The Black Woman Guide to Creating Kossier Prepaid Command Cards as Beautiful as Herself

rack_rose Our sistas are just so awesome and this article is the ultimate game changer and disrupter that will positively transform the sista-to-sista S2S economy. In this article, we are going to discuss with the sistas how to create PVC cards to drive the prepaid commands on Kossier. When sistas finish reading this article, she will realize everything changes from this point on and the world is in her hands and the sky is the limit for her ambitions and dreams. This is another Afro-Tech production and no one on the corners got swagger like us when it comes to black empowerment and the black economy and truly uplifting black people with solution delivery. If you are looking the top photo above, you will notice what look like a typical prepaid card – this is not a prepaid stored value card, this is a new paradigm and game changer altogether. You are looking at the Kossier pin code delivery system that execute natural language commands processed by bots. When you redeem this prepaid card, you are not “adding money” to anything, you are executing Fourth Industrial Revolution commands in natural language. For example, if you are selling e-books the natural command can be “deliver e-book to 453IOI” where customer 453IOI activated this command after buying your prepaid card at either your vending booth at the natural hair show or on a prepaid rack at the black-owned hair salon counter. I just hinted to you how you sistas can cross-market with each other in a S2S economy but will discuss this later, told you this was a game changer. card_mocha So let’s cover the overall process. First you will buy the pin codes from our Swagg-Scientific Account portal and we are planning to sell at .03 per redeem code which covers the generation of the codes and the redemption process on Kossier. Our entry level is 100 pins at $3 and that 100 is enough to sell access to your small black woman vendor event or a small speaking seminar for example. Next you have to create the product to sell to your customer base. ghetto_prepaid_card There is two ways to do it. The first way is the ghetto way and we already covered this in a previous article that discussed our upcoming pin delivery system. You simply print out QR stickers with just the redeem code and you as the merchant activate the code to make it live for the customer to redeem. This is a pretty cheap low budget way that use inkjet business cards and mailing label sticks that fit a QR code and the Mail Merge feature on Microsoft Word. But we are not covering this model for now, we are looking at the PVC model. pvc_cards The PVC card way we covering in this article looks exactly like the prepaid cards you see at the retail store at the prepaid card rack, except it is actually a little more advanced and enhanced. AT the bottom of the photo, you will see the redeem code which is exposed and you will see the pin code that is what you have to scratch off to reveal to activate the card. Now, the upper left part where the rose is at is going to be your logo that you like to be there and the QR are on the right has multiple purposes. If you are a customer, you can scan this QR code to see if this card is real and valid at Kossier – this helps prevent fraudulent cards from being sold. If you are the merchant, scanning this QR code allows you to just press “Enable” to activate this card and you would do this after you receive the money from your customer. Then your customer goes to and redeem this card that will be linked to the bot that will execute the natural language command on the blockchain. Oh, I forgot this is all on the blockchain yall, this the blockchain! You sistas will be on a shared distributed ledger to view the trusted ledger of your pin codes and this is group economics in play. Oh and one more thing – no more MLM crap because all you have to do is distribute these cards and the person or merchant that activate it, the bot can be programmed to automatically pay commission in real time to the activator. So if a black woman hair salon has a rack in her hair boutique with prepaid cards and she activate one to sell your 12-month subscription box for grown and sexy black women, it is possible to get a real-time transfer of her commission after real-time card activation. So as you sistas see, the Afro-Tech disrupted the whole meaning of transactions from currency value to execution value – instead of customer looking to transfer money to a prepaid card, with our prepaid commands, customers looking to pay for an action to be carried out for money which is the transfer of value. This new paradigm helps the unbanked in the black community conduct business without a credit card, prepaid card of debit account, unlocking black economic activity to flourish in our communities. See how powerful this transaction model is for the sistas? At this point, the Afro-Tech sista has several options on how to entrepreneurially proceed with this game-changing system. Create the Physical Cards on Behalf of Merchant. This entrepreneurial sista can buy the equipment to manufacture the prepaid cards or use other services and create the cards on her client behalf. This sista can design the cards cover art as well as provide the content on the back. Please note sistas looking at this option, a standard 30mil ID card printer cost $1200 and up - the prototypes you see in this article was built using a Canon MX920 printer, PVC Inkjet cards and Canon J Tray card printing and you can find this all on Amazon for around $100 – so you can start in the hood with a few hundred as a side hustle and work up from there. The zebra scratch-offs are cheap and can be found on Amazon as well. Distribute the Card Program. This the glue in the sista-to-sista economy and this sista job is to get the prepaid cards in front of the customer using touchpoints and retail locations around town. She will setup the prepaid card rack system and find all of the sista-owned businesses and ask if they would like to offer the prepaid cards to their customers. A sista boutique can have the prepaid cards next to her cash wrap station and show that she support other sistas out there and this create cross-marketing opportunity for sistas to work with each other and the distributor is the enabler of this dynamic to have sistas working with each other collectively in formation to empower each other as a greater sisterhood. Create the Kossier Bot Program. This more of the Afro-Tech chick who will create the Kossier bot on Fooky that can process the redeem codes and perform the execution. We have demonstrated examples in the Kossier walkthrough article I written a while ago where sistas created bots that does everything to create a reservation for a hair appointment to sending coupons and downloading an e-book to read. recordshop Before I continue, I want you sistas to realize the awesomeness of what you just read – what I just showed you is the next iteration above the whole 1980s house music scene, the 1970s disco scene, the 1990s black hip-hop scene where we pressed our own 12” records and created our own cover art and distributed our music to black-owned record shops. You sistas are basically creating the cover art and the cover art will feature positive images of black women like I done in the photos in this article and you sistas are influencing every little black girl out there to know she can go and get hers and create her own prepaid card that is an extension of her personal brand and a positive image of black women. You sistas are also distributing the cards like music distributors would distribute the records to the record shop back in the day. And the bot program is really the record label who can “sign” entrepreneurial sista talent to distribute her works. This is the paradigm and game-changing scope we are talking here for you sistas to establish the sista-to-sista economy. blacktechie Meanwhile as the sistas handle their business and work together and build up, the African-American black adult males are still being a sorry worthless letdown to our people and our community. Our African-American brothas are on the Internet looking at computer images of women butts and on BBS groups talking up negative misogyny against our black women or talking about the Dallas Cowboys or the NBA and refusing to step up as a black man and lead our black community in the 21st century. Or these worthless brothas are on YouTube talking about they are “woke” and “red pill and blue pill” nonsense. They even have to nerve to claim they are about black economics but cannot produce anything that will create true economic activity. Then these same African-American brothas have the nerve to diss a blog like this one, Dream and Hustle and cling to their worthless prideful ego, hoping I fail as a black man wanting to do for my people so these sorry African-American black adult males can keep saying we black people don’t own anything and keep talking like black victims all of their lives. her_models What type of products and services can our awesome sistas offer with the prepaid command cards? The cool thing is this system is so damn awesome being built for the future Fourth Industrial Revolution that black women can create new paradigm of business models in the black community and expand around the world if she want to. She can create a laundromat membership club for single ladies also contain a book sharing café, gaming tables, IPTV and kiosks for Uber/Lyft pickup and return, offer feminine products in a micro-cube store as well as host prepaid cards from other entrepreneurial sistas – see, I just wrapped the sharing economy, micro-retailing, membership all up in one business model, that’s how awesome all of this is for our sistas to run with. Membership. A sistas can create a membership card system where she can create a daycare-on-demand that leverage the blockchain to register kids with parents and advanced reservations. A sista can create a yoga or gym club for single ladies in a storefront and sell the prepaid cards to the gym throughout the hood in black women salons and boutiques. A sista can create membership to lounge areas, private clubs and so on such as membership to her women motorcycle club. Digital Assets. A sista can sell her e-book via prepaid cards, bypassing Amazon and the book publishing process. She creates the e-book and receive cash immediately from her customers and the Kossier bot can deliver the book directly to the customer as a download. This provide a quick turnaround if a sista want to create a 12-podcast series for black women on how to walk in Jesus path or self-development or starting a resale business. So e-learning courses is another example. Subscription. A sista can offer a subscription box or a magazine subscription sold via the prepaid cards and she just can literally create the cards and as each card is activated, she can scale up her subscription box business from there, reducing the need to buy upfront, meaning little startup cost. Access. A sista can create an event such as a sip-and-shop and create custom prepaid cards for that one-time event and present the prepaid cards in a beautiful decorated gift card holder. A sista can create seminars where she speaks on events or a vendor event or a mini-festivals for sistas by sistas. One thing a sistas should be realizing by now is two things. The first one is a sista can create her own personal brand by creating her own branded prepaid cards. So she can run her resale shop and sell the prepaid cards or use the affiliate system I mentioned above for others to sell the cards on her behalf for a $50 gift card to her resale shop. She can offer a copy of her photo book as prepaid cards distributed around town to purchase while she market it as a release. Keep in mind, a sista can record her own music and sell the music download from the prepaid card and have an album launch date just like a record and put her cards in shops around town, thanks to the distributor. card_fooky The second one is the most important of all in this whole article and I mentioned it before. These cards allow our black women to take ownership of the image of the black woman and reinforce a positive exclusive image of our sistas in the form of money and power and image. We take original images of our black women and put it on a prepaid card as a cover and put transactional business behind that image and action behind it – that is symbolic enough to know the power of the black women. Imagine what an 11-year old black girl will think when she see a full rack of prepaid cards with positive and strong image of the black woman and that prepaid card does everything to give her game characters, download music and offer her fingernail glitter. She no longer have to feel depressed when her black man is engaged in listening to black urban radio that downgrades our sistas and know she can rise above all of that. In addition, sistas can create collector items – I will be running only 500 runs of our Fooky activation cards and they will become collector items. If you look on the Internet, you will see there is a “market” for people wanting to buy used prepaid cards for the design and cover and they are collector items. So a black woman that create stock photos and rights-managed photos on MochaStar! can have her image on a prepaid card and distributed throughout town increasing her modeling career and you know this is where I will pull my future prepaid cards images from as well as opportunity for sistas in the upcoming SistaSphere personal branding engine. Sistas, this is a new day and age in transactions and you are going to lead the world in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and next-generation entrepreneurship. And as the true African-American black man that was raised right, I’m opening the door as a gentleman for you sistas to walk through first and go and get yours.

5 thoughts on “The Black Woman Guide to Creating Kossier Prepaid Command Cards as Beautiful as Herself

  1. Ed, Ed, Ed…you’re playing with my emotions right now lol! This article is so timely, so necessary, so uplifting, I don’t know whether to put the finishing touches on my first book right now or give you a donation for being my unauthorized e-coach.

    I appreciate the work you’re trying to do, and I admire the mindset of combining the hustle mentality with the globalized digital revolution. It’s what draws me to this site.

    This era is exciting — the neo-renaissance — and I’m not going to let the extra noise bring me, or those willing to learn & do, down. Peace and blessings!

    1. It’s probably best to wrap up the book. The good thing is this system is an affordable option for us to go to market immediately without others in the middle.

      Yes we are in a new Era and I see firsthand what’s going on worldwide and this is very optimistic period right now.

  2. With this system you really have no need for a crypto coin like bitcoin being that the blockchain handles that trust and real time transaction factor. You could offer this in “informal economies” to its customers as well as another option they will have no use for banking as mentioned.They can just hold an account for a marketplace whether online or not. Merchant’s can pay employees through it as well as kill remittance services. This is not only a nice side income generator but can be on the enterprise level to drive local marketplaces.

    1. This is correct and why I ask people to understand we are moving towards a value-based system. So a sista in the hood with a car can just create 25 cards that good for a one-way trip to the airport and this is a forward contract on the blockchain that can be validated as indicated in the article. Someone can buy her card or trade her card for another card with another sista that paints baby rooms for a living. So we are looking at a value transfer system where cards can be traded between parties in the hood with no money involved and verified on the blockchain as valid and trustworthy.

      So yes, we can literally run a local marketplace in an urban area where people who don’t have anything or broke can start exchanging value with each other via the cards. In addition, this is where I stated the “record label” thing is someone can sign up a bunch of hood talent from roofers, plumbers and so on and sign them to contracts like a record contract to sell their cards on the hood-based crypto-exchange I mentioned earlier. Need a place to stay – someone may created a prepaid card that gives a person a night in their basement that can be given to someone visiting for the weekend. What I just described is similar to our Polexx project but shows the new paradigm that is on the horizon that changes the game when it comes to understanding we don’t really need the money, just the value.

  3. Ed,

    I am so excited about this article! You know as well as I do, how I feel as a black woman. You have practically given us our power back and to take others with us. A positive influence for black women and our upcoming sisters is something that no one can see coming with this infrastructure. As you said, we can set up marketplaces in urban areas bringing back value to our neighborhoods. Kudos on this!!!! I am so ready to put this into play.

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