Dream and Hustle

Wanna Guess Who Going to Lead the 2021 Black Economic Boom?

Monday, March 15, 2021

Revolutions are not televised. There is going to be a massive economic shift and power in 2021, particularly in Black/Latino populations. But who we think is going to make it happen and lead the movement, I’m here to tell you that you probably not going to be ready for that upcoming change. 

I can tell you right now it not coming from anybody over 21 because the paradigm shift and transformative innovation taking place is beyond the reach of the current adult mindset. Look around at the adult population and our mentality. We want to get good jobs; we want to spend 70k on an SUV and we want to pay a mortgage on a huge real estate. We brag and flaunt consumerism – that’s all we adults have been trained to grow up and think – get a job, get a car and home and brag about retiring on a pension and take a travel excursion somewhere. The game is my car has to be better than your car, my home has to be better than your home, my job has to be better than your job – that’s the game we play now. 

Now those under 21, they are already got it figured out in the new landscape. They know automation and outsourcing is going to take away many simple jobs. These kids know they have to learn automation and they have to understand global markets and global issues. These kids are realizing they have to learn how to invest and be collaborating with Robin Hood and crypto to learn how to engage in ETFs as a young age. But there is one thing I want you to know about these kids that I know where you should have recognized Dream and Hustle been trying to tell – they learning Japanese and Mandarin. 

I go out and about with my Japanese t-shirts and guess who wants to talk to me? The young kids ask me do I know Japanese and tell me they learning Japanese. They tell me they want to move to Japan or move somewhere in Asia because they know the high-tech and futuristic direction. These are both Latino and Black kids – at the bookstore and just walking through the mall. I know how to detect and attract talent – that’s what someone of my caliber does to recruit and hire and these kids are more commonplace than I have ever seen in my lifetime. 

These kids also realize some core values such as appreciate experiences over tangible objects. They don’t want to travel; they want to experience and live around the world and claim spaces like Ed Dunn. See, Ed Dunn has his favorite coffee shops in Tokyo while yall have your favorite local Dunkin Donuts to eat donuts at, lol. These kids are going to start businesses that focus on experiential not buying consumer products to say I got a better car than you, got a better job than you, got a better house than you mindset that you adults have right now. 

In fact, these kids see the things they buy as assets that they can sell and trade against. They buy sneakers and luxury bags to resale online; they collect rare Pokémon cards to sell later, they buy crypto to hedge for their adult expenses and not depend on their parents. Meanwhile, you running buying stuff as an adult to say I got a better car than you, I got a better handbag than you and I got a better house than you. Even the kids get a house, they already instantly figured it out to rent out the primary or if they get a car, rent out the car or utilized it for sharing revenue. 

See, what I’m trying to explain to you is the new economic boom is going to be based on the mindset cultivated by those under 21 who grew up in this massive paradigm shift. The rest of you adults are still going to focus on paying a $1500 mortgage to tell people you own your home or pay a $1200 car note to say you driving better than the next person and you going to listen to relationship experts and charlatans on YouTube as entertainment. You adults are marginalized and don’t even realize it but yall keep acting like you special. 

This 2021 is going to require knowing intimately how to create experiential spaces, how to create contextual transaction points, and responding to real-time data streaming. It’s going to require talent that can work for a startup in Shenzhen and speak fluent Mandarin in addition to working remotely overseas. It’s going to require fractional ownership in both physical and digital assets to rent, transfer and upcycle products. 2021 also going to require knowledge of product-service systems, a new paradigm that supersedes e-commerce where you combine products and services creating new business models. All this stuff I mentioned, you probably don’t even realize these technologies and paradigms but these kids are fullversed. 

One thing I want to add about these kids that I see in them – they going to take it for themselves and make it for themselves. So while you talking about as an adult you going to start a restaurant, that kid is going to start a ghost-kitchen with a co-brand tie-up with a local high school team and perform the delivery and the pop-up table seating on your adult ass. And you going be thinking that you got a better car than that kid, you got a better home than that kid and you worked better jobs than that kid because that’s all your adult mind is programmed to think. 


Ed Dunn

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