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Sean Combs Spent $20 Million on Empower Global While Ed Built a Digital Empire with Value Pawn Laptops

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Yeah, now you see why the upcoming e-book, Dotcoons: A DEI Failure needed to be written and published. While I didn’t cover P. Diddy and his Empower Global venture, I probably should based on how he went about this Empower Global all f*cked up like another disconnected uppity Black folk.

Here is the underlying story before I get into this article. There is real Black talent in technology and STEM and these are professional, dedicated people I run into as colleagues or just networking or in passing. But when you see the media talking about who doing what in Black tech, they bring up these BS clowns who are showboating and clout-chasing.

Here is the thing I want you to understand at the beginning of this article – talent acquisition. Real ones can research, discern, perform due diligence and seek out real talent around the world for their projects. But somehow, we see over and over, these so-called Black moguls linking up with some mediocre faker and this is what P. Diddy has done with this joke of a platform, called Empower Global.

Let’s talk about that piece of sh*t laughable platform.

The Black Portal/Platform/Marketplace or Whatever

Before I get started, notice how many views and likes P.Diddy got on the “Empower Global” YouTube channel – yes, it says 94 views and 10 likes and 100 something subscribers after 10 months. He got more views on his celebrity YouTube channel but not the kind of numbers expected from someone his level of the game.

P. Diddy has been talking about creating some kind of Black portal for a very long time. He used to go to tech conferences and talk up trying to build something. I remember an interview where he was talking about linking up with Jay-Z to create a portal or directory a while back.

It looks like Sean Combs who have a billion-dollar empire finally decided to get one built up. So, he produced the portal called Empower Global that appear to focus on Black entrepreneurs – I know, saying you global and just targeting Black people, that’s something only these Black identity characters can think of. I used to be that way too, you know.

“Combs announced Empower Global in 2021, and has taken the time to build a best-in-class site. The new platform was designed and built by Black owned TechSparq, an ecommerce design and development company, and supported by Black-owned tech company ChatDesk. Empower Global has a global strategic partnership with Salesforce, and is powered by Marketplacer's best-in-class online marketplace technology.”

“Combs said he’s not looking for financial benefit after he invested $20 million into Empower Global, which allows consumers to purchase products exclusively created and sold by Black entrepreneurs.”

Those two quotes came from the press release of Empower Global and a snippet from Vanity Fair. I will talk about the “best in class” site from “black -owned” TechSparq that is pretty much a pile of sh*t.

The Real Ones Who Can Pull it Off

In the comment section of the launch video, look at these clowns and the stuff they write up basically licking P. Diddy booty for attention. “Puff doing his thing across generations!” – I mean, who sit at a keyboard and type this kind of ass-kissing crap, for real?

This is what I learned and most of you learned – these same characters d*ck-riding P. Diddy or Puff will not write a word online about their own family member, their friends from school if that person decide to become an entrepreneur, they will only talk like this about a celebrity and won’t support someone in their own circle.

See, real Black Excellence has to deal with this kind of crap from their own people and the Black community wonder why all the real ones left the hood and left them alone. Now you know why I don’t bother with the Black community anymore and moved on to bigger and better things.

Your own people will see you working your tail off to launch your own company and won’t give you praise but will run their damn mouth all day on P. Diddy launching Empower Global in a comment section somewhere.

This is why people like me won’t even bother to recruit, hire, work with, partner with, do business with any of these type of clowns in the Black community we see online typing this kind of stuff because we know they don’t support their own circle and their own family trying to achieve the same goal.

Empower Global Site

If you go to the Empower Global site, it looks more like a dead mall in Iowa. The site is extremely amateurish and generic – I saw the dude running TechSparq looking all smug with his blog like he running the tech game or whatever – this is the kind of cheap sh*t he get paid by P. Diddy to create?

This photo above is the current shop site; it is a horrible blank page, and the SSL on the URL has expired. P. Diddy launched this 10 months ago and claim to spend $20 million and this is all he gets is a blank page?

There is a story behind this mediocre product and Black identity and why I had to write the upcoming book on these Dotcoons. We looking at Black people who are full of themselves and use Black identity in a world full of Asian and Indian and East Bloc tech talent working out of Dubai and Barcelona.

In a world of global diversity, we got these uppity Black dudes with nothing to bring to the global landscape but a Black identity complex.  

The Black Boule in the 21st Century

The Black Boule is what is known as “the beautiful ones” among Skinner lab rats. They focused so much on presenting themselves at the “elite Blacks” instead of being truly competitive in a global society. The thing about the Boule is they need Black people to be a lesser kind to justify their existence.

P. Diddy is one of those beautiful ones where he felt the need to create a Black portal for Black people created by a Black-owned business. The reason why is simple, the Boule cannot compete with other races at the elite level and hide behind Black identity and Black people.

You and I both know a Black person can just use Amazon or Google to promote their business with far better results than this Empower Global stuff.

The So-Called Hood Cats in the 21st Century

These are the brothas and sistas who operate like sewer rats, period. But here is the catch – they are not really hood, they posing like they are. Real hood are knuckleheads that are fully on the path of going to jail or dying. These are cats who came from single moms and confused – they be the ones typing stupid sh*t in the TikTok and YouTube comment section.

A lot of them come out in the real world hiding behind some kind of Blackness, made-up Black religion or following some charlatan online and giving their money to some Black cause. They also cannot compete against their counterparts in the real world. These are the ones when they see a brotha like me really doing it, really about it, they run like roaches.

The reason they run like roaches is simple – they think too small and seeing someone looking like them going big, they cannot handle it.

Black Excellence Just Go Big in the 21st Century

When it comes to real ones like myself and others like myself, we are competing on the global stage with our talents in the 21st century. I don’t and will never hire a damn Black-owned firm, that don’t mean sh*t to me. I don’t need Black-orientated or Black-identity customers because they broke and limited in their mind and their money.

I don’t act better than other Blacks and too good or have to brag about the money. I go straight to the pawn shop and get a cheap laptop and refurbish it with an SSD and max out the RAM and turn it into an operating system for the platform that I have built.

My platform is leap years ahead of anything P. Diddy can envision and I didn’t even spent $20,000 vs P. Diddy spending $20 million and got a joke of a result. The part I like about myself is I be waiting on these clowns to run their mouth in the Black community about I’m faking or not all that because real folks know I actually do have the setup in both Tokyo and Dubai and here in Atlanta with actual tech talent from all over the world, not Black faces or playing some Black identity game.

The photo you see of the building with the anime girl, that’s what I’m capable of building from laptops I got at Value Pawn and Jerry’s on Piedmont. I did get some laptops from Cash America and Dynasty Pawn as well but that is just testament how a Shaolin monk can take on well-armed soldiers with just a stick and skills.

See, that building above has a real prototype that I already demonstrated to groups around the world who are excited about what I’m doing. I don’t need any approval or validation from the Black community, they know what they can do and where they can go after not supporting me, I don’t need folks that didn’t believe in a brotha, for real.

A real prototype that is not a directory/marketplace but an actual platform that I talked about over and over on this blog. We can scale all over the world and that means a Black entrepreneur or any entrepreneur can get on my platform with true global distribution as I have global nodes and data hubs already setup.  

You know the funny part? I have built up a global digital platform that supersede the record label model where I can run the production, distribution, and royalty management while signing blockchain-based deals with artists that P. Diddy should had the vision to pursue with his $20 million dollars but I did my sh*t on used laptops from a pawn shop.

The dotcoon era is over – Black Excellence going to move forward in a true global marketplace and make ourselves be felt all over the world. No more goofy nonsense like a Black-owned business on a platform limiting them to just Black people – we going for ours all the way from now on. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide