Dream and Hustle

Tokyo Journey

What We Looking to Discover in Tokyo

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dream and Hustle journey to Tokyo, Japan is to discover innovation and insight to research and appreciate. What makes Tokyo, Japan the best city in the world to cultivate the Afro-Tech movement is the unknown or what we don’t know. Tokyo is a trove of urban economy hidden gems yet to be discovered and applied back home in our communities. There is no other city greater than Tokyo for establishing the momentum and framework for the American Afro-Tech.

What is our output and value creation? We are going to explore and covering the following areas of urban economics:

Retail and Supply Chain

We are very interested in the resale and recycle market – back in the days before there was an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, we would to go to Akihabara in Tokyo to harvest robot parts.

We did not realize the opportunity pattern could be applied where African-American communities have billions in unlocked value purchasing luxury goods considered disposable income but really lucrative for recycling and harvesting.

Imagine just the buttons on used clothing and all the clothing black people buy – what if someone harvest all the buttons – millions of them – that is basically creating literally a natural resource supply from re-harvesting. This is the theme we are looking for as we discover supply chains from harvesting and re-use.


We are very interested in establishing private modular patterns where a commercial lot does not have to be the typical generic 4-wall commercial center with front doors but an open walking environment with atrium, jumbotrons, walking paths and relaxation touchpoints.

Many black communities, particularly the Midwest like Detroit and Chicago have very huge multi-story buildings in black communities that serve no purpose past the first floor. These buildings need to be tore all the way down and rebuilt with functional commercial zones that allow flexible and revolving retailing solutions where a pop-up can host multiple retail operations in a year. We are looking at the entire structure from pedestrian malls to multi-story hosting to safety and security in our communities.


Japan is the pioneer of cashless transactions and still on the forefront of the technology. From multi-use subway payment cards to accepting cryptocurrencies at retail stores, we are looking at next generation payments already practiced in Japan while the rest of the world is just talking. The biggest transaction momentum is QR push payments used in cryptocurrency payments to apply to how we can apply non-monetary transactions in our communities.


How Japan communicates is not discussed often because it involves immersion into Japanese culture. Technology is not the only method of communication in urban economies. We are very immersed in Japanese culture and notice the value of bookstores, comic books or manga, chat room and messaging as well as street fashion and fashion modeling.

Advertising and marketing from digital signage to social media marketing. From social clubs and professional clubs, we are looking at all of the interactions and methods of communication that occurs in Japan that we can apply as our own communication framework in our hoods.

We are going to Tokyo to discover and bring back value to our urban communities. Hope you can join us as we report on our journey and discovery. Looking forward to the unknown and what’s exciting and new that will shape the positive growth and future of the Afro-Tech as value creators for further empowerment and upliftment of our communities.


Ed Dunn

From West Side to World Wide