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2018 Leaving Slow Characters at the Airport as Afro-Tech Take Off

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 will be a pivotal year for the Afro-Tech handling their business and risen above adversity to own their story.  The Afro-Tech movement is already picking up global momentum and will gain traction as the journey begin to travel at the speed of light. 

Unfortunately, as we move forward there will always be those black folks that done nothing but sat there running their mouth looking at Noah building an Ark. I have been through several major phases of African-American economic shifts and it is always the same story; some black person always talking up quick money-making schemes while the real cats focus on fundamentals and foundations. And when things hit the fan, the black folks that was on nonsense always get caught up in the flood while the real brothas and real sistas are just smooth sailing because they built an ark like Noah. 

The Afro-Tech cycle of innovation is not disruptive to the status quo; it is devastating. We Afro-Tech have machine learning capability where our machines can capture the voice and words of any cat you guys want to admire on YouTube, sort the words and phrases and provide deeper context from a larger lexicon of word phrases to provide a more deeper analysis.  That means whoever these clowns talking about be “spitting knowledge” or whatever, our AI programs can go deeper. 

Our machines are designed to start businesses and run business efficiently by transforming currency into augmented currency representation. The Michi system can look at a person or enterprise money as “blocks” and figure out how to allocate the “blocks” to spend efficiently and save efficiently. Furthermore, the AI machines in a networked system can even float “blocks” or money to each other like stock day traders using archival history to allow one person support another person or one business support another in a local community. These clowns talking about we need to pool our money, the Afro-Tech got AI machines that can pool money together automatically. 

It should be apparent now, the Afro-Tech is running this black empowerment stuff while everybody else just moving their mouth around it.  The Afro-Tech is in now in the zone and continuously improving and continuously innovating and we do not got time to slow down just to entertain dumb, broke, slow brothas and sistas out there listening to charlatans on YouTube or Instagram Live.  2018 is shaping up to be the breakout year for the Afro-Tech worldwide to rise up and ain’t no stopping the movement and we wait on no one. 


Ed Dunn

From West Side to World Wide