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It’s Always Some Sh*t Going On – Stay Focus on Your Master Plan

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I got off a conference and started looking at my notes when my phone rang. I was told to turn on the TV and saw what the rest of you saw going on at the US Capitol. I watched it for a moment and then I turned off the TV and went back to putting in work.

Every time I want to have a launch timing or publish a news event, something comes up. When something comes up, your target audience gets swept up in the current moment. You can plan all you want for a launch or timing of the release - it will be something sensational or a planned event that will push any publishing of your story to the background of your audience's mind.  

Never focus on the right timing, just get your goals, and just launch your operations. Because once you launch and open for the business, the focus is continuous improvement of your operations and strategies. If you develop a true audience for your product or services, they will be there on the launch date you announced, regardless of any distracting events that occur at the timing.

I’m going to have a launch date for my ventures as I launch them in 2021. I will prepare in advance the launch event and business will be going on. I don’t care what holiday comes up, what crazy event happens on the news, or a tweetstorm – my real customers better be ready when I launch.

I will continue putting in work and suggest you carry out the same path in 2021. This year, a whole bunch of things is going to happen unpredictably and crazy. Focus on what you want to get going, turn off the TV, turn off social media, and get done what you want to get done. The fact that so many people are distracted gives you cover and the opportunity to launch in stealth or low-key to improve on your operation.

Stay focus, stay on course in 2021. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide