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2021 Black Economy is About to Blow Up – How to Prepare with Your Stimulus Check.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Whenever the economy retracts as it did in 2020, it comes back roaring the next following years. There is a reason for the "roaring 1920s" after the end of World War II and the Spanish Flu, which accelerated the concept of mass production and industrialization. If you look back at the 2001 economic fallout from 9/11, things picked up in 2003. If you look at the 2008 economic fallout, well, things picked up in China and India. We are looking at the same cycle where the economy will recover due to the vaccine's wider distribution. As more people get the vaccine, people will want to go out and spend, and job creation spending projects currently on hold will be given the green light.

We believe the economic recovery this time will be solid, but it will be a K-shaped recovery. There will be a massive opportunity, and most of it is due to wealth transfer and asset transfer creating new wealth, new money. The Black community is going to see tremendous growth as well that will be considered massive. But again, it’s going to be a new breed of folks, not the sellout tokens or the fakers. In the Black community, we will see some level-up Black folks doing things around the world. In contrast, we see the Black critical mass not making many strides because Black folks are looking for Internet celebrities as their worship model.

This article will discuss the big picture of the massive shift in culture and growth of the Black economic power builders and power spaces. Most of the wealth creation in 2020 and 2021 will not require money but require skills, strategy, and positioning. The most significant market demand is the demand for skills and access on-demand. Some folks will be walking around clueless, and some folks will gather clues and put the pieces together and make something out of those pieces. Let’s focus on you and how you should move.

K-Shape Recovery: Not Everybody Going to Make It

The K-Shape recovery is a trending pattern where some will drop straight down, some will rise back up, and some people will slowly decline. If you look at what happened in 2020, we saw the following trends:

Housing and Commercial Real Estate. Many storefront businesses had to shut down due to the lockdown, and many shuttered their business for good. Many landlords lost money on their rent, and in some places like New York, commercial real estate is wrapped up in investment clubs, and they lost money where most of it was leverage on loans – because they thought rent payments were solid income and stable assets. Then the eviction moratorium allowed people to stay rent-free and not pay their rent while landlords were drawing from their savings and retirement to keep the rental unit afloat. With the pileup of arrears, these people will have to cut their real estate losses and get out of the game altogether.

Massive Service Job Losses. People working in the service industry working on tips or self-employed were instantly let go and had no income source. These people were already living check-to-check with no savings. Many had to work at essential businesses like the convenience store or grocery store or deliver packages to keep revenue coming in. One thing I want to mention as a special note – a lot of these sistas working in these service sectors were funny acting and stuck up towards proper brothas and were dating garbage ass dudes. When that quarantine hit, and she had no income and a worthless ass brotha who is asking his auntie for money, she realized how vulnerable her dumbass decisions and lifestyle put her at risk of being homeless, marginalized, and begging another garbage dudes to take her in at a price of giving up her body – that’s the story of our sistas for the past 100+ years.

The marginalization of Media and Entertainment. You need to pay attention to this one. When the quarantine hit, entertainers and celebrities had many bookings canceled. That was their projected revenue loss many of them borrowed against to show off that Rolls Royce SUV they bought on advances. Filming was delayed, movie releases were delayed or went to streaming, and a lot of studio production went to a halt. With mainstream media like the news, the anchors had to work from home and set up generic home studios. What happened here is the flatlining of production standards – the media has reduced their production level down to what the average person can produce on social media and streaming platforms. This is a major opportunity in the making for 2021.

Let’s leave at these three factors because I want you to understand the trend. If you noticed the trend, two things are going on. First, you see many existing operations racked up debt arrears during the pandemic, such as back rent owed to landlords and workers having to borrow and rely on others to supplement the income they owe favors to. These entities are going to have to sell at some point, so it creates a buying opportunity.

Second, you see marginalization and flatlining where entertainers and media have to scale down to stay in operation and scaled down to what everyday people can do buying stuff off Amazon. Now let’s not think just media and entertainment, think wedding caterers and wedding or travel consultants who had to return the money and they are in the hole as well. This means they have debts and broke, and someone with a clean slate can come in and take over.

The Mentality of Gen Y, Z, and Millennials Ain’t Good Enough.

Now, I want to say something swift – many of our Gen Y, Z, and Millennials in the Black community have been raised to be weak and complaining and faking things instead of putting in real work. What bothers me the most is the thought of a “collective voice” where these young Black folks thinking getting together and shouting at a person trying to shame things means something. It doesn’t.

I need to explain something to the under age of 40 crowds of Black folks in the room. Power is power – all this talking and collective voices don’t mean anything to someone with massive power. Power hides in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland while you on some street holding up a sign chanting with other characters acting like you are changing the world. There is one thing you Black folks under 40 better realize, and I’m going to tell you now.

First of all, your generation is working at Amazon warehouses and delivering stuff on Amazon. Or you are delivering hot food to someone for tips. Your generation isn’t power, and yall talk too much on social media, for real. I’m going to call your generation what you are – yall a damn joke. Your generation is so pathetic; yall have to gang up in a comment section or crowdfund your pocket change together so you can uphold someone as being famous or liked by you instead of understanding how real leadership with vision and direction works.

They got real leaders with vision and leaderships who create global markets in China, India, and South Korea, and these nations started emerging in 2008, about 12 years ago. They blew up from studying open-source software that was freely available on the Internet, went to our colleges, and actually studied and operatives in true economic-benefit collectives, not “cancel culture” collectives like you are doing. What were the under-40 Black folks doing during this same period? They were following and reposting stuff from Black relationship experts on social media, a goddamn joke.

The reality is, Black Gen Y, Z, and Millennials grew up during economic downturns and had no real exposure to taking advantage of a good economy. So they resort to clickbait “motivation” stuff on Black blogs and say things like “get the bag” while their counterparts are in Asia saying “get the global economy” – that’s a weak mindset versus real power on display for the world to see. And then we wonder why cats from Africa come around talking bad about African-Americans any way because they see through our young generation faking it and young Black Americans not handling their business just portraying an image of success.

So I’m going to say this as we usher in a new era – f*ck the Black Gen Y, Z, and Millennial generation's mindset with their “get the bag” and having people like/favorite sh*t they posting online. That weak mindset cannot compete with those about to chase the massive economic explosion and massive opportunities in 2021 and 2022. If you under 40 years old and Black, you better do the following things before moving forward.

Kill off Your Social Media. Delete all of your silly social media accounts where you are hiding behind aliases or worried about how many followers you got or how many likes you will get after posting a pic or comment. You have been brainwashed to chase the wrong things by attention manipulators on social media platforms. You will feel fresh and free after you kill off social media and then decide what you are really going to do next.

Declutter to Basic Essentials. Get rid of everything, including the video game console, which is also an addiction machine to keep you distracted and disengaged from competing against the powers. But don’t throw them away – these are resale assets you need to put into the marketplace to earn money. But extra clothes, extra stuff, or stuff that is not making you money – sell it or throw it away or, better yet – put them in a storage unit for six months. You will find out real fast you are not missing any of that stuff, and you got your life back to start over again.

Dump Your Friends. You don’t have any real friends – there has been a saying for the past 100 years – if you want a friend, get a dog. Leave the clique life alone and people you are “cool with” and realize another distraction. I cannot tell you the number of losers who turn 35-45 and discover their life was a joke and realize they wasted their youth hanging around “friends” instead of building up their purpose and journey in the prime of their life. What you need is not friends – you need customers who will buy what you have to contribute. You use that money and revenue to raise your family and build your legacy as a family unit or as a solo person that wants to pursue a purpose only you can fulfill.

I’m telling you Gen Y, Z, and Millennials to reset yourself to zero because you became corrupted chasing and following the wrong things, and you already lost your youth to dumb things that you should have invested in better. The first thing your weak-minded response is to call me a Boomer like your words matter – I think China and India's industrial output matters more than your opinion, young punk.

You Gen Y, Z, and Millennials are not going to fake or act stupid and then think you can hustle it your way at the same time. Everything has discipline and dogma, and your strength in power is the ability to seize dogma with discipline and control it above others. Your generation is lame as f*ck and failed, and you are going to need to reset yourself – if you do not, then you cannot compete against real global hungry cats same age as you around the world who will outspend and outsmart you as you are distracted from the game while they are disciplined and dedicated to the game.

You Getting a $1400 Stimulus Check, Use It to Build Up Something.

When I said the economy would blow up in 2021 and 2022, let me explain how. First, there will be a massive fire sale of real estate to write down bad debt. You may be able to assume leases or go in with other people to acquire these real estates and turn them into rentable units for services such as food kitchens, streaming studios, or distribution warehouses.

You also can take from sharing economy services like Airbnb and Uber and create your local version of the service. You need to understand that people in the community need to know each other and know their customers – not any random person getting in their car or renting their home. That’s a massive opportunity where we can collectively work to take over markets with our services like grocery shopping and delivery and ridesharing and home-sharing.

Another massive opportunity – consulting and agency. You can create a consultant practice to show people how to move to the 21st century with your specialized skills and techniques you learned. These are things to learning how to operate on social media. Create emergency preparedness plans. You can create a whitepaper to sell on this stuff, and you can host video conferences with your clients. For agencies, you focus on recruiting and representation contracts to help companies hire the right candidate, rent their space to the right person, and so on.

One more – API microservices. These are websites that are for machines, not humans, to interact with. This is cheap and simple to learn and create but has the most lucrative opportunity on the planet. For example, you create a service that businesses can use to return the most accurate tax amount for an SKU and location of the business or customer – that can scale up to tens of thousands of machine visits per hour, and you charge .003/query – that is a $30/hour artificial intelligence employee working for you. Now create ten more APIs on storing encrypted data on behalf of a client, scan faces from a security feed to find the most frequent and new customers, make reservations and schedule events, and more. Now you got artificially intelligent employees, all making between $30/hour up to $70/hour each, all working for you from your computer at home.

We will cover these solutions in detail more in Dream and Hustle, but I want you to realize that there is a massive opportunity due to what happened in 2020. Things are about to blow up big, and there are new paradigms in a place where you can find your niche and build new empires, using your stimulus check to help you get started.

If you want my recommendation, I suggest you focus on digital-first services with no physical assets. You can create exchanges, match-matching type platforms for dating, apartment finders, legal referrals, and more – that’s your big bet. Also, focus on taking from AirBnB and DoorDash and create a localized version and take one market at a time from them, focusing on the local people knowing who their customers are.

The reason why is you can move in silence with digital services, especially the API services where you work with machines connecting to your services requesting long-running jobs or information – that is very easy to learn and scale out with your stimulus check to buy the computers and books to learn how to create API web services. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide