Dream and Hustle

Dream and Hustle Essentials

Getting Started With Dream and Hustle

Dream and Hustle is built on the next-generation Fooky.com platform using an universal digital lifestyle application called Kossier for login and account management.

The following instructions will help you get started on Dream and Hustle and a new generation of digital lifestyle services to experience the Afro-Tech movement.

1. Create Kossier Account

If you do not have a Kossier address, create one at https://kossier.com. Kossier is a digital lifestyle application allowing you to interact with people, businesses and services. Once you create a Kossier address, print and save your address and password as a permanent record. Important: If you lose your Kossier account, there is no way to recover or verify you are the owner. Please make sure you save your Kossier account information once created.

2. Purchase Credits

Dream and Hustle content is offered on a pay-per-access basis. This allow content contributors to receive fast and fair payment for their works and quickly turnaround more quality content. You will need to purchase credits at the following link https://account.swagg-scientific.com/package/kossier/dh100. You must sign-in using your Kossier account to make a purchase to apply the credit to your account.

Once you successfully made a payment for your credits, your Dream and Hustle account will be activated and you will receive a message in your Kossier inbox.

4. Login Dream and Hustle

To login Dream and Hustle, scan the QR code or click on Kossier link from Dream and Hustle home page to reach https://kossier.com/profile/application/W73H82XU55AC. On the Dream and Hustle page, click the Check-In button to obtain a token to enter into Dream and Hustle. When you enter the correct token on Dream and Hustle home page provided to you by Kossier, you will be successfully logged in.

5. You Are Ready to Go!

Once you are logged into Dream and Hustle, you view content on a pay-per-access basis. Your account balance will be available to view on the top right portion of your screen and will update everytime you access content. Each content on Dream and Hustle will show the price. Please note non-articles (podcasts, videos, e-books) are only charged once in a 24-hour cycle. Welcome to Dream and Hustle!


Ed Dunn

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