What Brothas and Sistas Should Be Doing Instead of Sitting on Their Ass Waiting for Swagg-Scientific to be Released

ssaccount Here is the thing I don’t like about my African-American people is the bullshitting factor when it comes to the hustle and making things happen. Brothas and sistas are walking around on some “prove it to me” and be sitting on their ass thinking I’m actually going to prove myself to them to impress them and win them over. The world does not work that way and that’s why brothas and sistas be left out of so much opportunity and always on the tail end of something big after the fact and just crumbs left. No one got a damn thing to prove to any of yall out here, remember that. I’m putting in work and you guys seen the pictures, the screenshots and cats in the real world in Atlanta is seeing implementation. The image above is going to be the standard login page similar to WeChat where you login with your Kossier account on a second screen. We debuted our Kossier + Fooky.com platform in the Dubai hackathon earlier and now we are readying our account page to help our customers manage their accounts. Let me frank in what’s going to happen – real computer programmers and real business developers are already going to quickly use our platform and start building out while African-Americans reading Dream and Hustle ain’t done shit or learned shit or prepared shit when they had more than enough advanced noticed and will be competitively shut out. If I got Indian and Chinese and West African friends and Brazilian friends plus cats in Europe and down under in tech, that means they know how to program or get the connects to go advance our platform. Meanwhile, I got African-Americans who ain’t even in the tech scene just reading shit online and assuming shit thinking I’m one of the bros out there that has to prove himself to the black community. Don’t be like these idiots that wait too late then find out other cats can move faster to market because cats who waited to be proven to always the one that’s are shut out at the end. mocha10 We are currently preparing for release and running a code review and security review and to be honest, the platform is fucking awesome as fuck, patting myself on the back. There is no way you could have read the previous articles on things like the market exchanges, the crypto-shipping, the pin-codes for digital downloads and other stuff like the Fooky + Kossier walkthrough in Brooklyn and not realize this is a major move being made here. What is cool and what I know in advance is the number of digital-based entrepreneurs that I will get up and running really quickly with little money on their behalf and how we will quickly establish digital solutions for existing ventures and industries worldwide. This foundation is a rising tide that will float all the boats. For African-Americans, this is what brothas and sistas should be doing right now in preparation. I mentioned these before and like I said, if cats ain’t working on them and waiting on me, then that means you cats are not going to implement a damn thing until months after we release because you done no prep work. Here are the things I wished brothas and sistas already started working on right now: African-American Stock Library. We and other black entrepreneurs badly need black stock photos and black stock videos for marketing. You guys should have been creating a portfolio to start selling, not talking about waiting on MochaStar. So what supposed to happen – I release MochaStar and then you start taking stock photos? See, that’s not how it works and how you brothas and sistas slept hard because you know damn well this blog alone purchase stock photos all the time for the articles and I stated I need black folks creating stock photos for us to buy when we launch our new ventures. There is going to be a hell of a lot of black-orientated digital signage out there so black images are needed and currently in short supply. Have Business Plans Ready for Sharing Economy Models. You know if you did the Kossier walk through you saw the possibilities and opportunities out there for the demos we presented such as the cube shop model – you saw it can be done and saw a working demo. You saw the coupon model using a bot and you saw how local businesses can use a coupon system and loyalty system on a blockchain using a michi currency value. It’s a lot of sharing economy models that can be easily setup on our platform and we had a list of business models from school bus transport to barbershop management you guys can look at pursuing. Start the Strip Club Talent Agency. Actually, I’m kind of kidding here because trust me, you have to be a hyper-special kind of person to manage strippers like a talent agency. What I’m seeing in Atlanta lately and doing my work is the strippers in Atlanta nowadays are not the stupid ones you see up in Houston (used to be that way in ATL also) but more professional contractors and the strip clubs must have read my articles because I’m seeing a lot of upgrades and changes to the strip club model here in Atlanta. Polexx is attracting interest because it is similar to gamification and fantasy football if you actually saw the service. However, the service will not be open to the public and only for the clubs and agencies to work contracts out. But you guys should have been looked at the agency model and in Georgia, there is no licensing requirement to run an agency unlike places like California. The strips clubs are already in existence, there are no “talent agencies” and that is something you should have been start setting up by now. kossiercheckin I’m dropping screenshots on yall brothas and sistas to let you know we are putting in real work and we not giving you status reports on our progress because we don’t answer to you like that. The issue is not me or my firm and if we are ready, the real question is have you been preparing yourself and setting up your hustle or are you pulling some wait-and-see garbage? We got a lot of awesome opportunities and potential with our platform and people around the world are going to start running urban-based businesses and sharing economy ventures real-quick. People rolling with us are going to be creating new revenue and paradigms that will have them eating good. But if you doing nothing but acting like I have to announce first, you just going to be left out for just being stupid, plain and simple. Work on the digital content, the stock photos and sharing economy model and there is more than enough information for you guys to prepare in advance the release of Swagg-Scientific products. Don’t be an idiot that sit around waiting acting like I have to prove myself first– no one can afford that in 2017. And you know damn well I’m not going to prove myself to you, come on now. Get your hustle up or be left behind, we putting in our end over here.

4 thoughts on “What Brothas and Sistas Should Be Doing Instead of Sitting on Their Ass Waiting for Swagg-Scientific to be Released

  1. Ed,

    I have started stocking photos when you spoke about this last year. The portfolio has about 30 photos in it so far. I began a website but it has not went public yet as I would like at least 50 photos. I was looking for more artists who would like to do the same thing and contract it out. You are right-we cannot wait. I have been working on several things you have pushed out and I am excited! I hope that more people will see what you have put out there and run with that. Everything has been prepped as you said-its been a long time but I think its worth it! You do not have to prove yourself to me! I am kicking off 2017 with a bang!

  2. Brother Ed:

    I am sitting right now at a “Blockchain” event – 60 people in the room, about 15 of us have “Melanin” but I can detect about only 4 of us as so called “Black Americans” (not Indians).

    QUESTION – Are you keeping up on “Blockchain” technology?
    It will be the ‘New Payment Internet’ in 20 years.

    Think of the platform to build a VIRTUAL GLOBAL ECONOMY – connecting interested parties across international borders to do economic exchanges without the present constraints from Government/Central Bank constraints of the system that we have become INDOCTRINATED to accept.

    If you are not up on Blockchain YOU NEED TO BE.

    There is a Russian guy teaching us right now

    1. That is the reality, only a few black people show up but they likely have a seasoned tech background like yourself. The rest of the black folks are playing “wait and see” and the free world does not operate like that. Early bird gets the worm.

      Because that room represents the real world with diversity of people from all backgrounds looking to unlock this technology.

    2. FYI To Everyone:


      There are two threads in the industry

      1) BITCOIN SPECULATORS. They are “Currency Traders”: (Financial Middle Men) who buy the currency, waiting for it to appreciate relative to the dollar and then SELL HIGH. Truthfully they offer no value.

      2) BLOCKCHAIN AS A “NON-GOVERNMENTAL MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE OF VALUE AND TRUST”. This is what those of us who want to build SOLUTIONS to the current problem of Pockets Of Economic Isolation around the globe should be focused upon.

      This is but one video on the subject: “How Blockchain Technology Is Going To Radically Transform The Global Economy In The Next 20 Years”

      I am starting to accept the truth: Some people will congregate together to build INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE FUTURE.

      Most of the people, however, will gather together to advance CONSUMERISM for someone else’s profit at their expense.

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