Making Sure Worthless Brothas Refusing to Step Up to Black Manhood Pay the Piper..

1hfmm6 First of all, shout out to all my real brothas and real black men out there handling it for their woman, their family, their business and looking out for their community. I’m proud of my young brothas from the streets and just graduating college who ask me questions all the time on how to treat their black woman and I have to let them know to do it big. Trips to New York, crab legs and let her shop at the mall and you carry the bags. Nice to be an older brotha helping guide younger brothas to hold their down so they can hold their woman, family and their empire together in the future. However, for the rest of the African-American brothas over 15 years old out here acting like a punk ass clown among our people, I’m on a personal mission to make sure you brothas are part of Black History. I want to make sure the future generation of black boys and black girls when they grow up see all you brothas out there in 2017 on stuff like the Coli or following cats on YouTube, I want that future generation to see yall as the worthless fuckboys yall are. When you become an old black man in your 40s and 50s and 60s, I want the young black generation to know you didn't do shit when you was younger but typed stupid shit online instead of help build a better world for our black future as a black man. You brothas are a disgrace to our black manhood, our people and you are doing nothing purposeful or worth anything with your life. Here is what I’m going to do. Featured You Sorry Brothas in My Future Writings. You best believe I already intimately wrote about you sorry worthless ass brothas in my works and I’m going to hard-publish it for future historical reference. See, the sistas write stuff that express her bitterness towards us brothas which can be dismissed as emotional. Nah, I’m a real damn black man and I will be going in like a surgical blade on you sorry ass brothas, all you brothas out there smiling while you on the keyboard talking to other brothas over the Internet like yall want to down-low suck each other off talking about football and butt models and pretending to care about black issues and black economics. I got you covered in the literature part. Withdraw any Brotha Entrepreneurial Support. I’m betting some of you brothas think you can “scope” me or inject yourself into my business ventures or what I do simply because you a clown on the Internet and just looking at my skin color happen to be the same as yours. I don’t know where the fuck any of you bros got that idea from – you can’t copy and paste the art of information architecture and engage in continuous improvement and serve the technical customer base I will be serving, but yall funny tho. As if my internal team didn’t take over coding while I train my new CEO and focus on launching; just looking at my black face, huh? I had plans to specifically help brothas and no one, not Tariq Nasheed, not Dr. Umar or Dr. Boyce or Claude would have helped you brothas do shit but sell you on a hustle out of your little money you got. I’m a goddamn tech expert and paid and show and tell skills but you brothas wanted to say screw me and play games, I’m returning the favor and straight saying fuck yall back; I’m going just focus on helping the sistas. Support Real Black Men and Contrast Them to Your Petty Broke Ass. Just a little secret – I know how to filter out weak ass brothas who spend their time on the Coli or talking up Bevel and Nas because they don’t have money, all you have to do is ask them for the money and you see brothas ain’t got shit. Hell, these brothas ain’t even paying their child support for their daughters and I have to buy the pampers for their daughter because I’m doing their baby momma and I’m just a real black man. I know how to uplift brothas – he want to start up a laundromat membership service in the hood, I'll just give the real brotha the API codes and the membership codes to sign up cats and serve the economic needs of our black community while Tariq Nasheed just sit in a YouTube video talking shit to yall brothas; I’m the one that knows how to encrypt your media files on the blockchain and offer it for sale worldwide receiving instant fund settlement – but you talking up Bevel and Nas who you just admiring when I was trying to show you weak brothas something. I'm going to help real black men get paid and make sure when I launch new features, remind the world of the worthless cats still in a YouTube comment section to get a laugh from the audience. just_saying So basically, you brothas out there not doing for your family, your community and our people ain’t cool with me one bit. If you on the Internet typing in a comment section instead of publishing your own content, you ain’t worth fucking shit to nobody, real talk. You just page views for another cat to make his money. Cats be coming to my blog talking about how much Jason Black is doing while they can’t explain what they doing themselves except giving another dude their little chicken scratch money. So it will be easy for me to work with brothas in the UK or the Caribbean and other cats in Asia and Latin America to make up for the worthless ass brothas out here in the United States of the America, I got the numbers covered; that’s what STEM is for, to enable me to mathematically say fuck yall weak brothas.