Dream and Hustle

Dream and Hustle Essentials

Getting Started With Dream and Hustle

Dream and Hustle is based on a new paradigm and approach for digital media platforms. You will need to obtain a universal digital lifestyle application called Kossier to login into and use Dream and Hustle. You will also need to purchase Michi tokens to conduct transactions and establish an account balance on Dream and Hustle.

The following instructions will help you get started on Dream and Hustle and a new generation of digital lifestyle services to experience the Afro-Tech movement.

1. Create Kossier Account

If you do not have a Kossier address, create one at https://kossier.com. Kossier is a digital lifestyle application allowing you to interact with people, businesses and services. Once you create a Kossier address, print and save your address and password as a permanent record. Important: If you lose your Kossier account, there is no way to recover or verify you are the owner. Please make sure you save your Kossier account information once created.

2. Purchase Michi

After you create your Kossier account, purchase Michi settlement tokens to conduct transactions within the Kossier ecosystem. You can purchase Michi at the following location http://account.swagg-scientific.com/package/swaggscientific/michi30. Once you successfully purchase Michi, your Kossier account will update your account balance.

3. Create Kossier Blockchain Transaction

Once you obtain a valid Kossier address and have sufficient Michi in your account, you can initiate a transaction on the Kossier blockchain to activate a new Dream and Hustle subscription. Visit Dream and Hustle page on Kossier at https://kossier.com/profile/application/W73H82XU55AC, select the Menu tab and select Purchase 25.00 Subscription Credit to begin the transaction.

You will have to sign your Kossier transaction and will have to be approved by the 3rd Strategic Institute, owner of Dream and Hustle. When both parties sign the blockchain transaction, the Dream and Hustle bot will charge against your Michi account and activate your Dream and Hustle account and notify you when ready.

4. Login Using Kossier

To login Dream and Hustle using Kossier, scan the QR code or click on link from the home page to navigate to https://kossier.com/profile/application/W73H82XU55AC. On the Dream and Hustle page, click the Check-In button to obtain a token to enter into Dream and Hustle. When you enter the correct token on Dream and Hustle home page provided to you by Kossier, you will be successfully logged in.

5. You Are Ready to Go!

Once you are logged into Dream and Hustle, you view content on a pay-per-access basis. Your account balance will be available to view on the top right portion of your screen and will update everytime you access content. Each content on Dream and Hustle will show the price. Please note non-articles (podcasts, videos, e-books) are only charged once in a 24-hour cycle. Welcome to Dream and Hustle!


Ed Dunn

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