Dream and Hustle

Leveraging Power and Announcing Decisions from a Position of Strength

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The last year 2020 was a tough year for the majority of people in this world. However, 2020 was also revealing. Some of us lost people. Some of us made money. Some of us lost our jobs. Some of us have debts piling up from rent and mortgage arrears. Some of us got financial assistance from the government and spent on starting a side business, learning new stuff or blew it all on consumer spending.

 But one thing I saw in 2020 was the true colors of people around me. I saw those who stood to take on police brutality and injustice, stood up for reparations for ADOS. Then I saw those who acted like a fool, going out clubbing, eating, catching and spreading COVID-19 within the Black community. I saw people who I thought were cool not keeping in touch – I quietly deleted them out of my contacts and kept it moving. I saw Black businesses kept bringing in customers and let them not wear masks and social distance just to get money here in Atlanta. But there was one thing I saw in 2020 that made me realize there needs to be a change.

In 2020, I saw a generation of young Black adults stuck on being broke while faking rich, chasing rappers and Instagram celebrities, seeking virtual popularity through followers and likes, and talking too damn much on Twitter and TikTok. Then the young Black entrepreneurs who are busy trying to brag about themselves, are doing lightweight stuff but talking like they special. Then I see around me a lot of fake mediocre resumes of people doing nothing but performative work in the tech industry acting like they Black and special – nothing of true substance, just grifters.

In 2020, I can tell you what really happened. China and India focused on both artificial intelligence and outsourcing strategies to anticipate digital transformation at American workplaces to help them layoff Americans. The government has been injecting money in big companies who are accelerating Fourth Industrial Revolution innovation to disrupt small and medium-sized businesses. Rich mavericks are working on SPACs to acquire large-enterprises and accelerate their growth in industries. Realize most of our people cannot even comprehend or understand this paragraph.

On our end, true power was quietly created on these naïve ass clowns out there in our communities. We built an API platform to run a digital ecosystem. We became more skilled in Agile and Continuous Integration and build distributed teams. Let me interject – all these app-making Black folks cannot build a digital team around the world because they don’t have the earned respect. Our growth in 2020 has strong support from Asia and Europe, and within the USA, we attracted SMEs around the country who are interested in our HustleSpace platform. Our holdings increased in value through digital and physical assets and we are better capitalized to make whatever moves we need to make.

In other words, we built up quiet global power on these broke-ass motherfuckers, boring-ass Boule, and punk ass bigots and moved in silence. We already had quiet power, but 2020 accelerated our position and elevated our power – that’s who we are, where we are. LOL, those guys so damn scared to call us out because we will flip it in our favor, that’s how much power is on display over here. We hit back on a bunch of fools last year as well – we move in silence.

Now we got to leverage, we are going to make some announcements on our new positioning and strategy in 2021.

We are Focusing on Our Early Adopters. I will not release anything to anybody in the world until our early adopters, those who supported Dream and Hustle and our mission are taken care of first. I have focused on creating a platform and putting systems in place to accommodate them to move with ease and allow them to focus more on their business operation than learning curves to coding and implementing complex tech solutions. I acknowledge those who acknowledged me.

We are Focusing on Global Markets that Supported Us. We received unprecedented support from markets all around the world, more than the shitty reception I got from my own African-American community. We are going to go to markets where we are supported and love and welcomed.  I will instruct all Black tech entrepreneurs and ventures to follow our lead and help guide them into global markets, not some cornball Black startup trying to impress Black folks with clickbait articles on Blavity.

We are Operating like Music Super Producers. Unlike Venture Capital which seems to be cornballs that are only money-focus, we are going to operate like we Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Gramble and Huff, LA Reid, and Babyface and produce ventures out there with our signature platform to startup and launch businesses around the world. We can literally create business models using our sourced events and directives that can control a certain business model or we can even lease or license business operations to small startups and large companies – seriously, they don’t know our scale or potential.

We are Focused on Storytelling. We are going to control our own narrative. I have already made the decision to divest from Medium because they trying to control who appears on their cover page and we don’t play that shit anymore as Black folks – we control our story. If you look at political organizations, they are leaning towards Cultural Marxism by inserting their values into movies, books, news organizations – we going to be doing that same game with ADOS United as well. We have already done this through Dream and Hustle a decade ago and was successful but we moving even further as the strategy and I will explain this in better detail.

We are Focused on Poverty Alleviation. My global experience had revealed to me that people don’t need to be poor in America, we are being set up to stay poor and marginalized.  We live in a world where people have to be sacrificed such as being laid off, considered too old to work, too young to gain credit, made homeless, and destitute to scare everyday people into being compliant employees and consumers in a capitalistic system ran by wealthy elites.  We realized the power of co-ops ventures, efficient off-grid energy solutions, sustainable natural resources and will push these efforts through.

In essence, let’s discuss power and platforms. We have to power to help create business operations and ventures around the world. We have the distribution and supply chain framework capacity to create economies around the world. We have the mobile-first and digital-first technology to enable the digital transformation of business processes and interactions with consumers. We have the technical agility and a global following base.

End of the day, you saw how our Blacks folks were acting – not willing to learn technology, just engaged in performative acts for likes and favorites on social media for some tapdancing pocket change. I personally saw so many Black folks claiming they tech superstars – they don’t have no leverage to build up a global team so they talk about getting “VC funding” and still – cannot hire quality skills because real skills ain’t working for some performative Black character, so let’s not waste time, they not going anywhere special.

You cannot stop real power; real power build in silence; moves in silence and like water, you realized those little waves turn into big waves – that’s our position and strength. We are way beyond the clowns that were acting goofy around Dream and Hustle; we are ready to unleash that vision and we are in launching in an environment where the Fourth Industrial Revolution has accelerated and we are positioned to operate from a power of strength. We got real power over here.  


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide