Dream and Hustle

Making Massive Pivot to Accommodating Upcoming Economic Boom

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I was in the middle of releasing several articles but there are things developing very fast in the economic landscape - too much opportunities and paradigms shifts are on the horizon. We are looking at new paradigms of financing for startup businesses, new ways to operate businesses and better data strategies to learn and grow. The days of folks sitting around judging you telling you what makes a business pass or fail are gone - we living in a world of artificial intelligence, machine learning to allow us to pivot on a dime with startup businesses in terms of directions and movement of growth.

In the Black community, things are looking awesome on the horizon. We are seeing disruptions in the entire status quo Black media operations, we are seeing supply chain digitalization and automation to create Black merchants, we seeing new payment schemes from buy now, pay later (BNPL) to invoice financing to help Black-owned business move products and that financing money - it stays in our community and re-invested in our community. And more important, we seeing more and more exchanges and marketplaces to do business-to-business within the Black community. Very important is the shift to membership and sharing economy as well as resale economy. There is not only room for people to get in where they fit in, but we going on to have machines analyze how to get in and how to fit in anywhere.

The global moves in Africa and the African Diaspora are even more lucrative. Just an FYI, Dream and Hustle is becoming more influential throughout Black Europe and Africa because these are entrepreneurial classes Black folks who only option is to go for theirs and do for self. We always strived to make our content portable to what's going on in Africa and Europe but there will be a bigger commitment. In addition, there is another market - Asia, particularly Southeast Asia that has been supporting our works as well. I extract the majority of our patterns and practices to improve our communities from innovation coming out of Asia scene, not garbage Silicon Valley. We will begin to start focusing more on Asian coverage recognizing those who provided us inspiration and show us what real tech solutions look like, not that garbage fluff coming out of Silicon Valley.

Dream and Hustle is built on a streaming model where we can distribute our content not only on the web but different mediums. I have already made improvements to move to multi-channel distribution. We are going to create a similar service like SubStack but we may create our own RSS reader in addition to an email newsletter feed. We are going to focus more on aggregation content platforms and create our own podcast distribution company, create our own article distribution from QR code posters and signage and more - this means authors will be able to join these platforms and become monetized. We are concerned about censorship activities going on in spaces like YouTube and social media platforms and will work to a true space for content creators.

Many people reading this will think I'm promoting all the things we going to roll out through our Manufactured Solution platform - while this is true, most of these solutions can be done through other platforms; the only difference is we going to allow Black folks be Black folks without infringement in running their business operations. Now, there is not going to be porn, gambling or other illicit crap going on in our operations because banks don't do business with that kind of crap - we about getting money and putting money into good things over here. But what we are going to do is create spaces for Black folks to be who they are and we not talking fringe stuff, just everyday Black folks living their lives in technicolor.

I will have to rewrite the upcoming articles on creating organic sustainable business models, creating brokers and consultants to digitalize Black business and even our upcoming article to explain newsletters and magazines are coming back hard within the Black communities - we got a lot of headwinds but there is going to be awesome digital infrastructure, a lot of incoming financing to help folks launch their businesses and setting up marketplaces to perform efficient trading - it's about to be on and Dream and Hustle will be there to lead the charge.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide