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The Black in Tech Shutdown Pre-Show

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

This is a backgrounder article to discuss the whole “Black in tech” scheme created by losers who simply cannot compete on the global scale against their global counterparts. This is a pre-show before we showcase a real platform, built globally and 100% owned by a ghetto Black dude from the West Side of Chicago with pawnshop equipment. 

This is a pretty funny story because it never ends well for Black sellouts, tokens, wannabees. Black Excellence is not a status – it's a purpose and fulfillment that comes from the heart. So let's talk about this tragedy before the triumph. 

First, Black in Tech Groveled the White Tech Establishment

Let me explain something about our Black folks – they are making up all kinds of rules in their head and don't even be close to the action to know how to get things done. The Black in tech crowd believed they will be legit and recognized if they get the White tech establishment to recognize them if they groveled. 

You saw Black people doing everything to be recognized in Silicon Valley like appearing in White tech magazines, have White VC firms give them money or attend White tech conferences and given a space to speak and run their mouth. The thought was if the White tech establishment recognizes these Black in tech by groveling, these Black in tech can claim they are better than other Blacks in tech because they been acknowledged and validated by structural white privilege in Silicon Valley. 

Black in tech was chasing deals, for real, after what they have done to our Lauryn Hill. 

We witnessed a whole bunch of funny stuff over the years with the groveling. We saw Blavity Afrotech hosting their Black tech conferences in Silicon Valley groveling when the majority of Black tech talent is concentrated in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia corridor. We also saw a clown named Brian Bracken who obviously gave up more than half of his ownership to brag he got VC funding and they kicked his butt out of his own company. Boy, they were messing themselves up just to adhere to the fake rules they made up to be Black in tech. 

Black people do not need to grovel Silicon Valley to make it big in the technology sector. There are plenty of funding options, grants, corporate partnerships to launch tech ventures as a Black tech entrepreneur. You can get everything you need to launch and thrive without ever talking or even acknowledging Silicon Valley exists. Stay true to yourself and the mission and the vision you have for your tech venture – don't be like these Black in tech clowns making up fake rules about being funded, being in a photo with a VC, or being featured in a White tech media write-up, all of that does not matter to a real venture – creating solutions and demand is all you need to focus on. 

Black in Tech Found Out How Racist Silicon Valley Really Is


After groveling and shuffle dancing to be recognized by Silicon Valley, some of these Black in tech got jobs and other opportunities. Then the Black in tech was in for a shock of their life. They found out quickly nobody in Silicon Valley like Black people like that. These Black in tech were used as tokens for photo ops to claim a Silicon Valley firm has diversity and inclusion. These Blacks were ignored and excluded from tech project briefings and just left out of the pocket. The Black in tech was given the unrecognized monkey work, not the highly visible work. 

This is funny because these Black in tech knew they were getting the short end of the stick working in Silicon Valley but wanted to brag to the rest of the Blacks folks they working in Silicon Valley. Some of them broke and left when they saw they were about to get fired because they are not a “cultural fit” meaning they were not White or Asian. We then heard about Black women chasing Silicon Valley only to be sexually harrassed by ugly White guys. Then they writing articles on Medium talking about being Black at Google or being Black at Twitter and the racism they faced. 

This is something I see all the time throughout my life – Black folks be wanting to be a sellout to get into White circles only to go in and get disrespected and treated like an n-word to be used up and disposed of. But that Black person cannot tell you their true situation because they want to make you believe they are doing great being around White privilege structures. 

Don't fall for the clown stuff and use your common sense – if they don't like us Black people, then don't do business with them or engage with them and find someone else to work with. These Black in tech acting like they were going to be treated differently after groveling. Now they realize how Black they really were, they wanted to find a new place to do their Black in tech. 

Black in Tech Thought They Can Take Over Atlanta


You saw news stories about Blavity moving to Atlanta or Tristan Walker moving to Atlanta and these groups tried to create propaganda that Atlanta is the new mecca for Black in tech. The problem with this narrative is Atlanta has always been the mecca for Black in tech since the 1990s when the Internet began. These cornballs were trying to get writeups in Atlanta news, Atlanta magazines, and stuff like that to promote themselves to the Atlanta market. 

But you know the Atlanta I know, they ain't feeling some outsiders coming in talking they about they taking over Atlanta. First of all, these cornball Black in tech have nothing to offer of value or bring to a city with huge Black legends and already established old school Black in tech talent already working heavily in the Atlanta market. So the real Atlanta kept their distance from these brand new acting Black in tech characters. 

Look at Tristan Walker who likes to portray himself as moving to Atlanta to start up his beauty line brand – he ain't got anything on the Bronner Brothers. Tristan Walker self-promoted himself in a weekend Wall Street Journal article earlier in 2021 and the comment section ripped his clown behind apart. One person wrote a comment saying they checked Tristan Walker's personal address and said he lives nowhere near Atlanta while Tristan Walker was pretending he was chilling out at Atlantic Station talking about how he loves Atlanta and stuff. That cornball doesn't have any moves or leverage here in Atlanta. 

You want to know who really came down and took over Atlanta? Hood Chicago came down and moved down to Atlanta – Ed Dunn people and folks moved down here to Atlanta and took over. Isn't that kinda funny? These cornball Black in tech thought they were going to take over Atlanta but Chicago came down and they know who Ed Dunn is from the West Side of Chicago – so guess who got a real army now down here in Atlanta? 

Black in tech better watch themselves around Ed Dunn and Chicago, we do more than pocket watch on cats talking up their money and fame-seeking attention. We binary on the game – we either make it or straight take it where I'm from. 

Yeah, that's funny but not as funny as the stuff Black in tech was creating.

The Actual Black Community Saw How Whack Black in Tech Was

Even after convincing White tech to give Black in Tech millions in funding, they started releasing products that were substandard and a joke. Most of the stuff they released were non-upgradable and just gimmick apps and easily reproducible workflows. The Black community looked at what the Black in tech was creating and saw they were a joke and had no real solutions for Black people. 

And that was the rub – these Black in tech talk all that being Black stuff but cannot create actual solutions and create value that benefits Black people and the Black community. The Black in tech was just creating fluff pieces to be featured in a magazine or White tech media so they can see recognition. See, it was all about the Black in tech fragile ego to want to be noticed and want to be seen. So, the Black community quickly recognized Black in tech as clout-chasing garbage. 

You noticed you don't see Black Media and Black socialites really don't welcome the Black in tech crowd? I mean, they welcome Ed because they know Ed Dunn put in that real work, and I get invited to the real circles of old school connects and established because I have a real resume and professional history. People know who Ed Dunn is in this game and a lot of people worked directly with me on projects. 

Look, you cannot fluff or socialite your way in the tech industry. You really have to be about the skills and the solutions and delivering value. Because the tech industry is no different than the entertainment industry – you got to please the crowd if you want their business. The Black in tech biggest flaw is their desperation to be acknowledged and recognized instead of having real tangible things to show their Black identity they hide behind instead of helping the underlying Black community they supposed to be creating value for. 

Real Black Excellence Do Things 100% Their Way

Real Black tech folks can move any way they want, handle things any way they want, and say whatever they want to say. Because at the end of the day, it's those skills that empower Black Excellence to execute their vision. You know how to recognize a real one as a Black tech talent – they got swagger and can back that swagger up. 

Black Excellence in tech doesn't need to brag about money – if you cannot figure out they got money, you don't know money when you see it, plain and simple. Black Excellence in tech be on the other side of the world handing stuff like that one Black tech guy who goes to Japan all the time. Black Excellence don't need to show a broke clown who is following Boyce Watkins on YouTube a damn thing. 

Real Black Excellence work in silence, move in silence and handle things largely as far away from Black ignorance as possible. It's Black in tech that is trying to get everybody to notice them. But Black in tech is out there running their mouth, seeking attention and getting a little annoying and they are not real Black in tech. 

So what you are going to see is real Black Excellence in tech deal with these Black in tech fools who are trying to get their name out but don't get a product out worth anything. It's time for Black Excellence to shut down the Black in tech nonsense because in reality, the Black in tech crowd is part of Black Ignorance and was never serious about creating value for the Black community. The Black in tech crowd was only interested in trying to create a special class for themselves to move around the global tech industry as a grievous class. 

Notice one fact the Black in Tech want you to ignore - Ed Dunn grew up in the Chicago Housing Projects, Ed Dunn served in the military to find a way out and pay for his education, Ed Dunn began his Internet career in 1996 both funded ventures and professional career, Ed Dunn launched his own company that is 100.1% Black-owned. Ed Dunn has global team and global product - none of those Black in tech will stand next to me because I will crush the living crap out of them on any stage, anywhere - they just got lightweight stuff to babble on about, Black Excellence will show Black people how to rise up and build up in that same conversation - they know they won't last a minute. Notice how Blacker I am and my history and I don't go around this world talking up "Black in tech" and just be about it.

So this is that pre-show message – we are going to take down this weak Black in tech thing and focus on true Black Excellence in tech – best in class, world-class solutions, and value creation. 

Surprising and Taking Down Mofos

Toshikiso by The Manufactured Solution is going to launch hard on these cats that we going to take down and shut down this Black in tech nonsense. Black. The Black in tech painted themselves as a grievous class that needs funding from Silicon Valley and they in turn took that money to create media propaganda that they special because they received funding and started talking about their so-valuation. 

Meanwhile, Ed Dunn firm is 100.1% Black-owned at the moment – West Side Chicago Black-owned, too. I see yall want to be selective about who is “Black-owned” out here because none of yall is pure Black-owned and got the platform like Ed Dunn. Notice how quiet they are and you see Black folks say “don't mention his name!” lol – you see all that, you know something is up. White tech media know who I am and they scared too – because they know Black Excellence in tech don't need White tech media to get their name out. 

Toshikiso is an API platform that is the modern decentralized and networked-driven operating systems like Amazon and AWS. Let me explain something because let's talk about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both of these tech titans created an operating system or framework to empower skilled and talented programmers to create code and create solutions and we can see the same pattern with Google creating platforms and Facebook creating platforms and Amazon creating platforms to allow talent and skill create solutions against their platform. 

Toshikiso is the same way – we created the platform to help talented and skilled brothas and sistas empower themselves to create solutions. That is what we going to demonstrate with Toshikiso and you will see we are on the same trajectory as the tech titans. Notice Black in tech doesn't have anything platform or framework and you want to know why? Because empowering Black folks isn't what Black in tech want to do – Black in tech want Black folks to admire them as a superior member of our people and looking for attention and validation, they not looking to empower anyone, not even themselves. 

Toshikiso will be shutting down this whole Black in tech nonsense in our community 5-7 lines of code at a time. 

Watch Real Black Tech Move Fast on Black in Tech Clowns

Being Black Excellence in tech allows you to take ownership and move the way you want to move. You can make decisions on your own, you can meet with anybody you want around the world with your own setup and cut deals. You can pivot and make mistakes without anybody's permission to tell you what to do and how to do it. And the money – that's your Black Excellence money and you don't need to share it with any and tell anybody except the IRS. 

One thing Black in tech messed up major is not realizing we live in a globally competitive industry. That means I have allies and competitors all over the world from India to East Europe to Southeast Asia and have access to diverse talent and skills all around the world. Meanwhile, Black in tech just want to clique and run a social club in Atlanta, Black folks just hanging around other Black folks trying to see who is the most special Black person. 

So when we launch, we will be launching all over the world and if you really check out Ed Dunn, he is truly followed by people all over the world and see that he got a bigger ASEAN market than the African-American market because of the solutions offered are global solutions. Black Excellence doesn't need to sit around trying to impress Black folks when they got the whole world to take over. Let me explain something – I have seen the fine Brazilian sistas programming hard down there and I see the proper brothas in places like Dubai creating complex systems, some American clown brotha or clown sista wanting to brag about his/her little bubble world ain't phasing me one bit. 

Toshikiso and the Manufactured is scalable. Our revenue model is post-paid billing where we operate as a utility company. We charge per-access against our platform just like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud service and we board people and cut people off automatically. We send out invoices and wait for the invoice to get paid for people who use our platform successfully and see the value. By being post-paid, we can be flexible all around the world and outsource our billing and collections to a local firm in Bangladesh for example, we scaling up the money while Black in tech talk about they got funding and have to impress VCs and investors. 

Our infrastructure is hybrid with on-premise and off-premise and cloud-based solutions. In most cases, our customers can run their business from our platforms or they can code directly against the API platform. We will be distributing our product directly to the skilled and talented through repositories like GitHub and NuGet and they can download it directly – no need to ask White media to give a writeup for a Black Excellence – we just deliver value and compel the real talent to accept and incorporate. 

So right now, you see how we going to be moving on these Black in tech characters so hard, they getting shut down. Because let's explain something – a Black-owned company doesn't mean a damn thing to the Black community. What means something is creating a world-class firm that Black people can grow and thrive like Motown Records and you cultivating Black talent like Diana Ross and Michael Jackson to become their own superstars – that's real Black Empire moves, not Black identity nonsense like the Black in tech crowd. 

Yep, Watch How Black Excellence Handle This

So let's review – Black in tech created a made-up Black identity persona to navigate the global tech scene and focused on fame recognition to act like they better than other Black people. In comparison, we see Indian tech talent create global solutions and setups all over the world and cornered the Java and open-source market and consulting scene. That's how weak and messed up the Black in tech crowd are and some of them come from Black bougie backgrounds when most Indians and tech came from a low-caste system – think about how others moving fast on these cornball Black folks trying to play crab in the barrel instead of building the global empire mindset. 

Black Excellence has a bigger “world is yours” mindset. We created frameworks, platforms and we use post-paid billing to generate revenue all over the world. We have both cloud and on-premise and edge solutions to scale and expand our services around the world to grow a global empire. We work with and serve customers all around the world and built our empire from the beginning to operate in that fashion. 

See, the real goal is to not be some cornball Black person smiling on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine – that's cornball stuff right there. The real goal is to build a true global firm that can accommodate and grow everybody including Black folks without the White privilege stuff in the way of progress. That's why Black Excellence cut out Silicon Valley from the plan while Black in tech run to Silicon Valley to grovel them. 

That means we can get Black Excellence to work out the office in Japan when it opens up. That means we can tap Black Excellence on the shoulder to help build out the Croydon, UK office as well and other market locations. Black in tech don't have true infrastructure or framework, don't have markets and locations being built out, just talking about having a “scene” in Atlanta. See, that's the difference between real ones and fake ones. 

But most important and this is the takeaway. Black in tech wants you to admire them because they want attention centered around them, appearing in articles writeups looking for recognition. Black Excellence want to empower Black folks to create their own solutions and thrive and build solutions to help the people help themselves – teach them how to fish. That's how Black in tech going to get shut down hard when Black folks start focusing on their self-empowerment instead of following the self-aggrandizing clowns we got out here. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide