Everytime a Grown Brotha Post Nonsense in a Comment Section, Another Black Child Lose Hope for Their Future

Nobody going to do what is best and what is right for our black kids except us, plain and simple. We got too many black dudes out here who are refusing to rise up to their black manhood and do the job required of black men at this point in history. As you saw earlier, these brothas crowdfunded and rallied around some crap Jason Black documentary about being victims of gentrification when real men are supposed to carry out gentrification for their tribe to advance and flourish. The expansion of the empire and the rise to power involve taking corners, taking blocks and taking land from the other man so your people can settle down in a new place. But as you see, we got black male victims running around, not victors. There is nothing more REAL MAN than coming home telling your wife and children to pack up because yall moving to some new land in Texas you secured a new job and homestead with wabbits to hunt and a garden to grow and a fishing pond nearby. It do hurts me as a real black man to see this is the current state of African-American brothas, keep refusing to take any action and just keep playing the “let’s talk about it” on a 7-day cycle starting Sunday through Saturday. And I know it hurts the black woman to not have the kind of black man she wanted in life that can hold down the black family unit and gentrify another community for her to go live in and she has to resort to being hurt and full of bitterness. But there is a silent voice out there that is hurt more than any of us and will feel the hurt longer in their lifetime than any of us, our black children. And our black children need us grown black folks more than ever. Many of our young black children are quietly going through the emotional distress of watching President Obama leave the White House and seeing someone like Trump in office who appear hostile and uncaring about non-white Americans; that’s scaring the living mess out of our black children and their future. They are worried about globalization, robotics and jobs being taken and not knowing if they will be accepted because of their skin color or if America is mad at them by electing Donald Trump. They are uncertain of their future. And our black children have no one other than us grown black folks to assure them they will have a positive future ahead. So when you see in 2017 brothas still on some bullshit like these BBS boards and Facebook group comment section and YouTube comment section talking up nonsense that ain’t about nothing; this is what our black children get to see and that is nothing but further discouragement. We looking at all this going on right now in the world and some grown black dude is posting a meme on the Internet or talking about shoes or who was on the Breakfast Club. Every day from the brothas, they are waking up each morning trying to figure out what kind of crap they want to type in a comment section on the Interweb instead of how to make the future better for themselves and our black children. And it’s hurting to see our black kids go through the same thing we black adults saw growing up at the previous generation of blacks who done little to help us be in a better situation when we were growing up. You notice these punk ass brothas don’t come around Dream and Hustle anymore or got much to say to me, you noticed that right? See, when you show and tell with real pictures and real stuff that you going to set up next generation cryptonomics and execute in an Agile manner, those brothas disappear and go quiet real fast and then start acting like real black men like me are not out here doing something because it kills them inside out because they know they ain’t stepping up as a black man right now. They run away from this blog the same way they run from child support and run away from supporting their own kids because they ain’t a fucking man, plain and simple. Right now in 2017, no bigger mission than to give our black kids the assurance that our generation is going to take care of them and create the road for them to move forward to be bigger and better than us when they get grown; that’s the fucking mission. Any grown ass brotha with a swinging dick still on the Internet with some goofy ass profile posting dumb shit – cats of my caliber can easily create a database of 20 million weak ass brothas to make sure they don’t get to eat at any table the rest of us real grown black folks had to set for our people to eat. You brothas better recognize the current date and time and stop with the bullshit and find some damn way to take any kind of action because our black children need us and it’s on you and me to make sure they survive and have something to look forward to; that’s our destiny and our purpose.

2 thoughts on “Everytime a Grown Brotha Post Nonsense in a Comment Section, Another Black Child Lose Hope for Their Future

  1. My brother and I were discussing this topic. Our party days are over and we had a great run. Now our main concerns revolve around our children and grandchildren.

  2. Ed,

    I could not agree with you more. Our children are suffering and these men (and some women) are talking behind a keyboard and not walking in the truth. They are about BS and nothing more than the time they have on TV. I commend you for this article…as usual on point! Our children need us more now than ever….if not, they will not be able to face the world and could possibly become lesser than.

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