Dream and Hustle Official Statement on Jason Black Total Garbage Gentrification Documentary

garbage At Dream and Hustle, when we first heard Jason Black was working on a documentary about gentrification, we just laughed because this was a joke in the making. We predicted with confidence Jason Black documentary would reflect two things – first, we know the documentary would portray gentrification as black victimization and two, the African-American black adult male will once again demonstrate why American black adult males are a letdown and worthless embarrassment to the global African Diaspora and why these American black adult males should be sanctioned and rebuked by the global black community. Jason Black is followed by African-American adult males who are not stepping up to their black manhood and distracted on the Internet engaged in foolishness during a critical moment of black history where our people need to be headed in a new direction in the Post-Obama Era. These African-American adult males have the best resources, best infrastructure and best educational environment not only in the world but in black history period to generate the skills, money and power to not only help African-Americans but others throughout the African Diaspora right now. Over and over, day by day these black adult males in America are making up excuses why they cannot accomplish anything and resort to recycling the “just talk about it” environment among themselves instead of do work. There are only two things African-Americans need to know about gentrification. First, gentrification is an offensive strategic tactic for cultures and a group of people to advance. Humans are by nature migratory species and do not stay in the same location for a long-extended period of time and is not natural. We have to “keep it moving” and find the next best location to settle upon after using up the resources – this is no different than any other intelligent species. Second and this is the most important – African-Americans and black people worldwide are historically the biggest pro-gentrification agents in the world because that is our offensive strategy to advance ourselves. During the Great Migration to move from former slave plantations, we have gentrified northern communities once controlled by Irish and Jewish working classes and we have gentrified many communities in major inner cities inventing the “white flight” trend. Worldwide, blacks are gentrifying Europe, Latin America and Asia, notably China in Guangzhou with an area known as Chocolate City. New money wealthy African-Americans tend to gentrify certain white suburbs such as the nearby suburbs in Chicago as places like Bellwood and Dolton used to be all-white and places around Dallas have the same history and we can look all over and see that we African-Americans have used gentrification ourselves as a positive move to forward our position and reach. The BMF-era cats here in Atlanta when they got new money began to gentrify the Sandy Springs/Roswell/Alpharetta area that used to be super-white. So this goes back to the Jason Black garbage gentrification documentary and why we considered it a joke and why we knew it would just expose the African-American black male adults supporting this film for being worthless and not willing to do for our people. We knew Jason Black would focus gentrification on black victimization instead of Moses and the Hebrews moving to the promise land, plain and simple. Gentrification is a strategic tactic of taking over economic assets in a new area as well as residential to establish a new “base” for your people and plain and simple. Many Korean-American communities lately have "super-gentrified" many white suburbs displacing white families building a Korean-American economic base during the past 10 years. Indian immigrants as well as new money Chinese gentrified affluent white communities as well. However, the sorry bunch of losers that follow Jason Black do not have the money, power or skills to make gentrification happen for our black people. In 2017, African-Americans have long needed to establish “global hubs” around the world using gentrification to gain a foothold in places like Shanghai, Johannesburg and London to keep our people globally competitive. In fact, our biggest challenge in the African-American community is we have not gentrified enough causing the problems as a result of staying stagnant for too long in one area, which is not natural or healthy for any culture. Even indigenous tribes migrate around the forest and sometimes “gentrify” another indigenous colony. The one good thing about Jason Black gentrification documentary is we have an actual historical artifact ("his garbage documentary") as great evidence to expose the weak and punk African-American adult males who day-by-day are keep making excuses why they cannot step up to black manhood and why these black males cannot do for their people and their community and future. Kinda hypocritical to be talking pro-black Hidden Colors crap about the black man is seen in ancient statues in Southeast Asia and built the pyramids in Mexico and in the same breath, complaining about gentrification in 2017, just saying. In summary, gentrification is not a “victim” game – it’s an offensive strategy that requires money, power and tactics to establish new land and a new base for our people. Our Diaspora black people worldwide such as our Nigerian family and Jamaican family are “gentrifying” areas around the world while African-American adult males are on the computer talking about sports and gym shoes to each other. So at Dream and Hustle, we would like to thank Jason Black for showing how much of a worthless punk he and his followers and others like him carrying themselves as a joke during this critical moment of black history with this joke for a documentary.

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  1. “Jason Black”? Oh, you mean Jeremy Lloyd Smith! Ya know, 40 years old, lives with mom, pro black on line, however, has an ex WHITE wife, closet homosexual, etc Yea, Jeremy Lloyd Smith is a walking punch line.

    1. I’m not into the “exposing” stuff and don’t care who he is personally but I will say this truth about a man. If that man is willing to die for his people and put everything he got on the line for his people, he is putting his real name on that shit. And we knew Jason Black was an alias and that all we needed to know about him….

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