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Black Excellence Rejecting Pan-Africanism, Adopting Afro-Asiatic Futurism

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The American Pan-African movement had a major problem – it never had substance and only existed in academia. Look around at the Pan-Africanists, a bunch of goofy Morgan State intellectual academia trying to get tenure at a university, how that’s working out for Boyce Watkins, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and Dr. Cornell West? Damn...

Black folks in the hood cannot eat Kinte cloths or kufi hats, they need to eat real food and make real money to make ends meet. You go to community college and see broke educators wearing their kufi and kinte stuff and you be like damn, you not getting a job at JP Morgan or Google anytime soon going to this Black community college school. In essence, the Black community knows Pan-African is just college-based rhetoric and has nothing to do with navigating through the real world as a Black man or Black woman.

The real world of Black life has been intertwined with Asian life for over 200 years. Black culture has always embraced Asian culture from Kung-Fu movies to Japanese jeans, Japanese tattoos to the sistas acting stuck-up at the Hibachi grill sitting next to a good brotha knowing she don't got a man. Then vice-versa – Asian culture embraces basketball, break-dancing, hip-hop culture, Miles Davis jazz, James Brown funk, Kangol, Fila, Apple Bottom jeans and eat at Denny’s and KFC just like us.

The parallels are the same, both Black folks and Asian people live in high-density urban areas that are complex with plenty of subcultures and the same urban planning and urban lifestyle issues. None of this exists in the concept of Pan-Africanism which is nothing more than city college wage-earning kufi-wearing lecturers with the romanticism of some long-lost connection between Black descendants of slaves and the Africans who sold them off.  

Let’s just shut this lightweight Pan-African stuff down with a simple statement – the real actual functioning Pan-African/African Diaspora – exist in Asia, not Africa. I told you I will shut it down in one statement, didn’t I?

We are all up in Asia interacting - ADOS, Afro-European, Afro-Latinos, Blasians, Ex-military base, and more from Seoul to Shanghai to Tokyo to Singapore. An ADOS sees an African and greet each other, in Asia or give the nod or the look of comrades – Pan-Africanism doesn’t even relate or know anything about that. The same way I don’t tell Chicago brothas about these fine women down here in Atlanta, I’m not telling some ADOS folks about the fine sistas I’m meeting in Asia – quality and thick sistas from the Netherlands or Sweden, nah I’m not telling anybody anything except the sistas in America should know why I walk right by her stuck-up behind because this Black man eyes have seen the true glory – in Asia.

What does Asia have to offer? Well, let’s see.

Market Access to Billions of Potential Customers. Billions of Asia consume Black-inspired products and services. Many Black folks don’t realize that Asians have naturally curly hair and can use the same Black hair care products. There are plenty of Black folks moving to Asia, bring Black American techniques to making Jiffy-Mix style cornbread to hair and face cream as well as urban apparel styles from Black history past 100 years. Meanwhile, we got ADOS cornballs in America peddling “first Black” stuff to a 30 million market cap, go figure.

Urban Planning and Innovation. ADOS live in the most advanced urban communities in world history and are not to be compared to third-world nations in Africa and the Caribbean. Our only counterparts are the major cities in Asia that are outpacing American innovation over one-hundred folds, something they hide from you in American media. They over there talking Tesla when the Chinese EV market is literally exploding right now and mineral rights for lithium is China-dominated. True futurist Black Excellence in STEM are rushing to Asia to learn renewal energy solutions to bring back to America so we can have sharable electric bikes, EV charging station lounges in our ADOS most advanced urban communities.

Jobs, Real Global Citizen Jobs, and Professions.  In Asia, you will find better machine learning jobs, blockchain jobs, computer vision intelligence, data scientist jobs – better than anything you can find in Silicon Valley. You go there, have 2-3 years experience and you can write your ticket anywhere in the world and retire anywhere in the world. You will not get this experience and exposure at places like Google or Facebook or even Microsoft where racial discrimination against Blacks and women is still prevalent in their corporate culture. I meet plenty of fine African sistas in Asia studying to be surgeons to go back to Africa and help their country – meanwhile sistas in America be acting stuck-up at the Hibachi grill around good brothas.

Now compare all the future-facing Afro-Asiatic opportunities to Pan-Africanism which offers nothing but college elective credits for a course in Humanities taught by a broke city college wage-earning professor wearing kinte clothing in the classroom.

You want to be where the action at and the future of ADOS lies in pursuing opportunities where the growth is at, where the money is at, where the innovation is at, and where the patterns and practices that we can bring back home is at. Don’t let some basic broke folks around you tell you different about where everything going for Black Excellence. Africa doesn’t need ADOS, they already working with Asia to build up Africa in case you and that broke city college kufi-wearing professor didn’t get the memo.

Do you really want to go places, real places like the true Black Excellence? Then learn programmable robotic manufacturing lines like in Asia. Learn to create mobile applications and facial recognition kiosks to run membership spaces and transport hubs. Learn how to create true pop-up retailing and mobile payment solutions and innovations in Asia. Learn how to navigate the global supply chain from manufacturing to distribution. Learn global finance to trade with different nations from Asia to the world.

Then you will see exactly what Afro-Asiatic futurism got in store for you. Or you can sit around in America watching the news of people in the Black community getting shot all the time, look at brothas and sistas with lightweight dreams, and having nasty ghetto attitudes talking broke people stuff on Twitter and blogs gossiping about Black celebrities. Pick your choice because when the global market opens back up, watch me be on a subway in Asia listening to a podcast on what’s trending in Asian tech and finance and I noticed a fine Black Sweden chick with curly hair and a thick body walk next to me and watch how easy it is for a brotha to ask her to have a chat over coffee at the café; meanwhile, brothas in America got to sit at the Hibachi grill next to an American sista acting stuck-up and funky. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide