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How to Prepare Your Black-Owned Firm to Be Acquired By a SPAC

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

For several years, we witness an embarrassing, shameful display by so-called Black tech entrepreneurs who were groveling Venture Capital firms for investment. These characters were bragging about how they grovel Venture Capital firms to validate them and that VC firm gave them money and took a share of their company. They were smiling about giving up a percentage of their startup to brag a VC gave them a term sheet. Then want to claim they “secured the bag” talking about fake “valuations” and most of this came from Morgan DeBaun and her clickbait Blavity and cornball Blavity AfroTech circle clique scene – she manifested this goofy stuff.

Actually, they didn’t secure sh*t – these cornball Black tech startups got a term sheet that tells them Venture Capital will invest in phases if they meet conditions at each phase to get funded. This is no different than a hip-hop clown bragging they got signed and they get nothing but an advance they have to recoup through profits later on with a 5-7 future album deal. All of these cornballs do the same thing whether they call themselves getting signed to a label or getting an investment term sheet from Venture Capital – they compromise their own empire growth and direction to brag to me and you that someone outside is pouring money into them. These dumbass characters don’t know they lost the war the minute they signed their line on that nonsense. They sold out their own dreams and control to someone else to brag they been signed. All they secured was a sh*t bag.

Jay-Z said it best – we still signing deals, after what they did to our Lauryn Hill?

In 2021 there is a better option to launch, grow and eventually go public with your company and that is through a SPAC acquisition. This is the only proper path for any Black startup entrepreneur to grow with unlimited potential and don’t have to kiss butt on the way up like the butt-kissing Blavity AfroTech characters want to do. I mean come on, ain’t you tired of us Black folks having to be paternal-seeking to get somewhere?

What are SPACs?

SPACs are special purpose acquisition companies and also known as “blank check” firms. SPACs are formed as a public traded company with the goal of acquiring an existing company in the future. Investor purchases warrants which give them the right to buy a share of stock at a certain price, usually 11.50 a warrant. This is similar to stock options that employees get at startups where they can buy the stock at a set price in addition to their salary.

SPACs are similar to crowdfunded but done on a bigger scale – SPACs aim to raise anywhere from $100 million to $1.5 billion to acquire a company. The SPACs are usually managed by veterans in the investment industry who is looking for a specific type of company that matches the SPAC theme. The hot SPACs now are being formed to purchase startup EV firms. What is cool about SPACs is the startup firm being acquired will instantly become a public traded company, bypassing the whole Venture Capital games and their silly rounds of funding charades.

What Are SPACS Looking For

Now that you know what a SPAC is, this is a huge opportunity for you that never been available before. Your goal at this point is to create a SPAC-desired firm and put it out there on the market to be acquired. You should also laugh at the Blavity AfroTech characters who currently caught up with VC firms with diluted values and have to answer to that VC firm in terms of their growth and direction. That’s what they get for trying to kiss butt and act like we supposed to admire them. Man, Black folks love to compromise their hustle just to say someone gave them validation and acceptance by signing them or giving them a term sheet – why my people be acting like that?

What a SPAC wants is a company that has solid fundamentals and can excite retail and institutional investors to jump in, especially when rumors that a SPAC is in talks to acquire a firm. That’s what your focus needs to be any way in your startup – focus on fundamentals instead of Facebook followers. You also want to be exciting and not the boring stuff I see coming out of that Blavity AfroTech clique nonsense. Yawn, someone created a calendar to book barber/salon appointments, things you can do with Microsoft Office 365 or other cloud services.

Create Your Firm to Be Acquired By a SPAC

Now, my company The Manufactured Solution, that’s something attractive to get a Big SPAC attack coming our way. We have a digital lifestyle app that drives commercial platforms to create businesses, applications, e-commerce product-service systems and drive smart city technology. We can scale up to launch in almost any city or region around the world and we use post-paid billing. So you know our trajectory and our path, and I didn’t know about SPACs until a few people found me and emailed me to get my firm set up for it – they read my Medium articles.

If you want to focus on being acquired by a SPAC there are things you must prepare before you even think about what type of startup you need to create. These are the things you need to consider.

Payment Method. There is no such thing as a “business model” – you need a “payment model” for a real business. This is the first thing you sit down and learn how to figure out. The best model is the membership model for digital services with recurring billing on a card on file. That’s streaming video, streaming music and business-to-business digital services offered as subscription services. Even if you selling a physical product, figure out a way to get a card on file like PayPal or Stripe and auto-charge them as a member each month. Taking cash at cash registers is not the best option and the worst for scale and growth.

Cost of Goods Sold. This is important for the product or service you are offering. Selling a physical product is not profitable, firms actually take a loss per unit sold. What firms focus on is providing additional services such as smartphones data usage or a warranty plan for a car – you should focus on digital services that support or augment products or lifestyle. An AI chatbot or robo-advisor can talk to a million people at the same damn time and charge all of them a fee at the same damn time – the cost of that AI chatbot was some lines of code you created on a used computer you bought at the pawnshop.  

Global Scalability. This means you can enter free markets around the world and scale-up. That means to move into Latin America and translate everything into Spanish/Portuguese. That means to move into the EU and support Italian, Deutsch, French language, and cultural formats. It also means moving into Asian and African markets as well. You not sitting in some lame Blavity AfroTech social media group with some fantasy Black tech clique they made up in their own heads to carry out pissing contests – you are expanding your empire around the world and bringing growth and revenue.

Listen to what I was telling you to create – you need the mindset to create a global-based digital service firm that uses automated billing payments. Once you understand that foundation, you can tailor your business to anything you want. But it has to be a model that goes big and goes global. Then you will be something a SPAC has to look at to find a business to acquire.

For example, cloud-based microservices that can analyze data for retailers accounting books or review their security cameras' video feed for traffic patterns are digital services you can bill once a month and expand anywhere in this world. Become a crypto-broker that can vault crypto keys for bigger crypto-exchanges and you charge per access and storage fees each month. Think subscription rental of luxury Hermes bags or other expensive clothing. This is 2021 and you got to think bigger like you playing Cyberpunk 2077 and the future is now.

SPACs are the New Direction

SPACs are proliferating so much that they will be pressured to acquire something in the future. You want to be in that number when the SPACs come marching in to look for a firm to acquire – that is your focus, not listening to groveling sellouts at Blavity AfroTech chasing VCs and talking about “securing the bag” which sounds like stupid talk.

Learn first how to make payments happen – create a PayPal merchant account or Stripe account and learn how to accept credit cards, corporate checks and setup recurring services and invoicing. You master your money-getting first, okay? Then you learn how to create a datastore like a database that can hold global language settings so you can customize for a customer anywhere in the world. That means if someone from Japan logs into your site, you capture their culture-info settings off their phone and you show them everything in their language and format – that’s how you set up for a global scale.

Last, you create your business model that is based on recurring billing and globalization. These are cloud-based microservices that do few functions, these can be matching and broker services using graph database technology. Just from the last two sentences you should have thought of business models like a dating matching service with subscription billing, licensing soccer streams from local Asian and African soccer clubs, run an advertising and coupon network globally – see, that’s your level of thinking to be SPAC ready. 


Ed Dunn

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