Quick Announcements and Updates on Our Major Moves Being Made

runningclub I have been stalling the new Dream and Hustle for quite some time (over a year) for people who were concerned the old content is going away. But it’s time to get packing and start moving to our new location and bring out the new Dream and Hustle as well as make some heavy changes as the new direction is now in order in 2017. radio Look, I can keep blogging and blogging with the current Dream and Hustle and keep putting in your face the amount of work we putting in and the innovation we working on. For example, this is our micro-radio station project that you see with the FM transmitter hooked up to a sound source with the FM radio in the middle and also the FM headphones to do silent discos and small parties. Actually, I was going to write the article telling you we cannot implement this in the USA because the FCC has a limited range for unlicensed broadcasts and FCC also have automatic kick-in-the-door search warrant and seizure rights without a court approval if some idiot set this up to run illegal broadcasts. But we did find a purpose in the USA and will talk about it but the reason why I’m mentioning this is because I can keep blogging on and on here at the current format of Dream and Hustle because we always innovating and putting in work as the Afro-Tech continue to take full steam ahead. The good news is the new Dream and Hustle will be more expansive with both the fictional series as well as the articles and special reports. The top cover is a series like Brooklyn and the Blockchain called My Running Club, I blogged about this a few years ago, but didn’t tell you we already written the series out. Also, the HustleSpace “Teach or Take” will return back to Dream and Hustle where we call out cats and they can be taught or we teach someone else to take the hustle from them. Now, HustleSpace will be its own entity but what we decided to do is change the target audience – nothing I produce will cater or target the Tariq Nasheed / Dr. Umar Johnson / The Coli black dude followers that I consider to be fuckboys and a disappointment and embarrassment to the essence of a black man that supposed to hold it down for his woman, his family and his community. This is a solid mandate and in fact, I have plans in place to sanction these types of brothas and they better not have a damn thing to discuss with me because it’s been too many years and too many incidents of African-American adult black males acting like fuckboys around this Dream and Hustle blog and around me in general. In 2017, the role of the African-American black man is to know how to build, hunt, gather, provide and protect, not talking about the Dallas Cowboys season and their ass end up losing to the Green Bay Packers. We African-American are in a natural global leadership position and we should be the leaders of men, not fuckboys still on the Coli in 2017 with Trump in office and the future is more uncertain for brothas and sistas. A brotha should know the type of modern buildings that can be created such as wood frame or concrete pouring or the foam-based materials and able to build it because today, it is much easier and cheaper to build houses. In the video above you see concrete pouring done for places in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia and Caribbean. Brothas talking about he can’t find a good woman but if he smart, he can build a couple of these for an African village and chicks all over the world would want him. That’s the level we African-Americans should be at due to our position and resources and knowledge we have in the global world. hairmodel The sistas, I cannot thank enough for her support of this blog to do for herself. It is the sistas that is keeping the hair extension article at the top to focus on building her self-brand and do business. And for that reason, I will be working with women entrepreneurial groups and help them use our platform and offer financial incentives to help them realize their dream. It is shameful that I complained for years and years about Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry targeting women but as I grew up as a black man and see all these brothas acting like broke-ass fools on YouTube comment section under a Dr. Boyce Watkins video, I now understand why brothas like DL Hughley and Rickey Smiley cater to a black woman demographic and don’t fuck with brothas and I’m joining that club also, writing off lame ass bros. It's disgusting looking at weak ass black dudes who supposed to be the leaders of men talking fuckboy shit and proud over the Internet they in a comment section instead of constructing something. Real men don’t have to worry about what I just stated because everybody know a real black man and real black men know we are brothers that going to work this out for our people. redeem Let me give an update of what’s going on. I have to move my digital properties and reconfigure the SSL certificates to officially launch. We have just finished up the Swagg-Scientific Account management portal and this is an important component of your business if you doing things at the empire level. In the screen shot above, you see we have our own code redemption system where we can sell prepaid packages that can be purchased worldwide and redeemed on our web site. This is just like those cards you see in the gift card section at the store where you have to activate them or the cashier activate them or like Best Buy, print out a receipt and give you a code. Amazon also have a service where they can sell the codes and we are looking into this option to expand our getting paid options. ghetto_prepaid_card Note: don't you love the fact I got pictures and stuff while fake cats keep talking about they don't know of any real black people making moves in tech? Please note, what you see above with Swagg-Scientific Account is not the same platform as the Kossier blockchain-based pin code system that I wrote about in another article and showed pictures – that Kossier pin-code system is an awesome system and we already got interest worldwide on our Kossier blockchain pin-code system while African-Americans trying to decide if they want to support a global black entrepreneur from the West Side of Chicago that grew up in the projects and now blew up handling worldwide projects. packagestuff The package system diagram above is important to understand because you see we are not offering a product, we are offering packages and packages will be redeemed by the prepaid vouchers. A package is a container or one or more products so this gives the ability to sell a single package as a prepaid card with multiple products. Let me explain each one we have in the Swagg-Scientific arena. The terms may sound confusing but they are make sense at the base level. Subscription. A subscription is a period of time to access something in an unlimited fashion. So, this is for example a 90-day access to a podcast show or 30-day use of a laundromat membership service. There is a defined start date and end date of the subscription period. Access. This is access to an event or appointment and what you basically call a ticket. This can be a ticket to a comedy show that someone in college put on as a fund raiser, a booking for a 1-on-1 beauty consultation, access to a conference or festival and so on. Credit. This is the account ledger with a running balance. So this can be $20 credit at a pop-up shop to spend there, this can be the 12 subscription boxes someone ordered that show they have 7 subscription boxes left to deliver – remember that subscription of physical items like a magazine or subscription box is not “subscription period” with a start date or end date but a physical amount to actually deliver. Service. This is billed services such as Fooky.com API billing. A person sign up for the service and is billed an invoice later. swaggacct_package If you look at the HustleSpace example above, you will see a 12 month subscription to the digital service that covers the business models and locations and research content, an access ticket to the HustleSpace Expo event that is held and a 12-pack subscription to HustleSpace magazine, all of this is part of a package from one prepaid card that can be redeemed. I want you brothas and sistas to keep this in mind of whatever you are offering or hustling down the road. Most prepaid cards offer only one product like a $15 credit but as you see, we allowed the ability to offer a packaged experience. This can be done for a festival where someone buys the prepaid card and get everything included such as vouchers to eat somewhere. If you haven’t figured it out about now – Swagg-Scientific, Fooky.com and Kossier is giving cats the tools to get their hustle up and running and start making transactions, start booking appointments and start placing orders. You really don’t need upfront investments or SBA loans or shit like that, you really don’t. You can easily create a bot on Fooky.com for Kossier that offer coupons on behalf of merchants and you charge the merchant after a customer scans the coupon for the lead – where you need startup funds to make that business model happen? So when you hear cornballs talk about VC funding bragging someone validated their thirsty behind, you just launch your operation off Swagg-Scientific platform and just blow up and go on your own platform once you scale up. And like I said, I’m talking to the sistas, not the punk ass brothas who been acting like a damn punk instead of a black man up there text-typing in comment sections; punk brothas going to pay full price like everybody else while we work with the sistas who proven to Dream and Hustle they want to do for self. There will also be a few members from the Global Urban Collective, the real ones who were part of the group that will be honored credit for our platform and they know who they are. makingmoves The funny part is anybody who look at our UI and our model should automatically know me the 3rd Strategic Institute is pushing this worldwide to several countries and we are going into Canada and Europe in addition to our solid bases around the world for market entry. I want you to watch the lightweight ass African-Americans acting like they can fuck with a cloud-based replicated system that already designed to work in multiple cultures and languages around the world because they see a black man face behind the hustle and they start trying to crab in the barrel when we already on bigger and better. Like Beyoncé selling out her Prague and Malaysian concert while some African-American with only $284.38 in savings talking about she don’t like Beyoncé thinking being negative carries weight in a global economy. I will keep you updated on the move but there will be a brief outage (just less than a day) during the transition period and hopefully you will enjoy all the new stuff that’s going down in 2017.

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  1. What’s up Ed? This is Jeff Haynes from Chicago. It’s been a minute since we last communicated. I see that your still on the on the front line on the battlefield.

    Thanks for the Battle Crete International information. After watching that video, I might contact them and begin by simply running some numbers.

    We need to catch up!

    1. Sorry Rev for some of the language. Actually I may need your advice on this on metal framing versus concrete forms and if stick framing is an option to create quick commercial spaces in the community.

  2. Ed,

    As usual, you are on target to produce so much more than anyone else can see. You know I had to start over with one of the hustles and the book is being edited. I share as much knowledge as I get from you to others. I am looking to progress more…I would love to get up with you if I can. I have a few meetings coming up so hopefully this will work out great. I thank you for the time and effort you put into this as you do not have to do it. With my marketing/PR background, let me know if there is anything I can help you guys with. Kudos again Ed!! I am still here with you.

    1. Thank you for your support Sedaria. And I’m willing to work with you on these projects and we will be in touch.

  3. I’m going through all the articles now especially the urban model ones. I’m putting my hair extensions business into action. Should be launching this week.

  4. This blog has changed my life. It helped me take the step to leaving backpage long before it shut down. You taught me to network and find a job with a young lady who use to work on backpage but started her own false lashes line. Now I’m working on being a beauty influencer with the help of your urban model articles. I can’t wait to see the update on edwige.

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