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Next-Gen Toshikiso is Ready, The Urban Opportunities are Limitless

Monday, October 11, 2021

I have been wrapping up some final touches on our operations before launch. Me and my team have been spending the past several weeks re-vetting all of the code, making changes and refactoring, and taking a second critical look at our solution stack. A lot of changes have been made in the past few weeks but we are comfortable and knowledgeable about our stack.

Kinda excited because we refined our value proposition and offer real and innovative urban solutions that actually work and are future-facing. The sad part of this journey is my targeted customer disappointed me, my own brothas and sistas here in America chased charlatans and stupid stuff when I was out here grinding hard to do for them. I have made my decisions to move past brothas and sistas in America because I don’t forgive or forget, I respond.

I believe my people knew the solutions but did not want to know what I had been working on. My people withheld acknowledgment knowing I foresighted exactly the situation we are in and prep solutions to counter. My folks have not even accepted I traveled around this world to learn the patterns and practices to apply back home. That’s the disappointing part of this journey and trust me, I not only deleted some code, I had to delete and refactor some people as well on this path.

But I stand here stronger, smarter, more resources, more support from around the world, and got real chooms showing up with real skills/talents to push this forward. I want to talk about the platform before I get back to work and begin the advent of The Manufactured Solution and our new powerful next-gen Toshikiso platform.  

Solutions for the City

As I went through the Toshikiso code and refined the APIs and solutions, a lot of things I previously overlooked or recently discovered as new potential came up – very good sessions with the team in Japan.  There is now so many capabilities now that we tighten up our information architecture and technology processes.

Let me explain something – you see the top photo of the bus stop with the advertisement? That is actually possible to run as a digital-first business operation among some young brothas and sista on our platform. They can run a digital ad media empire that displays ads for local businesses around the community and have touchpoints using “area domination” a 7-Eleven strategy we discussed here before on this blog.

The brothas and sistas can set up a marketplace where local ad agencies can purchase placements on digital advertising assets the brothas and sistas set up around an area. It does not matter how small the business is, even if it is an African immigrant doing $60 hair braiding from her first-floor studio. The young brothas and sistas focus is to focus on the long-tail as Google did with easy-to-purchase text-based ads versus the other failed dotcom search engines that focused on a few big-chip clientele for banner ads who all pulled out during the dotcom collapse and those search engines shut down.

The young brothas and sistas can set up a crypto-corporation and become corpo-chooms with an operating agreement. The operating agreement is the Settlement Directive technology in Toshikiso that determines how much each person gets a distribution of profits in a partnership and triggered by an event. So for example, if an ad is scheduled to appear at 11:45 am at the bus stop, the cash is transferred from the client account to the main account and a settlement directive transfer the respective share to the young brothas and sistas. They making passive constant stream income off real-world digital models while these fake charlatans talking about how to make automated money online.

We got real solutions over here. This digital signage is actually a Merchant and the Flow solution with Banneker time series technology behind it. The client is purchasing a fraction of time from the digital signage to display their ad – this actually can be automated by broker microservices doing the placement and transaction deal recommending where to display the ads. See, I still think most folks haven’t figured out what we have done here.

We created the capability of brothas and sistas to create real-world digital-first, future-forward business models and operations to run. These models can turn dilapidated communities into spaces that deliver solutions and value improving the quality of life without introducing gentrification. See we going to run the block but folks cannot do what we do and just going to watch. But the problem is it is unlikely going to be brothas and sistas and I’m going to tell folks in their face the real scenario.   

Going to Tell Them Straight Up

I have tried to explain to my African-American brothas and sistas from day 1 – I’m not to be played around with. The problem and I see this all the time in my tech career and my life is our people think good brothas and good sistas don’t get options beyond African-Americans. If I put out information, it becomes a subject for anybody in the world to take and do something with it, it is not exclusive for African-Americans.

What brothas and sistas were doing was reading Dream and Hustle and say some BS like “this is a theory” or go back to their garbage BBS/discussion groups like the Coli or following charlatans and talk jive mess and doubting stuff. Meanwhile, I get approached by someone in academia, someone in Europe, someone in Asia about what I’m proposing and share information with me or request information on a similar endeavor. Next thing I know I got fine sistas in the Netherlands forming reading groups to learn from what I put out while African-American sistas walk around acting standoffish and funky.

What I explaining is called missed opportunities and when a group missed too many opportunities, they start declining and falling behind others. Right now, I have grown beyond approach for African-American brothas and sistas and their small talk and dismissive attitudes. I have attracted youth all around the world and have attracted a lot of people who feel my solutions are needed by them. I have professionals who want to create small-format co-ops among themselves. I have organizations that want to learn more to contract our APIs and we building out nodes to support these kinds of organizations. This demand is coming strongly from Southeast Asian, an emerging wealth market.

I’m pretty sure it’s a couple of sideline brothas and sideline sistas think they can drop an ignorant comment about a Chicago West Side brotha but I will be so busy helping real folks in Croydon, South London get their game up and running, helping folks in Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia who going to be dropping dollars from all around the world who supported me. So I’m going to tell these brothas and sistas in their face – we got global coverage and spread and not relying on you after how you got stupid when we first came out.

The Future of the City

The refactoring work was pretty exciting. If you want to know some of the highlights, I will share my insights. The product-service-system model driving The Merchant and the Flow is very exciting and this is the most work-intensive platform and I have not even discussed this in detail. You are not selling products like generic Shopify, you can sell digital assets like NFTs, you can rent out assets like kitchen tools to remodel or you can lease used Apple laptops as well as sell memberships and levels of support services – a real PSS model.

The second thing which is not the biggest but has powerful potential is our Metrics and Insight API. The best example is sports technology that allows you to store and track metrics on athletes. You can sell these metrics and insight to sports bars around the world to pull up information on demand for patrons and create real ultra-sports lounges for those deep into sports tracking. Think of sports betting bars but you can now create your own pay-per-view table tennis league streaming on mobile devices.

Speaking of media – we revamped our media asset management Kolin-Avers where the media is store on distributed nodes around the globe and we have a mesh network. Kolin-Avers just help manage the front-end but the delivery of media is done behind the scenes to make sure someone in Tokyo, Japan can quickly download your crunchy salad eating ASMR podcast.

Last and not least, we set up a bigger metaverse with our API components. You can add comments on almost any asset, create real-time feedback for a business to respond to, or any physical object like an art piece at a museum. You can have microservices that in a previous example, learn how to look at a new resale Louis Vuitton you got in inventory and automatically send an email to your premium customers who tagged your business with an interest in used Louis Vuitton to purchase and it will be sold before the end of the day at your asking price.

We got a real future ahead of us and a lot of opportunities. Too bad the brothas and sistas were following clowns on social media; I have doubts they will even have a clue or catch up with me while the rest of the world engages in business operations; our platform is multi-lingual and adjust to locales all over the world. Oh, with that said, there is one more feature I really look forward to seeing.

We have a location/culture feature called Realm and what Realm is designed is for you to create a real authentic space to operate in. For example, in Chinatown, San Francisco you establish a realm for the Chinese language and assigned local attributes to properly represent a Chinese community within San Francisco. This can be done for Afghan refugees and Hattians using French or Creole. Realm represents true diversity and does not assume everybody is English speaking in places around the world. This is how far we moved above and beyond basic brothas and sistas taking up their smack in a comment section somewhere.

It’s 100% on and we are moving into a new world, a new paradigm shift. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide