While the Afro-Tech Charter New Ground in 2017, African-Americans Choosing to Renew Their Victim Race Cards

afrotech_power If marching didn’t get us black people anywhere, then why are black people keep acting like complaining and writing articles on grievances about racism going to get us anywhere as well? You go around the web and look at what black folks are writing and black folks still on that “woe is me” stuff over and over. You know, if I had to keep complaining about someone in my personal life, I’m just getting rid of that person and moving in a new direction with my life. But we have black folks in 2017 still wanting to talk about “this is what they think of us” commentary trying to seek sympathy from people who simply didn’t care about our well-being in the past and don’t care about our well-being now and never will in the future. I’m noticing a trend among these failed white feminists Hillary supporters that they are trying to drag us African-Americans in their resentment over Trump. Let’s remember one thing – the majority of white women ran out and voted for Donald Trump. And a lot of you black folks getting caught up in that anti-Trump stuff and don’t realize how silly you sound acting you mad and upset because Trump said this and that. I can name a whole stream of mayors, governors and presidents who truly hated and didn’t give a damn about black folks that will make Donald Trump look like the best white president a black person can have. And to be honest, Donald Trump is the best white president for black America if we want to look historically. And the reason why is Donald Trump ain’t treating us like some lap dog that do tricks for a treat like everybody else around here trying to play us black folks with some carrot on a stick games. We are in a new paradigm and opportunity for African-Americans and the Afro-Tech is leading the way. This is the moment in history where we brothas and sistas in America can connect with our people in the UK and throughout Europe and Latin America and Africa and we work to support and uplift each other. We can establish trade lines and business partnerships with Asian counterparts and other counterparts to establish import and export in and out of our black communities. We can create economic models that support us and acknowledge us and our culture, our contributions and our community and create collective wealth and resource sharing to improve our quality of life. We black people in 2017 got too much opportunity that we can seize but we black people got to make a choice, a real choice. We can keep playing the race card victim shit, looking for the next white person to offend us and react to it distracting us from any real mission or we can stay on mission to better ourselves and our kids future and our community and our current culture. I don’t give a damn about President Trump and the liberals out there protesting his ass – this is our time as black people to set our own course because Hillary Clinton and those feminists wasn’t going to do a damn thing for us black folks if they got in office and you know that as well as I do. We got to give a damn about ourselves and stop playing around keep wanting to keep complaining about racism. I learned as a member of the Afro-Tech that what I’m seeing is brothas and sistas basically scared of black progress; anybody can learn how to code and anybody can learn new processes and skills with practice and patience. I’m tired of seeing black folks keep saying “I don’t know what to do” – they know exactly what the fuck to do, they just ain’t trying to do it. A lot of us are keep trying to defer building up for another day and just choose to keep whatever going right now keep going. That’s why you see black radio still playing the same crap and fake R&B like Bruno Mars and black politicians talking petty instead of talking how we can get our own going for us right now, without the Democrats and Republicans. As a member of the Afro-Tech that is working to better our people with solutions and continuous improvement, I’m going to have to start calling out the “black victim” crybaby crap in 2017 because I’m tired of it. Crying about racism in 2017 is weak, it’s coward and played out as a strategy because there is no strategy to crying about racism except looking like a crybaby. We got to create real movement, real strategy and cats better get their skills up for themselves instead of looking at some black leader to come in and do something for us. We got too much opportunity, right here and right now to uplift black people worldwide, build up our black communities worldwide and better our quality of life as black people worldwide. Stop subscribing to the United States of America African-American race-based victim shit and let’s start acting like black folks who want to do for self. I want to go to my grave helping our brothas and sistas in Africa modernize their villages and build up our American inner cities for our children, fuck talking about Republicans and racism all the fucking time, for real.

5 thoughts on “While the Afro-Tech Charter New Ground in 2017, African-Americans Choosing to Renew Their Victim Race Cards

  1. When I wrote this article, I was not referring to or thinking about the “Dear White People” on Netflix as I didn’t even know (I watch more foreign stuff on Netflix). I can blog about it but I will be wasting my time as a member of the Afro-Tech.

    If “Dear White People” does not teach STEM or teach us black folks how to get better, then it’s just whining, crybaby bullshit and a waste of time and energy to acknowledge.

  2. Great post but here is the thing we can sit around and allow ourselves to be gullible and naively get caught up in the current political discourses lead by others by protesting, boycotting, not going to advocate for ourselves or talk to the legal powers that be, while at the same time the very ones who you are fighting for is setting at the damn table or got a back door connection, because they are wise and smart enough to understand as one man said, “if you ain’t at the table advocating for yourself your group, your ass, your offspring ass and your assets is going to be on the menu”, white feminist, the LGBTQ, these foreigners they all knows this, why don’t we?.

  3. Thanks again for your realism concerning the victimization pathology in our community. Continue to wake us up.

  4. Great Read Ed !!!!!!

    Can you open dialogue of how African Americans can repair their credit (avenues recommended ) to make better investments . A great majority of us own nothing and have no financial means to pursue our dreams. I hope to see more insight in this area in the future it would really help …

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