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Kevin Samuels: Death of a Charlatan but Black Ignorance Run the Show

Monday, May 9, 2022

Steve Jobs explained it best in one of the “vlogging” videos he did in the 1990s trying to give guru advice on the big picture of the tech/entertainment landscape. He explained people complaining about awful TV programming and what can be done to stop these shows. Steve Jobs explained perfectly what people didn’t want to hear – the reason those awful TV shows exists is because that kind of content is what people want and what people are asking for.

Kevin Samuels was a relationship-based charlatan and obviously, I do not follow or track such individuals as I got real work to do with this Internet technology. With that said, Kevin Samuels was no different than any of these Black relationship charlatans from Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, and these dudes talking out the driver seat of their cars. All of them are charlatans preying on weak emotional Black people going through a relationship dilemma. Personally, I wish all these charlatans f*cking die but I know the real angle.

The real angle isn’t the charlatan, it is Black ignorance in our community that celebrates and follows these personalities. It is Black ignorance that funds these charlatans and keeps them going in our community. These charlatans took the church hustler preacher model of preying on the emotional vulnerabilities of hurt people who pay anybody who expresses their hurt and sell them a promise of something better.

There are some angles I want to cover because I know it’s nothing but a bunch of lightweight clowns and other charlatans talking on this subject.

The Root and Gay Blacks Trying to Cancel Kevin. A week before Kevin Samuels death, we saw this coordinated attempt by soft Black folks who text-type on white liberal platforms trying to “cancel” Kevin Samuels with articles critical of what he does. I saw the garbage Root article by some woman that was nonsense and ineffectual. Then after Kevin Samuels death was announced, some homosexual gay dude named Ernest Owens tried to talk nasty about Kevin Samuels and his legacy as if the Black community gave sissies permission to speak to moral authority. A weak sissy like Ernest Owens hiding on white liberal platforms who lick dicks got the nerve to talk moral/virtual signaling about Black heterosexual relationship dynamics. I’m going to say this – yall weak clowns don’t have any power or leverage, just talking and plotting among themselves. The fact these clowns attacked Kevin not realizing it is the Black community that is the real culprit shows how weak and petty their whole scheme is laughable.

That Latina Chick Is How I Want to Go Out. People were trying to say Kevin Samuels died alone then found out he didn’t. In fact, not only he didn’t die alone, they died falling on top of a nice thick Latina that he spent the night with and what she did next is what I have been trying to tell the brothas. That Latina sista called 911 and rendered aid and ask for a defibrillator to try to save Kevin Samuels. A sista wouldn’t have done any of that and just let a brotha die while she screaming but wondering about his pockets and what she can take from the room. I told you these Latina sistas, you get the right one you got a real amigo and someone that is down with you. That’s the kind of woman I want to die with right there because in reality, if you don’t have anybody like her, you are dying alone, you just pretend you are not.

Don’t Taunt the Grim Reaper. Look, everybody dies. Black folks tend to die off fast in their 40s and 50s and a lot of us don’t make it to cash out our Social Security checks. Kevin Samuels was in his 50s so no one should be surprised he didn’t make it to 60 – that’s the story of Black men and like I said before, don’t understand why brothas act scared and hesitant as if they going to live to 70. One thing I do know and this is real life, you go around taunting death and death will show up on your doorsteps. Black feminists celebrating? There are way more dead Black feminist bloggers if we going to count bodies. Be careful about being giddy about someone else dying because I have seen folks start losing loved ones around them as soon as they smile about someone else dying. The Grim Reaper does not play with folks, don’t find this out the hard way. Look at that Asia Doll chick talking about “date dudes who got bodies” and Grim Reaper heard what she said and she lost someone close to her quickly.

Sloppy Seconds not Leftover Women. I see a lot of news reporting describing Kevin Samuels as describing unmarried Black women over 35 as “leftover women” and I find this funny. The term “leftover women” if you do a simple Google search, you will article after article on mainstream media using “leftover women” to describe professional Chinese women who are unmarried and reached an age where they are not going to get married. Kevin Samuels didn’t invent that term and as far as I’m concerned, our sistas are not leftover women. Most of our sistas are “sloppy seconds” where she messes with garbage dudes in her 20s and 30s and when she reaches 40s and 50s then she wants a high-value brotha who will accept her and the baggage she brings like fatherless kids and her man-hating attitudes and poor diet habits. Brothas have to deal with sloppy seconds, not leftover women – I would love an Asian leftover woman with no kids and professional career over a sloppy seconds sista with all those kids on any given day.

Kevin Samuels was a Charlatan. What made him a charlatan was he knew what he was selling would never materialize into anything real. Kevin Samuels knew from life experience that no high-value brotha would be interested in the garbage-quality women that call in his show or seek his advice on seeking a high-value brotha. Real high-value brothas are their own hunters that go out in the world and find his woman. There is nothing a sista can do but be a real high-value target for a high-value brotha and that will take years of maturity and development just like it took years for a brotha to evolve into being high-value caliber. So Kevin was selling emotional aspiration to desperate sistas who didn’t stand a chance and took their money – that’s what charlatans do.

The Black community made Kevin Samuels and the Black community will replace Kevin Samuels. This subject matter and attitude about Black relationships are driven by the Black community and what Black folks wish to hear about themselves. Black men want to hear someone call Black women out for their behavior. Black women want to hear someone call them out for what she doing wrong. The Black community created Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey doing the same thing. The Black community elevates those that tell them what they want to hear and that is what charlatans do, position themselves to be that person that tells the community what they want to hear.

Attacking Kevin Samuels means nothing – the Black community will quickly find someone else who will start telling them what they want to hear and that person will be a bigger and better charlatan than Kevin Samuels and will talk more hustle and make more money than Kevin Samuels because the Black community is controlling the conversation – not the charlatan. This is what is known as mass psychosis where there is a collective mindset among a group of people. The Black community knows they are full of crap with unstable family units and reckless sex and unwanted pregnancy and life-crippling child-rearing single parents at young ages. They only dream of meeting that right person but after doing all that stupid behavior like having out-of-wedlock babies at a young age that is irreversible and a lifelong burden.

So yeah, a charlatan is dead but someone else is ready to take the spot, and let’s just wait and see. But in the meantime, I know who the real problem and that is the Black community as long as you know that, then you know who is the problem and who to avoid as you progress in your personal journey.

Kevin Samuels was never the problem – Black ignorance was always the problem. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide