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Toshikiso SDK Sandbox for Rapid Prototyping Next-Gen Solutions

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Our software development kit or SDK for Toshikiso makes it very efficient and easier to write code and build applications that would cost 7-figures and take 7 months to build using traditional methods. I have demonstrated how to use the SDK and show the urban solutions and business models that can be quickly developed using the components we developed and the audience were very excited. I already knew this but the reaction was clear – we have a true game-changer. 

Toshikiso was originally designed to address Black urban issues and we have been successful in tackling these issues with our platform. But my own people instead want to follow charlatans on YouTube and dance on TikTok for likes and follows, walking up milk crates falling off and breaking their arms. So I had to move on from the foolishness and focus the rest of the global economy to deliver Toshikiso as a solution for urban centers around the world. 

Our platform already received praise but we did have some feedback. Our platform is kinda like Azure and AWS, as soon as you get API keys and start using our platform, we are billing for that service. There is no test platform or sandbox like you find with payment APIs like Stripe and PayPal. We cannot offer free trial services to our platform but we did create a solution based on the request to create a sandbox that greatly benefits us as well as it will benefit users of our SDK. 

We created a new namespace in our SDK called ToshikisoSDKSandbox that is a copy of the original SDK functions but returns mock data. This allows developers to quickly build a prototype and see what the application they building going to look like with our data. Then when they are ready to release, they just switch the namespace from ToshikisoSDKSandbox to ToshikisoSDK and go live and interact with our platform and we bill them and get that money. 

What is nice about this solution is you can rapidly build out your websites and your kiosks or your applications and see what it will look like and format without an internet connection. This is what got from the developers I demonstrated this to because they can be at a coffee shop creating their business with their team and going over design and workflow. For our internal team, we can rapidly develop all of our platform solutions quickly this way as well, that’s why we decide to put this mock feature into our SDK. 

What needs to be understood is we will distribute our SDK among development code hubs like NuGet and Maven directly to developers who will be able to prototype to their bosses and their teams. This will have decision-makers choose to either build or buy and our platform is already selling itself to the executives and startups trying to get to market or perform a digital transformation. Notice we don’t need article writeups or need followers on Twitter to handle our tech moves and scale-out quickly around the world. 

The moral of the story here is we are on a continuous improvement path. The Black community had been dismissive of a Chicago West Side brotha who was never broke, got respect in his trade/industry and always handled this business, and never shown he was slipping on anything – but the Black community chose to follow and worship clowns and charlatans over a real one. Know exactly how Moses felt coming down from the mountain after having a conversation with God to see the people he set free worshiping a golden calf – the absolute fuckery. 

The Black community cannot hold back Black Excellence anymore in 2022, we know how to make moves in spaces and places where Black folks don’t even have the knowledge or caliber to exist. We know how to target our customers, identity the proper channels, and build a real product to push as a value chain. Right now, no one can mess with our skills, our scale, our reach, and these folks out there are just attention-seeking, just rent-seeking and just talking and lying to themselves. 

We created a solution that allows rapid prototyping to create mockups and when that developer or startup is ready, they can quickly switch live and go to market. This is a massive game-changer and like it was said before – won the war before even going to battle. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide