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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

On behalf of the 3rd Strategic Institute, I would like to welcome you to a new chapter of Dream and Hustle. While the previous Dream and Hustle has been a great episode in my life the past 10 years, I’m more excited about this new direction and our platform.  Me and my 3rd Strategic Institute family built a new media platform from the ground-up based on our experience and where we want to go next. With that said, please allow me to give you a quick introduction and tour of the new Dream and Hustle. 

Channel-Based Programming allow Dream and Hustle to create more compelling and connected media based on a diversity of genre and topics. The hierarchy will be each channel contains original series and each series have episodes. This strategy and approach gives us flexibility and scalability to create fresh and original content. From original programming like Brooklyn Queen in the Blockchain to providing special reporting and coverage, Dream and Hustle has the flexibility to produce any kind of content for our urban lifestyle audience. 

Urban-Based Contributors are being courted to contributed to Dream and Hustle from around the world to provide original programming and content. The previous Dream and Hustle approach was a disaster targeting African-Americans where my own black people treated me as someone they can be dismissive of. Moving forward, me and my team will seek and find the best urban content contributors in the world who can help shape the Afro-Tech story and journey to bring a diverse and rich set of perspectives, techniques and commentary on the urban landscape. 

Multi-Media Platform means Dream and Hustle move into a new paradigm of content offerings. We will have podcast series, videos and white paper downloads in addition to articles. By leveraging Swagg-Scientific Kolin-Avers platform, Dream and Hustle can also offer both streaming media and downloadable media using new channels of distribution from game consoles to digital signage.  

Micro-Payment Subscription Model means Dream and Hustle will no longer be free content that goes unappreciated but new ecosystem with a distinguished subscriber base supporting support quality content. Subscribers will use Swagg-Scientific Kossier digital lifestyle platform to login Dream and Hustle and purchase credits. All content is provided on a pay-per-view basis leveraging blockchain distributed ledger technology. Micro-payments will allow content contributors quickly receive royalty payments when a subscriber pays to read their content. And because the payments are using the Michi settlement token based on the US Dollar, content contributors can earn real revenue and verify they are getting paid what they owe with the blockchain distributed ledger as a medium of trust. 

Artificial Intelligence and Bots will take Dream and Hustle in a new direction and raise the bar of competitiveness among other urban content producers who may simply become obsolete. Our AI system can quickly learn by “reading” from other content repositories and help us create new content and angles to create new stories. Our bots will manage new subscription accounts and contributor payouts. Machine learning allows automation to improve itself and get better over time, leaving human competitors in a limited space. We are confident Dream and Hustle will quickly adapt and generate new strategies to become the premier content provider of urban lifestyle media as a result of our machine learning and automation improvement capabilities. 

Dream and Hustle will play a major leadership role in the Afro-Tech movement my team the 3rd Strategic Institute worked worldwide to cultivate over the past several years. The Afro-Tech movement is manifesting worldwide as more and more members of the African Diaspora look to STEM to create solutions to better themselves, their communities and their future. We hope you join us in our new journey to advance the Afro-Tech movement and provide a new level of content and services to support urban lifestyles and urban entrepreneurs.   


Ed Dunn

From West Side to World Wide