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The Paradigm Shift to Black Economic Worlds, Realms and Spaces

Monday, June 28, 2021

As a real Black Excellence ADOS Digerati, I laughed when I read a 2015 GQ article about Jay-Z and P.Diddy talking about creating a Black directory app to download. And in 2021, we still got Black folks smiling talking about creating a Black directory that gives a list of Black-owned or Black-friendly businesses. Let’s get back to what P.Diddy said:

[P.Diddy] laughed. “But the [Black directory] application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.” He and Jay-Z have been talking about this, he said, about moving the race forward actively, by means of making a lot of money and putting it back into the community.”

See, this is the problem with Black Ignorance. The Black community is straight d*ckriding folks out there, always wondering what someone net worth and let cats say any damn thing they want. P.Diddy and Jay-Z got money and if they wanted to do some real things, they could have done it instead of laughing talking into a GQ magazine article.

Then you got the Blavity AfroTech folks who are supposed to be so smart, got esteemed tech jobs, big teeth smiling in their social media profile, got the eye of rich White Privileged in tech sectors – what they even built for Black folks that worth something? They have been building jokes calling it app or a business model, then promote themselves in publications pretending they special and should be admired by Black people, what a bunch of circle jerk wankers.    

Really, look at what I just showcase – we got rich rappers who got money but just talk Black economics and Black empowerment but their moves don’t scale to the money they actually got to do real things if they want. Then we got these Black in Tech clowns running their mouth in the Blavity AfroTech Facebook group but they cannot create solutions for the Black economy and Black empowerment. And Black Ignorance be out here d*ckriding hard both these rappers and these self-aggrandizing Black in Tech clowns.

Meanwhile, Black Excellence has not only moved in silence on these money-bragging rappers and attention-seeking dorks, but Black Excellence also moved worlds and paradigms into existence hyperscaling the Black universe's potential and possibilities.  We moved way beyond the basic directory stuff.

A Black directory app is outdated – it is basic listing technology and usually, the curators of the listings push their own bias on what Black resource should be included/excluded. We don’t need any more Kevin Samuels out there rating and ranking Black resources and telling them their worth in this world. By the way, most people know Ed Dunn created one of the first Black directories in 1996 called IBIS – International Black Index Search Directory and even he thinks the online directory model is no longer relevant in the 21st century.

Black dating apps are also outdated – dating apps are really a scam operation where the algorithm shows the most clicked-on dating profiles to everybody to get them to stay subscribed. There are no true interest-matching and compatibility matching, it’s just a computer card gaming where you identify the good cards and play those good cards of eye candy profiles against people emotions to want to connect and shoot their shot, knowing that person wouldn’t give them the time of day in the real world. Black dating apps are horrible – it promotes Black hyper-masculinity among Black men and promotes Black hyper-sexuality among Black women.  Dudes want to show off their muscles, chicks want to show off their booty – that’s not real Black dating, come on.

In the 21st century, we have enough technology speed and data capacity to accommodate real matching and recommendation technology. We don’t need to list or categorized anything like a Black directory model. Instead, we can focus on graph-based technology to find attributes and relationships to determine lifestyles and preferences at a more granular level and culturally compatible level. That means we can discover true subcultures within our Black community like Black folks who like dance music or southern rap or West Coast scene. We can detect Black folks who like skiing during the winter or like Chicago stepping at the ballroom.  We can even detect sistas that want to date White men and brothas who want to date other male followers of Black charlatans on YouTube.

Black Excellence is capable of creating real neural networks that truly connect Black folks to real Black spaces. Not only can Black Excellence create the network, but they can also create a universe or alternate reality based on the data in both the physical and virtual reality world. This is the fun part where Black Ignorance will take a seat and Black Excellence runs the conversation, here we go.

In 2021, we are developing a new paradigm shift for Black communities and Black spaces. This is not a new conversation on Dream and Hustle, we discussed over 10 years ago creating augmented reality e-commerce shops in our deteriorating Black shopping districts. When V-103 in Atlanta was running For Sisters Only featuring acts like Future and other Black-women disrespecting rappers, we created a virtual vendor event called SistaSphere geofenced right outside the Georgia World Congress Center featuring Black vendors and a better respectable venue for sistas to shop and network with each other. It must be really frustrating for skeptics trying to look for something to discount only to see we been on these things for a minute and progressed too far for their understanding.

We are creating real economic-driven Black spaces, Black worlds, and Black realms. We are beyond creating mobile apps and websites, we creating platforms and spaces for our people – something Blavity AfroTech is too primitive to even comprehend as they out there engaged in clout-chasing and seeking validation and acceptance. Let’s give examples:

Streaming Escapes. If you look at the more immersed chillhop streaming stations on YouTube like AvienCloud, you will see they are based on moods or tribes or alternate reality spaces like fantasy worlds with ethereal music to support the subculture. We are already in late-stage development of streaming stations targeting a Black audience in major cities and their demographics to upend misogynistic Black radio stations that continue to mentally harm our communities with their negative violence/sexual programming.  We will have more expansive Black-centric aural/musical escape streaming stations as new paradigms of spaces.

Virtual Worlds with Economy. Using the same rendering engines as open-world games, we are creating highly detailed cityscapes with stores and interactive touchpoints for merchants to sell and customers to buy. We can build and target game consoles as well as a desktop and mobile platforms – VR goggles are not needed but we have the capability to create true VR immersion worlds. Still under development, just be ready for jump portals to shopping in the vintage Black 80s to future space stations orbiting over a newly discovered planet.

Augmented Spaces with Economy. Augmented reality in the physical world does not require goggles because we can use additional interaction points such as sound, context, location. We have already performed proof of concept with both Toshikiso + Azure PlayFab where a Kossier user who is heavily engaged on our platform can walk into a Black coffee shop and may receive a loot crate of coupons for other Black businesses and have new skins or badges on their Kossier profile when they check-in places.

Recommendation Engines. Let’s be clear, the number one reason people got popular on YouTube and other spaces is not that they are awesome and viral; it is because of the platform recommendation engine working similar to the dating app algorithm explained earlier. Recommendation engines can amplify the best match to a specific individual based on data and patterns. We recommend resources and spaces and can amplify them better than some bougie Black clown working at Black Enterprise magazine acting selectively. We can do better recommendation engines with Black dating matching the right credentials and credibility well beyond profile pics, something Black men and Black women strongly desire in Black dating tech.

Virtual Gifts and Digital Economy.  We can create new paradigms of digital economic goods where, for example, we can create a Black Excellence future suit only proven Black Excellence members can wear at the Starship Nova Noir virtual world. We have a paradigm class of entrepreneurs who can create digital badges, digital clothing, digital worlds (just like we had Black digital asset entrepreneurs in Second Life) to support themselves and create their own stores within the virtual realm. The economic element also helps us create virtual simulations where people can virtually buy a non-release product at a virtual pop-up shop and get feedback and learn how to interact. The virtual product is actually a coupon purchased as fundraising – these are the possibilities.

So as you see, Black Excellence is well ahead of the curve, even way past rich rappers and the so-called Black in tech socialite club. We are focused on creating new experiences with new innovations and paradigms. This is actually just the intro article, you will see more updates and news about the worlds, realms, and spaces that we will begin offering. But there is one thing I need you to understand and this is the bonus.

We don’t need to be high-tech: We can create SMS communication and send text messages with a multimedia message or use WhatsApp or Kossier messaging as the medium when a person received a loot crate at the Black hair salon. They can send an SMS text with the code displayed at the fried chicken joint and we read their phone number and reply with an image of a QR code coupon or barcode coupon to scan as part of their loot crate – this is how we can now create new levels of paradigm to empower and progress Black economic activity while Jay-Z and P.Diddy still talking about that Black directory app with all the money they got. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide