Dream and Hustle

Keep Your 2020 Money Quiet on these Broke Folks

Sunday, May 2, 2021

While people selling gloom and doom during the pandemic in 2020, some folks made serious money they never made before in their lifetime. Their hard and soft assets from their stock portfolio, 401k, crypto to their gold/silver experienced record increases. They were able to get a forgivable PPE loan and that money is legally cleared causing them to invest in improving their business. Folks are able to start new businesses off the closed business moving to Atlanta and Miami opening up operations in cheap commercial spaces or taking over bad leases. 

Meanwhile, we got weak folks in our community who sitting there spectating talking up a Nas and Jay-Z video commenting on the verses. You had basic co-workers at your job who spent all their time talking, dressing for appearances, judging you, and didn’t do anything when they worked from home except stayed boo’d up in a garbage relationship. You had social activists around you, marching in the streets, running their mouth on Twitter while the real woke economic hustle was selling SubStack subscriptions, writing books and ghost articles, and selling t-shirts – but the broke-ass activists just in the streets running their mouth with their fists in the air yelling about something. 

Look, don’t be feeling sorry for people who don’t handle their business – that’s how they been trying to hold Black Excellence back for the longest; want me and you to feel sorry for weak-minded, lightweight lazy folks around us who talk too much instead of putting in that work. Do you know the real part of this whole article? We have to deal with broke folks in our Black community celebrating one or two people but don’t acknowledge the brotha or sista that grew up with them down the street and jealous they doing good. Your pockets bigger than that cat they talking up in front of you; just drink another mimosa and keep it moving on them. 

Let’s be honest as an American Black community – we all grew up in an environment where we were being judged about growing up and being something. So, you got Black folks spending their whole life trying to appear richer, more successful than the next person. Trying to show off in the car they got the clothes and accessories they wear and a travel lifestyle. I know you taste some of that desire to flex on those cats you grew up but in reality, you need to stay quiet and grow quiet and chart your own course from this point. 

In 2021, Black Excellence is going to carve our own path and chart our own destiny – yeah, we leaving those broke characters behind. Do not confuse broke people with structured poverty; broke folks are broken and mostly through their own choices and decisions. They have chosen to worship and follow clowns on YouTube, they have chosen to date garbage quality people and exalt them, they have chosen to go out clubbing and partying instead of put in self-improvement and skill-building. In addition, and there is another article on this topic – the Black community has a broken social contract with Black Excellence – this will help you understand why Black Excellence has to stay the course and keep moving to the top. 

Black Excellence will be creating our own spaces from here in Atlanta to Croydon to Tokyo to Shenzhen and Johannesburg. Do not confuse Black Excellence with Black Bougie, a bunch of worthless uppity-acting Black folks who think money matters and carried themselves as if they better than other Black folks. Black Excellence is in our hoods, in our schools, and out in the merchant class making things happen every day. We are going to be on a different level with our money and moving in new paradigms and creating new opportunities out there. 

There is no need to be broadcasting back to broke folks you grew up with to show them that you have arrived. None of us have arrived anywhere; if you truly got your money up and the rest of your game up, you will actually realize we just on the horizon of true major global moves and scale as a people that are ahead of us to think bigger, build bigger. Keep your 2020 money to yourself and let’s quietly make those 2021 moves and go where we all want to really get to – a true space for Black Excellence throughout this world.  


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide