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2021 is Not the Year to Act Silly and Ignorant

Monday, July 19, 2021

The most disappointing moment of this journey is watching my own African-American people acting silly and ignorant on purpose. We all know when people act a certain way, people will eventually have to pay the piper for the price of those actions. What is our people doing right now?

Following and Supporting Charlatans. A lot of the charlatans are now showing their true colors cashing out on these dumbass Black folks that followed them. Those Black folks that supported these charlatans did not have money to be throwing at someone talking a hustle up on YouTube.

Rolling with White Liberals. We seeing Black folks running behind liberals and progressives thinking they have the juice only to find out liberals and progressives view Blacks as “people of color” and promote victim mentality politics and strategize to keep Blacks to stay downtrodden while promoting Israel and the gay agenda. Then those Black folks wonder why their politics ain’t being respected by the liberals.

Flexing Like They Won’t Get Shot. This is the most concerning because the new generation is literally repeating the 1970s high crime pattern and has not learned anything. People are selling woof tickets on social media taunting others; people are physically taunting on these streets and clubs. But everybody got guns out here nowadays – we seeing a spike in shootings all over because someone decided to argue with a stranger in a gas station parking lot.

Driving Crazy in Traffic. I’m pretty sure you noticed in your city someone weaving in and out of traffic driving crazy. I have seen a couple of accidents in several days and it’s some young adult punk dude crashing into some older person on the highway. These kids think it’s a joke and one day, they going to crash into someone having a bad day with everything going on and that person ain’t going to be forgiving with a punk driving reckless and crashing into anybody.

Blowing Money to Flex. Our people lined up at the Louis Vuitton store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, flying Southwest Airlines to Hawaii looking at fire dancers, bought up all the Lamborghini Urus inventory, and eating out every day at the fine dining establishments. Most of the money comes from government programs such as unemployment, stimulus checks, and child tax credits. If they starting a business, it’s some boutique nonsense instead of fundamental.

2021 is showing some fragile signs and there is plenty of warnings from subject-matter-experts that we are in trouble. Here are the things we are facing

Delta Variant is the Real Second Wave.  We are seeing the Delta variant spreading fast around the world in Africa, Europe, Latin America, America, and Asia with Indonesia now the hot spot for rapid outbreaks. Meanwhile, nations are trying to reopen their economies but things are looking bleak if the Delta variant grows and grows by the day and mutates into stronger more resilient variations.

Housing Crisis is a Pent-Up Reckoning. We have been kicking the can down the road with the eviction crisis which is a very dangerous artificial manipulation of the economy. A lot of people have been taking advantage of landlords who are the backbone of the local economy. This caused a major disruption because the free markets have to purge the losers and promote the winners and landlords did not have free-market exercise – we are going to see major fallout once the eviction ban has been lifted.

Inflation is Due to Money Printing. There is a lot of money floating around from stimulus to grants causing people to spend a lot and create a huge demand for products and services. This causes merchants to have to increase the price of things to handle the huge demand and increase of purchasing scale. This always happens before the eventual market crash – that is when business costs and expenses are too high and have to shut down, cut costs and layoff people, and everything crash and cascade down.

So, the virus still spreading and strong, a looming housing crisis, and soon, the money won’t be good due to inflation. We looking at people once again dying or getting seriously sick again, people going homeless and we will be hoarding toilet paper and watching our 401k drop over 10-30% again. Let me explain I have seen this several times in my lifetime how our Black people act.

Over and over, Black folks start talking ignorant, acting silly, and actually believe what the hell they are saying. Then the real-world kicks in and take people down, take businesses and hustle down hard and cruel, then those same Black folks who were talking ignorant become real quiet real fast and sneak out in the night to obscurity. I’ve seen sistas who were stuck-up as hell had to move back into their parent’s house in New Jersey or get on the pole and giving out lap dances – I have seen it over and over in my lifetime.

Things are going to get serious. Black folks going to realize all that money they holding onto is going to shrink in purchasing power due to inflation. You going to see job losses because automation is rapidly advancing and we going to see old forms of businesses like fast foods go away and see more focus on fast-casual dining. Crime and violence are going to become more rampant and we going to see people who live their lives on social media get cut off as if they didn’t matter at all, watch and see.

Here is what we recommend. First, transfer your liquid assets into growth assets. The biggest growth asset is knowledge and education – learn the new technology and techniques and have a skill that can keep you employed and have mobility during the eventual financial crisis. Use your money now to buy training and materials. Second, sell during this pre-crash period – sell the used car since it is at an all-time high with the chip shortage, sell your home and make a profit. Then focus on renting for a year or two somewhere where you really don’t need a car or a car payment. If you have a family, move to a cheaper area fast.

Third and most important – who you associate yourself is the biggest determination of how your life will turn out, good or bad. You need to stop following clowns and charlatans, you need to cut off your friends and people online connected to you who are not adding real value. You need new people that can help you navigate the new normal and the old folks you used to know in 2019 ain’t the business in 2021. Failing to associate with the right people will destroy people faster and harsher than anything that we discussed.

This is not the time to be acting silly – people were acting silly and ignorant when Noah was building that Ark. You better start acting like that 3rd monkey in line for Noah Ark and find your way on that boat before the rain starts falling. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide