Out the Money. Just being generic but I would assume a group of 7-10 people in a tour group and paying $150 to gross $1,000 to $1,500/day. Now, let me be straight with you – we can easily see $300 to $500 per person if the area is like tech jobs or going to look to work in Shanghai. In Atlanta, I don’t remember cats having a license because cats were making serious money moving Chinese tourist around a few years ago. But you have to keep in mind how much the driver and the bus cost. Maybe you can buy a bus or even use a smaller van like a Ford Transit or Nissan Passenger Van and depreciate the van on your taxes. But this is where you make the decision is it better to use the subway than get a van. Like I said, if I’m moving to a city and looking for a job, I want to know the daily hustle and bustle with the subway system to move to the job and not sitting in the back of a tourist van. colony Know the Locations. In Atlanta, if I do this model I would do Downtown and Buckhead on Day 1 and do Perimeter and either Cobb or Alpharetta on Day 2. But you have to know the type of jobs in question because if different jobs are in different places. But also, you have to know the recruiting and temp firms, the communities that urbanites are moving to work these jobs and know the good, bad and ugly about certain areas where the jobs are at. One thing I think is important is have people eat at the same spots the professionals eat at during lunch hour. Remember that people are on this tour to know where to work and live and handle their business. counting-cash Based on my knowledge and the demand, I’m predicting the person that create these “job tours” will find themselves overwhelmed with business and sold out in bookings for weeks. Because people want to find jobs and it’s always been a mess trying to move somewhere like Atlanta or Los Angeles and then looking for a job and don’t know the ground game. Same with trying to work in Japan, London, Dubai, China and elsewhere. And we not talking local for the people wanting to do the tour, we talking cats from Philippines and India and other places around the world such as foreign college students and more. And we can easily see $300-$500/person especially for someone of my caliber working on the tour for tech jobs. This trend is not really mature but it is getting started due to the growth of job markets in places like Austin and Atlanta and not enough talent to get those jobs. Our data is showing this is a great opportunity for those that are seriously to look at helping those who want to learn how to move somewhere and get a job.