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Homeless 2.0: Transitioning from Stigma to Off-Grid Solo Journey and Survival

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The American capitalistic system has a cruel propaganda system mandating free citizens must create value or be punished through marginalization. This means if you do not sell out to corporatists and create value to capitalism, you should lose income, lose your home, lose your car and lose access to essential utilities and healthcare.

You will see stuff in the Wall Street Journal such as “toss the bums out on the street!” or “get a job you bum” or “sucking on the Dole” by mostly White Privilege partisan hacks promoting this system within America. In reality, homelessness in America is really a 40-year phenomenon in America and we need to realize this fact.

Before 40 years ago, we have settlers, frontiersmen, journeymen, travelers, gypsies, rustlers who didn’t have a permanent place to lay their heads but they also became community settlers. Before we had monasteries, encampments, hostels, settlement towns, and more for these traveling people to lay their heads or temporarily settle down before moving on.

Something Not Right About the Urban Homeless Construct

The urban homeless we see today, it’s like no one asks where this urbanized homeless come from. This urbanized homeless is someone acquiring a flimsy tent and setting out on a sidewalk somewhere.  Then you see crazy stuff like household furniture in these urban tent encampments that are moldy and broken and dangerous. Then you see poor sanitary practices and this is very unsafe to create a diseased-based camp.

But the biggest thing you see is this kind of homeless was created on purpose – to show us this is where we will end up if we do not add value to the American capitalistic system. We have scumbags in political office scapegoating the homeless as an annoyance and to bulldoze their tents or make it illegal to make an urban encampment. We have scumbags who want us to believe these are primarily drug users and mental illness and castoffs of our society – that is not the majority picture, we looking at people who are economically marginalized.

We have to press the pause button and ask ourselves an honest question – is this really homeless or is this really systemic oppression driven by the capitalistic machine?

There are Real Solutions and Real Paradigms

If you travel the world, you will see migratory human patterns have evolved for thousands of years. If we look at the Middle Ages European monastery model and the Buddhist monastery model, the monks were literally homeless people that gave up their material possessions and worked as a collective for the monastery and dressed properly among the people. They had “mad monks” which I assume was mental illness but they were accommodated as well. That was a solution for the homeless.

In early America, the Amish built settlements and pretty much use the same model but to accommodate a generational family-orientated society within a society. Build their own homes and structures and have their own family value system and use organic innovation such as a horse and a buggy. In these examples, we should see patterns. The first pattern is establishing conformity and enforcing it.  The second pattern is establishing economic and systems to maintain a quality of life to accommodate living as a person not attached to materialism or the capitalistic system.

In modern history, there are ultra-modern takes on a solution. The most modern is modeled after the US military forces training. Setup an encampment and people live in shared sleeping areas with shared showers and toilets and common areas. We live in modern technology where folks can bring a laptop and have shared mobile wireless access to write clickbait articles swagger jacking from other clickbait media producers to generate income to fund their settlement.

If we look at Tokyo where people work way into the dark hours of the night, they have capsule hotels where you sleep in a fractional sleeping unit and have common areas to work on your laptop or grab your backpack and hit the city and go around. Capsule hotels or just bed cots with cardboard dividers can be fractional where the homeless can focus on a place to sleep, take a shower and then just grab their bookbag and hit the city.

We have real solutions, real processes, real technology nowadays to transition what we see as homeless that is really marginalization and oppression by American White Privilege capitalism – this kind of homeless we seeing around us in the city is not normal and don’t need to exist. You can live as a person and not have a home in the 21st century and be just as okay with someone with a resident.

We Are Going to Search for Solutions to This Homeless Thing

During our global search for solutions, I’m just puzzled at how someone in Southeast Asia for example or even throughout Latin America can have mobile phones to make payments and stay in touch via social media, have headphones and MP3 music player, and live in a communal village with car batteries to charge up their mobile and they are happy with having so little. Then I come back to urban America and see homeless folks living along sidewalks and alleys in tents that were bought from Sams Club?

We are going to look at all existing patterns from UN refugee camp creation documentation to smart village modernization in China and I really want to give Xi and his extreme poverty elimination plan for working – we have the documentation on how they worked towards this as well. But most important we going to look at our own technology because we built a platform that can build a society with Africa and South America in mind where they can use shipping containers and solar panels to build up mobile-first villages quickly.

That’s the key – mobile-first has removed a lot of pain points about being homeless in America. The second game-changer is cloud platforms, we can create digital jobs like click farms and troll farms for homeless people to earn income to help pay for the homeless settlements. The third factor is alternative energy – solar power, lithium battery, wind power, and hydro-plants – these are scalable to smaller settlements to operate clean energy power. And last – new forms of building structures or leveraging existing structures to build settlements – we can use renewable wood more efficiently to build structures and we can have modular designs that can be shared worldwide.

There is a more advanced technology for homeless settlements such as replacing food kitchens with individual servings that are flash-frozen supplied by outside providers. You can create telemedicine units for homeless people to get video virtual checkups and tele-education for the kids to learn from teachers from remote parts of the world. Rental scooters, rental bicycles shared, and recycle clothing and backpacks that can always be cleaned and re-used.

Please realize the impact of change we can do and not only that, create massive economic opportunity by moving the homeless paradigm from oppression to enabling a quality of life for people without a home. We have to define the level of poverty such as extreme homeless that we discussed to transitional homeless where temporary housing can be set up like the UK housing council program.  Many solutions are actually scalable to create a better quality of life in places like South Africa or Vietnam where we can create capsule room solutions for fractional sleeping quarters to membership model access to food and materials at a pantry.

Please note we have an emerging homeless model where people live out of their cars and drive to cities to do ridesharing or grocery shopping or work at an Amazon factory in a town. Most of my Uber/Lyft drivers are moving to city from city like Dallas or Orlando or Charlotte but originally from Ohio or New York.

The American homeless system is designed to punish people and deny them dignity and quality of life. For too long we had a White Supremacy system worried about someone on welfare buying steak and lobster wanting us to be denied enjoyment. These are mostly libertarians and the victims are African-Americans and marginalized disabled veterans. Nah, we need to wake up and rise up and say we can do better than this in a mobile-first, cloud-first world with sustainable solutions and provide quality of life for everyone. Everybody don’t need to work for capitalism to exist in America, that’s not how it works, that’s how racism and corporatism works – let’s be the ones that change this up, right now, this moment in time. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide