Dream and Hustle

How Black Excellence Going to Start Eating Good on All Yall

Monday, January 10, 2022

Hi Black community – how are you! Well, I guess it’s that time to discuss power, platforms, and positioning. 2022 is another year where those faking it are about to get sidelined by those actually making it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and our current environment is going to be navigated by those who built for tough conditions and can rise and thrive through adversity. Black Excellence is those people and this is their time, their calling.

The Black community at large decided to follow fakers - the Black YouTube charlatans, the Black prosperity preachers, the Black relationship experts, the fake Black financial gurus, and funny number touting Black entrepreneurs. From schools where the Black educational system focuses on shaming actual smart Black students, to workplaces where Black co-workers get mad learning Black tech workers making more money than Black executives, the Black community has been persecuting Black Excellence.

In 2022, the Black community is about to learn – you don’t pick and choose Black Excellence – they are called by their own purpose and drive. Black communities get together start chatting stupid and believe what they want to believe, then truth shows up and the roaches scatter. With that said, I’m going to make the first announcements and proclamation from my position and power as Black Excellence.

Me and my ventures and operations will no longer support or focus on the Black community due to the ignorance and fuckery behavior that was negative and unnecessary to treat our own brothas and sistas trying to do better for everybody. Instead, we will focus on uplifting Black Excellence and making their quality of life and pursuit of happiness better. Do not see this as retaliatory or bitter – this is actually a decision we both had to meet each other at the crossroads. Black Excellence doesn’t deserve a shitty Black community and a shitty Black community doesn’t deserve Black Excellence.

During my journey, I have met globally around the world Black Excellence who reached out to me. Many of them are early in their journey and I’m far advanced in mine. But I’m the kind of brotha that reaches back to give other folks a helping hand in climbing up. But I’m also from the West Side of Chicago and will pick up a big rock and throw it at some clown fucking with everybody trying to climb up and knock that clown off balance and watch them roll back down the mountain, I don’t give a fuck. My goal is to help empower those who have already answered their own personal calling to reach new heights and pursue their purpose. We going to focus on them instead.

We already have programs in place and here is a summary of what to expect from our position in 2022.

Supporting Our Early Adopter Program. Those who supported me and Dream and Hustle blog will have a lot more support than they expect. We built both a low-code API platform as well as a platform application suite to help brothas and sistas quickly leverage our platform. But we have additional resources by partnering with infrastructure and middleware services around the world to help advance those who supported this journey. Once again, our global revenue projection allows us to easily afford to support those who supported me and of course - no new friends.

Creating Market Exchanges. We have exchange software to allow Black Excellence to do business smarter. I’m not interested in Black identity; I’m interested in giving Black Excellence the value they deserve. When it comes to doing business, we do not focus on other Black businesses, we focus on vendors worldwide through our global gateways I established – at some point, you going to learn how quietly powerful we become on the Black community judgmental asses when you see how much reach we got through our global gateways. These are advertisement and marketing exchanges, labor exchanges, supply chain exchanges, and buying/selling exchanges.

Creating Match-Making Services. I want brothas to find quality women that he is happy and deserving to be with. I don’t want brothas messing with these stank-attitude sistas walking around acting shitty and I better not find a brotha out there thinking that kind of sista is the only game in town to chase after. It is an extreme number of fine women around the world for brothas and these global women can serve as the gateway to global opportunities for brothas. The same with sistas – stop dealing with toxic masculinity in the Black community because you don’t deserve to be the subservient player to that kind of scheme. There are good brothas all over the world as well and we can create true dating match-making services that only seek and vet high-quality potentials, not just presenting pictures and text.  

The above is planned for the first half of 2022 and we got more coming down the pipeline to support Black Excellence in the second half of 2022. The goal is to strengthen Black Excellence to take out all of the fake folks the Black community has been trying to uphold and prop up – nah, all those folks you clown Black community been trying to prop up, we going to shit on their heads in front of the Black community and show all yall exactly who got things handled in this world, homey.

Then you folks in the Black community going to watch how money is really made, how to eat good, how to live good, how to travel good, how to shop good, how to live good as Black Excellence. I’m just going to put it out there – yall not the only ones with tools and squads – you will see in the cyber 20s the advent of Black corpos that will have private armies and legislation and tactics you not used to go toe-to-toe with because the game has transformed.  We going to have intelligence, documents, and protocols established on how to deal with punk gangs, trolls, and other saboteurs who going to fuck around and find out.

Black Excellence going to be doing the most in 2022 while the Black community will be devolving into delusions of grandeur that who they celebrate matters over who God chooses and that person who answer the calling. And over here, we see which side we going to take and we backing Black Excellence for the win. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide