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American Soy Boy: The Brian Laundrie Reaction

Sunday, September 19, 2021

If you saw this trending story about a YouTuber is missing and her boyfriend is not cooperating, the first you should have done is not been outrage. The first thing you should have done was start writing an e-book to sell on Amazon to seize the current fervor so you can pay off your student loan or pay off your mortgage, that’s what you should’ve done.

Before we go any further, this type of story happens every day in the Black community and is ignored by mainstream media every day.  A young brotha is killed walking home or a young sista is raped and killed after a party and the other kids know something. Then parent of a murdered child in the hood who knew everyone in the community is trying to find out and see everybody telling their kids to be quiet about what really happened. This leaves the parent not knowing the truth and, in some cases, where young sistas go missing or abducted, her friends, classmates, and other young brothas and young sistas know something but don’t say anything either. This is every day in the Black community – so don’t act like we should be shocked by the nature of this story. The majority of the high murder rate in Chicago is because of this scenario.

Note: Years ago, I wrote a short story on Dream and Hustle about this very same topic about a single mother screaming her baby ain’t done nothing and he had to make the choice to stand up and take the charge or stay silent.

This trending story is a goldmine. Two naïve hipsters in an old Ford Transit filming themselves on YouTube with a following, young couple turned tragic with a weird twisted outcome. But what has people engaged in this story is a deeper issue that you can take advantage of right now and start authoring an e-book on this aspect of this case - Brian Laundrie reaction.

At the stage of this story, it really isn’t about the shock of Gabby fate, the real shock that is bothering the world right now is Brian Laundrie whole look and demeanor. When I saw the YouTube videos of Gabby and Brian, the first reaction any bro or chick would say is he look off – he looks weird and doesn’t carry himself like a real boyfriend or a real man, he looks like a soy boy. He has a penis-shaped bald head and receding hairline halfway up his head for a young dude and trying to compensate with all that hair on his eyebrows and beard. His facial and body reactions in the YouTube videos are really weird like he ain’t been through the trials of fire to achieve manhood.

Then he pulled a shocking soy boy move. Something happened and he left Gabby out there and he drove all the way back to Florida to his mommy and daddy's house in Gabby's car, using Gabby's phone. This is the reaction that is shocking America. Then they lawyered up and Brian staying silent about what happened and why he showed up in Florida without his fiancé. This is the real shocking part because this is not what a real man does and this is not the code of manhood.

What Brian did was betray the code of man, the code of a husband, and the code of a matriarchy. He is a soy boy and made a soy boy decision and Brian Laundrie thinks he deserves to be alive and exists in society – that is what pissing off and shocking people. The primal role of a man is to be the protector and security of the woman he has chosen to take on as his wife. No man just shows up in his woman's car and she is missing from the road trip and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it.  Your natural reaction if someone came to you with that nonsense is you going to make them talk about it and you got all the time in the world to hear their explanation.

But this is where it gets more shocking – Brian, a grown adult did not take responsibility for whatever happened in Big Sky country, he drove back to his momma house thousands of miles like a soy boy that needs his momma to solve his problems.  He took his problem and brought it to his mom and dad instead of handling it on his own. This was a man set to marry a woman and he pull this kind of soy boy move? That also makes people pissed off as well. But the real upsetting part is how the parents of Brian Laundrie acted and that’s even further shocking and awe.

Brian Laundrie parents sheltered him and lawyered him up and they all staying silent about Gabby being left behind and now missing or not heard from her. No care was given to the Gabby family and giving Gabby family answers and search for answers or even closure. The Laundrie family have Gabby family out there suffering from uncertainty and fearing the worst, day by day. They became selfish and only thinking about “the best interest of Brian” – now we see the parenthood code being broken. You don’t blindly defend your child if he is withholding information about the harm of another child or furthermore, their future daughter-in-law. You don’t like your child bring this kind of mess into your house, especially if you old – your grown adult child solves their own problems or take responsibility for their own action.

You should have realized this is the kind of story that you get out on Amazon Kindle immediately while the world is paying attention to developments and talking about the people in the story. These are called current affairs stories and what you focus on is understand why people are so interested in the story. As we stated, people are upset because society's codes were broken. The love and faith code has been broken, the bounded trust was broken, manhood codes were broken. The paternal code has been broken as well, which was very weird and unnecessary.

Right now, if you got student loans and see everybody emotional about this story, you should have broken out your laptop and got to writing a short e-book to sell on Brian Laundrie. Knowing all the angles of this case you should look at the raw emotional element, not the facts of the case. There is no need to talk about Gabby, everybody is mad at Brian Laundrie and his soy boy decision. You have a lot of angles to cover in that e-book.

Alpha Males Browbeating Soy Boys. Cater to the alpha male ego by describing this is not the definition of a real man. Explain how he looks like a beta male and wimp. Talk about how he was a runner from adversity with his own woman. Talk about his weakling looking frame and receding hairline. Talk about how he ran to his momma and daddy's house instead of taking responsibility for his manhood. Then advocate the role of a real man and standing by his woman, protecting his woman even when she is wrong you stand right with her as a loyal and strong man. Promote the patriarchy.

Women Wondering if She Dating a Soy Boy. I would go at the angle of having women questioning if she currently dating a soy boy like Brian Laundrie. I would focus on fear propaganda scaring her to think of things her current boyfriend is doing. I would really have her thinking will her soy boy boyfriend do the same thing Brian Laundrie has done? Would the soy boy leave her stranded when she needed him the most? Would the soy boy run back to his mommy and daddy when adulting gets tough? Lecture that woman about finding a real alpha man that would have made sure she got back home to her parents, not have her parents suffering from wondering where is their daughter and the soy boy is acting like a  sniveling punk in his emotions, staying quiet.

Parents Wondering If They Dealing with a Soy Boy Child. No parent raises their child with devotion and responsibility only to have their child grow up and deal with a soy boy. Talk to parents from both angles, first making sure the person dating their daughter is a man that can hold his own, be the man of the house, and not run from adversity or get caught up in his emotions. Second part because this is the weird one – if you and your spouse are grown, you don’t let your soy boy man-child come back into your house with his mess, bringing it to mess your life up in your golden years. That is the most stupid part of this whole story – I would have told that soy boy man-child doesn’t come to my house and sent him right back where he came from in that Ford Transit. The fact the parents involved themselves in their man-child soy boy mess should never have happened. I would also lecture parents about letting their kids go when they grow up and they live their life out in their golden years.

Van Lifers Wondering If a Dog Get More Likes/Views Than a Soy Boy. I had a woman I was dating who adopted a dog from a shelter and started her van life through big sky country on the West Coast. She gets lots of views with pictures of her and her dog out there in the world on the road and interesting places to stop. I don’t understand for the life of me why Gabby or any woman would drive with a soy boy as if they would get more likes/views – get a dog or find a wolf pup and try to tame to make your van life story interesting. That cute loyal dog angle would have gotten more views and I would explain why a dog should have been a way better option than a soy boy. A dog would actually try to flag down humans, bark at them and guide them back to you if you were in any danger in big sky country.

Pander to Crazed Feminist Hatred of Men. I would have fed the propaganda that Brian Laundrie is the reason why men are garbage and women do not need men. I would have let the feminist look at the police camera video where Brian talks about how she complained Brian smelled and was dirty looking and don’t wash his balls. I would create conjecture that Brian little ego snapped when he was told that he had musty balls and a little dick and he snapped against a petite woman, giving the man-hating feminists the red meat they are looking for out of this story. I would tell these feminists about creating their own van life and point out that Gabby had a lot of female allies who followed her. I gave feminists the ammunition they need to go out and discover their womanhood through van life and kick men out altogether.

This e-book should be written right now, get to Kindle as soon as possible to seize on the current fervor. People are hot and emotional about this story because of a penis-head shaped soy boy who is the symbol of the decay of what real relationships stand for, what real family stands for and the tearing down of what really matters in Americana society, what should really matter to us and the moral codes we live by in this country. You don’t leave your woman behind, you don’t run from your actions, you don’t let a mother and father suffer in grief and anxiety about the whereabouts of their daughters – America wants an answer about this event and your e-book should have fulfilled this demand as soon as you saw this story trending.

This is how you pay off your student loans, not paying just the interest every month. I paid off my student loans so I don’t need to write this e-book. You got student loans, you better start learning to write and sell e-books on current affairs and get them out quickly when events like this happen. 


Ed Dunn

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