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Four Things Black Folks Better Worry About the Morning After Election Day

Sunday, October 25, 2020

No matter who become the President for the next four years, African-Americans are going to be the losers either way. What bothers me the most is the partisan African-Americans who are pandering and not realizing they don’t have a seat at the table no matter if Biden win or Trump win. What we do know is who going to get the heat and dealt with when either of the candidates win or lose – Black folks.

If Republicans win, Democrats will try to blame Black voter turnout, especially Black men. The Democrats won’t blame themselves for not having any tangibles to bring out the Black vote. If the Democrats win, they will be empowered with their “person of color” agenda to marginalized Black identity politics and focus on giving power to other groups made of elitists with foreign national origin instead of helping Black people. So African-Americans are screwed either way.

The twist of this fate is the only real winner of all of this are going to be us Black men! If Republicans win, Black men will continue to see growth in employment opportunities as Trump seek to remove working visas and illegal work sites to give those jobs back to Americans. If Democrats win, Black men can now start adding “women of color” to his dating pool since the sistas who supported Biden gave us brothas permission to pursue women who look like Kamala. The sistas know we brothas love some LSLH and her Black girl magic vote for Biden will give us brothas the green light to go after what we really want. That woman of color is going to let us brothas move in, she pay the bills and let us brothas plug in our PlayStation on her TV in her living room. Brothas can be her Jeezy and she can be his Jeannie for real tho.

But 2020 is not a year to be playing games with and putting your faith in something outside of your own business you need to handle. You should know 2020 is not playing with anybody out here and messed up a lot of people plans and their lives as well. So after that Election Day is over, you will see all those blue-check clowns on social media disappear who snaked-oiled you to go out and vote and realize you got a lot of real issues that you have no one around to help you with.

I need you to take care of yourself and your immediate needs and not talk politics in 2020 – your situation is at greater risk that who is in political office right now. Let’s talk about the four biggest things you are going to face and how to deal with them as 2020 come to a close.

Issue #1: Second Wave COVID-19

This is the single most important thing you have to face. COVID-19 haven’t stop being a virus that can overwhelm your immune system and will take you down hard and slow. But looking at the rapid spread in Europe and other parts of the world, COVID-19 never stopped being a problem. What we are seeing is people in our community are trying to hang out and try to live the pre-COVID normal that is not coming back.

Some of you cannot afford hanging out like a fool or always want to eat out for dinner with some materialistic chick who can’t cook her own damn meals for her man. Those were the first phase girlfriends I got rid of, the ones who cannot cook. I need a chick that know what to do with a can of mackerel or a box of Hamburger Helper. Find you a person that knows how to stay indoors and yall stay away from the rest of these fools out here.

I had a lot of girlfriends come around me doing things like offering sex and if they doing that to me, they running around town doing that for all the other brothas and I don’t want that chick around me either. Those were the second phase of girlfriends I got rid of, after I got some of course. You need a solid partner during times when things are not solid like 2020.

The type of person you want to have during 2020? You want someone that knows how to vacation off-grid with backpacks and can handle the personal security tools on another person. Walk river banks, do backyard cookouts or just picnic at the park and ride bikes together away from the general population. More people like me have better quality people to date in 2020 by eliminating the crap we found at the club and got with those who down with a 1 to 3 day off-grid excursion somewhere like a remote beach area or the desert on the West Coast with two-way radios and solar power lithium rechargers.

Make sure your family understand the rules of survival and not to keep running out the house all the time. Don’t be afraid to kick people out but if you got hard-headed kids, you need to remove yourself from the house if you are a stepparent, you need to be cognizant of your familial situation. You know your situation more than anybody and who acting funny and if they don’t mind bringing COVID-19 into your household if they think you got pre-existing conditions.

This winter, we going to repeat exactly what went down in March and you need to be smarter and repeat the same script you did to stay alive and well. That’s your first issue you need to address.

Issue #2: Unemployment Crisis

There no way industries have double-digit revenue losses and can maintain the same level of business operating expenses; you and I both know this. Even further, automation and artificial intelligence is advancing and making a lot of job roles redundant. So people are thinking jobs are coming back, not going to happen.

What’s going to happen is adjustment to a new normal in 2021 which is less workers, less office space and less demand for manufacturing and supply chain volume. Middle-man jobs are going to be replaced with artificial intelligence brokers matching supply and demand within the marketplace. That means people getting laid off left and right and new type of jobs will be defined for the new normal.

A lot of our people don’t have skill agility to change and they be here on Dream and Hustle saying the content is over their head – well, those unpaid bills going to be over people heads if they don’t get their skills up and they placed out of the marketplace altogether in 2021. At the low-income level, it’s going to be a nasty fight for jobs and resources. For example, black teenagers are going to have trouble finding jobs at fast food restaurants where the job requires bi-lingual skills to speak both English and Spanish to customers.

Professional jobs are going to be the same – it’s a lot of black folks that don’t know how to operate in a global dynamic and speak to other people around the world to get things done. They don’t have bi-lingual skills as well and don’t have technical agility as well to stay competitive as jobs become more technical processes and workflow tasks to get things done. A resume with years of experience don’t mean anything when a new worker will be trained by artificial intelligence how to do the job properly.

I stated the solution in several articles – learn Office 365 especially Power Automate, learn cloud services like Azure or Amazon seriously and learn open source software like Jenkins or Kafka because this is where everything is going in 2021. I’m going to tell you as hard as I can – this era of layoffs is the worst you ever going to see because we entering a digital age and a lot of social-butterfly characters going to realize jobs are going to be driven by computers and global workforces via teleconferencing and communication stacks. You better have some real skills to keep yourself in the door of the opportunities during this period of technological advancement and change.

Issue #3: Eviction Crisis

We are predicting at the 3rd Strategic Institute that the eviction crisis will be the most violent event in African-American modern history. We are looking at a situation where people have back-due rent in the thousands they cannot pay but having an attitude sitting in an apartment they not paying on. Then we got landlords who getting loans or deferrals but have bills piling up like water and garbage disposal they have to pay while the tenants are not paying rent. They both going to have some tension, pent-up attitude as the eviction moratorium expires and we going to see pandemonium.

In the Black community, we going to see tenants acting sassy with the unpaid rent and then act all nasty because the landlord not going to do any favors and try to kick them out. Those tenants going to act like they own the place they not paying on instead of just move out respectfully and peacefully. Then the landlord is going to be pent-up knowing they lost thousands of dollars per month dealing with deadbeat tenants protected by politicians and they dipping into their reserves to keep the rental building going. All it takes is one side to put out an attitude and things will explode.

Here is the thing, if you are a tenant and you owe thousands or you got neighbors that owe thousands – you get the hell out of your lease and move somewhere else right now. That’s what other people are doing, they are switching out that lease to another lease on the other side of town to avoid the conflicts that they may get caught in the crossfire.  

If you are a landlord, I need you to be level-headed because that’s the only option you got. Just go through the eviction process, don’t yell or have an attitude or even be around for a confrontation and let the system handle itself. What you need to worry about as a landlord is your debt and if it is too much to keep your building or let it go. Personally, I would not be holding onto a building during this period and I would let that go. All the lying deadbeats trying to move in telling you anything in 2021 who move in and then don’t pay you anything and start squatting on you – you saw that happen in 2008 and I saw it too, don’t repeat that.

There is a lot of opportunity to create what they have in UK called a “letting agent” and this is a person that brings a landlord a tenant, collect their rent and give it to the landlord for a fee. Then there is another group that works to file evictions and get tenants out of a place and they charge a fee. But you as a landlord does not directly interact with your tenants. Look into either creating these opportunities here in the USA or using these services to avoid tenants getting personal with you. Send out a letter as a landlord that all evictions will be handled by ABC Corp and let them know they not playing with tenants either. Remove yourself from that situation.

Issue #4: People of Color Assimilation

The far-left wing of the Democratic Party made an observation – if they want to gain political power, it is easier to take political power from African-Americans than it is to convert Republicans stuck in their ideology. This means the Black community is targeted even though these same folks in the Black community are blindly voting like dumb sheep for the people targeting them for marginalization to be just “people of color” in order advance liberal progressive politics like gay rights.

You already see it being worked in the media where the New York Times and CBS are advocating using the phrase “people of color” to describe African-Americans as they are in on the propaganda. The biggest one is gentrification, taking over distressed properties in the Black community and establish these places as residences to eventually run for office in those Black communities. These are not random events; they are well-organized structured activities liberals/progressives plotting to do under the radar to quietly and passive take over power in Black communities while Black people talk about how much they hate Trump.

 It’s no different than white suburbs trying to keep the Blacks out their community while East European and Latin American gang members were quietly establishing human trafficking and drug houses in their middle-class neighborhoods, being distracted. There is another major problem that is going to happen – a digital divide and a technical debt.

See, these liberal/leftist/progressive organizations are going to have better STEM platforms to run their organizations. They are going to convince sponsorship corporations to divert funding from these Boule Black non-profits over to these “people of color” non-profits operating out these gentrified Black communities. Black folks are going to slowly realized their blind support for the Democratic Party will lead to one of the biggest betrayals ever committed on a people who kept voting a certain way and got nothing in return.

You know my response to this? So what, let the chips fall where they may. Because if a Black community is that stupid and ignorant to vote for Biden who helped destroyed their community the past 40 years, then those stupid ass Black folks don’t deserve the Black community they failed to stand up for. A person who don’t stand for something will fall for anything.

It is some smart brothas and sistas out there that have the conscious never to vote for a man like Joe Biden and leave that ballot blank or vote for Trump, I respect them for having that conscious to think for themselves. But there is no way in hell I can support Joe Biden in any regards to what he did to our Black communities and our Black family unit with that Crime Bill. And there is no way in hell I can respect anybody smiling talking about they voted for Joe Biden in our community, they sold out the pain of what our Black communities endured because of Joe Biden and I don’t respect those voters who voted for Joe Biden.

I’m not going to be secretive about what I’m plotting – I will work directly with those progressive/liberal group and do a deal with them to carry out full retribution against any community full of goofy Black people that went to the polls and voted for a guy who wrote laws that destroyed the Black community. Because anybody from the Black community that voted for Joe Biden disrespected the Black community and therefore, does not deserve the Black community they are living in.

Don’t Be Distracted and Handle Yours

2020 is not going out pretty and you should know this buy now. In fact, after Election Day all the true colors going to come out. A lot of Black folks going to realize they been distracted and been played, especially by the Democrats and they going to be wonder why they being referred to as BIPOC or people of color instead of an African-American?

A lot of Black folks after Election Day going to get an eviction notice, get a pink slip, told their commercial rent is rising, told their supplier contract is being terminated, lose their government job to a politically-connected person and their credit cards cancelled due to the near-zero interest rates. They going to realize all that “Dump Trump” and “we need to get Trump out of office” ain’t going to save their ass one bit from the reckoning that was plotted against them no matter who won office.

And sadly, more of us going to die from COVID-19 because we want to go out, dine out and show out and be in enclosed places during the winter months of November, December and January. We going to be spreading that virus to each other knowing we got pre-existing conditions among our people and it’s going to be hurtful and painful watching love ones close to us die and we cannot see, hear or hug them anymore because we cannot do the right thing to protect ourselves from this deadly virus.

You need to take care of yourself and your family and create a new normal lifestyle and career so you can have the agility to be able to handle these challenges we are going to face after Election Day and throughout 2021. Don’t be distracted and start working on getting your guard up now. If you are a Black man, get your skillset up to work and get that new normal job so you can support that woman of color you probably going to be dating or end up marrying down the road. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide