Let’s Talk Afro-Tech Structure as Dream and Hustle Pack Up and Move

moving After 2 years of stalling, Dream and Hustle is finally making the move to the new format and direction. During the move, this blog will go down temporarily but will come back up temporarily but the next statement is important. This entire blog is going away and making room for the new Dream and Hustle format. Do not bother trying to chase down Dream and Hustle old articles because that is stupid – this blog is archived on the WayBackMachine all the way to 2006 so don’t be stupid. What we are doing is getting bigger and better for you, stop trying to stick to the same and the past. HustleSpace, will be part of the Dream and Hustle family as I decided it is not a good fit for Swagg-Scientific. But HustleSpace will be paid digital access as always promised and for researching urban opportunities and urban markets worldwide. In addition, Dream and Hustle will continue to represent for brothas and sistas but I’m going to de-emphasis all the content that focus on the worthless brothas. Instead, I will have a special section that is a scorecard that allow black folks to see who is full of crap and who is worth following. You will see for example people like Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michael Baisden and Tariq Nasheed with a DON’T RECOMMEND from us with the reason why and you will see people like Michelle Singletary and 100 Black Men as RECOMMEND for the value they produce and you will see Roland Martin, Dr. Claud Anderson and National Urban League as CAUTION as they do not produce the level of satisfactory value needed. This is the best way to deal with the fake cats and weak brothas is to educate the entire black community on who is really who up in this black empowerment and black upliftment stuff. Dream and Hustle if I can get things configured right will have a podcast, video and articles as well as downloads such as white papers and quick notes for brothas and sistas. The short stories some will be free and some are paid (we attempted this years ago with a project called LifeRoads Publishing). You will also see more interaction on social media and to be honest, we may abandon the WordPress architecture altogether to create our own that is more tuned to mass media distribution versus the outdated WordPress MySQL architecture based on content. But the new format leads to another breakthrough – our content will be based on the blockchain as media objects and use the same format we are offering to others, putting skin in the game. I promise you and I’m looking at the new Dream and Hustle that you will be excited, not realizing I already audio narrated many of the popular blog articles already. Many people may not have heard the news but the Global Urban Collective is coming back but my global team is handling the operation by moving to Medium and recruiting urbanists around the world to contribute content. I believe the original Global Urban Collective secret FB may be trying to keep going but that is not a concern as we are not going to be a FB group and at the end of the day, when you want to fuck with someone of my caliber, you have to be better and go harder than me in this STEM stuff. And if you think you can get to the level you are better and harder than me in this STEM stuff, then our people will benefit from your awesome and talent and capabilities and that’s the battle I’m still waiting on honestly. So if Global Urban Collective do well on Medium and they still in that FB secret group being basic after all these months, darkness always come to light. I will keep you guys up to date but as I mentioned before – I’m actually publishing some stuff on Medium as well and got more articles to put out there. Change has to happen so I can better position Dream and Hustle for the rise of the Afro-Tech movement that is coming fast and furious. I mean, I was going to write an article on how to create a local fiscalism transaction system using fingerprint reader and 6-digit pin to run an access-based business but that’s the problem – the Afro-Tech over here in my backyard is innovating every 3 days with new stuff, like the Food Truck silent disco festival we are going to have here in Atlanta and the QR code scavenger hunt for sista-owned business using the PVC cards on Kossier or the banned Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain story where Bria help created a new blockchain-based black fraternity/sorority and how it was done – see, damn I talk too much and too much is going on. Let me get to packing and will see you guys on the other side.

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    1. I’m reaching out to edwige but as you may or may not know, she recently got married and that’s her personal life. I will not publish anything about her until she approves it and respect her privacy so that’s what’s going on there.

  1. I wish you success on your endeavour, Brother Ed.

    Please clarify this point.

    we may abandon the WordPress architecture altogether to create our own that is more tuned to mass media distribution versus the outdated WordPress MySQL architecture based on content. But the new format leads to another breakthrough – our content will be based on the blockchain as media objects and use the same format we are offering to others, putting skin in the game.

    ** WordPress – I was just going to ask you if you were going to migrate to WP as a new platform and then I read this. If you could detail the shortfalls of WP this would help a lot of us. I was preparing to switch over to WP.

    ** BLOCKCHAIN!!!!! I just attended 2 major technology events that discussed Blockchain in the FinTech and the Healthcare verticals. There are some smart people doing some amazing things in this space. They are going to define the future of “DISTRIBUTING VALUE” that the majority of the world will express as CONSUMERS.

    More people need to be brought up to speed on this technology because it is going to solve many problems – while at the same time is not a cure all. (It is just as important to tell people when Blockchain is NOT a solution to their problem)

    1. WordPress is fine for blogging and works great and low-cost. I found configuring WordPress to be a pain even for simple HTML/CSS modifications and when a blog become popular, the MySQL retrieving content for each request tend to not scale.

      Our blockchain model is what I view as a next generation content solution you have referred to as distributed media where I can place the premium/paid media on the blockchain for sale as downloads. In addition, I can pay others to write content or pay royalties on media that I’m using on my web site with payments done in real-time on a per-view basis, opening up real revenue model opportunities.

      In addition, the advertising model can be based on the blockchain where people can upload ads to the blockchain and either I or a bot can download relevant ads ourselves from the blockchain based on data. So there is just a whole new paradigm that is going down the path of the blockchain and I do see tremendous opportunities here.

    2. Here is what I learned about Blockchain last week in Florida. (And by the way there are several Blockchain groups in Atlanta that you can find on EventBrite)

      * If you have a need for “WIDE-SPREAD DISTRIBUTED TRUST” then start a “Public Blockchain” (to keep the masses of people ‘honest’ ). ] If you are an industry vertical (banking, health care, law] then a private Blockchain among interested stakeholders can facilitate distributed trust

      * HOWEVER – when one guy from the audience asked a Blockchain expert to give him a model of the minimum number of “Nodes on a blockchain” in order to achieve ‘distributed trust’ (ie: keepers of the distributed ledger of trust) he said that “IT DEPENDS”.

      There are some situations where Blockchain is not a fit for such a distributed sharing of value model. In some cases the use of the classical “centralized trust” [The Credit Bureau] or “distributed trust” [the Internet DNS system] is a better fit.

      From what I understand about your use case –
      * I would recommend that you use Blockchain technology for the “Ad Hock Pay Per View” compensation model allowing people to “Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is” and support those who have curated worthy information for their edification

      * BUT your distributed content itself need not be in a blockchain. (From what I hear – you want to do a ‘Wikipedia’ – distributed editors / content providers)

      Separate your “content distribution” from your “payment model” as these appear to be two discrete issues.
      A blockchain only inspects for CHANGES in “State” (ie: ownership of a valuable item, or conditions that have reached a previously contractually agreed upon condition ) and then makes sure that other “nodes” are made aware of this change. (Ie: so one person cannot sell a Bitcoin twice – ripping someone off in the process)

      Version Control of content and Distribution is what GitHub is good at doing today.

      At the same time – this entire discussion that we are having is exactly what this “Internet 4.0” that blockchain / distributed trust archetype is going to enable.

      If there is no current solution to address your problem BUILD IT YOURSELF.

      1. We had the conversation on this blockchain quite some time. I will be publishing a disruptive article this week on Medium before the official white paper release.

        The current implementation of blockchain you seeing others talking about is flawed by trying to run code in a ledger, use human consensus/mining and still use a single aggregation point while claiming to be decentralized. Ethereum as well as Bitcoin is poorly cobbled and thought out.

        What we are doing here is based on Enterprise Service Bus and adapters and SOA methods as well as AIML/chatbot parsing. This is the real way to do blockchain cryptosystems and why I’m able to advance real world implementation while others squirrel around wondering how much ether gas it will take to try something.

  2. Ed,

    I am so grateful for this blog and I cannot wait to move forward. Let me know if anything is needed. I am so excited to see the new plans and how we can move forward. I am all about progression and you have given more than enough tools to begin. Hopefully, you will see the fruits of the labor.

  3. Ed,

    Thank You!! Some 3 to 4 years ago I stumbled upon this blog and it has completely changed my view on Entrepreneurship and Urban Empowerment. And this is coming from a 50 year old black male proving its never too late to learn about progress.
    Working from my own Innovation lab has allowed my to progress with ideals of my own. Please keep me involved/informed on all new moves so that I can abreast of what the Afro-Tech Movement is doing!!

    1. Most people here in tech are hitting 50 years old, including me in several years so let’s not act like 50 years is an old age for tech. I spend millions on thing in my lifetime that now that I’m older and smarter can easily do with a smart sharp mind for a few thousand.

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