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Co-Ops, Unionization as a Platform: The Future of Labor as a Value

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Most of the talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming from corporatists trying to control the narrative - it doesn’t work that way. Change is change; creative destruction is creative destruction.

The 3rd Strategic Institute has been researching the true future of work from the employee perspective of the environment. We see the outlook - some people are going to be more empowered and paid while others are going to be marginalized by outsourcing or automation. This article is going to speak from the role of the employee because this is an employee market and good talent will be in strong demand.

In this article, we are going to talk about returning to work, unionization as a service project, and the co-op project, the last two driven by blockchain.

Return to Work

We are not returning to anything before 2019, that horse left the barn and not coming back. You have to adjust to a new reality of the landscape of employment. You cannot believe for a second after the whole world has changed that you coming back to work all smiling and stuff and back to business as usual.

There are different types of people returning to work. First are those who go back to a job, no one needs these types of people. The new paradigm sees jobbers as worthless and corporations won’t waste a second replacing these types of people when corporations get the chance. We all know anybody going back to a job is a bunch of broke folks who living paycheck to paycheck and have not improved their position. They will discover the corporation has already looked at how to replace them through outsourcing or digital automation. Only plan to go back to a job if you trying to make a come-up off the man by learning from the inside.

The second is the type who got money saved up and have their career/life goals disrupted by 2020. This is the group that is going to say life is short, they will quit their jobs, tap into their saving reserves and look for a better opportunity in a new city. We see this among Silicon Valley who are moving to Mountain states or Texas or other rural areas. Many of these people are looking at starting their own business and joining an existing startup firm. As a result, we saw talent being distributed around the country and world and people are finding a new life, new direction.

The third type is those who are in high-demand talent – this group is going to go freelance and move into their own practice or entrepreneurship. They see the cheap availability of loans and investment money to help them launch a business. The problem is many of them are looking at the trees and not the forest – they will focus on a storefront business but will not look at creating co-working spaces, logistical transport of both tangible goods and digital goods, podcast studios. This class of people got to look at building the nodes and the arcs (that graph data slang) to create a true local fiscalism ecosystem.

Unionization As a Service with Blockchain

We have seen unionization attempts by employees failed because of corporate money fighting against the employee's desire to keep a job over the benefit and strength of collective bargaining. Whenever you see the world “collective” the first thing you better think next is blockchain, I hope your mindset is right.

The 3rd Strategic Institute is testing the feasibility of creating a Unionization as a Service platform under the code name “Rich Wolf” and we will reveal this at a later date. But I just want to mention this has the potential of changing the landscape of work and collective bargaining, by anybody.

Let me explain something personal before I go – one thing that makes the 3rd Strategic effective is our simple motto – deliver unto them what they fear. We have watched over and over corporatists freak out when their employees make a unionization attempt, especially the corporate media. You know full well if I see corporatists freaking out and fearing and fighting something, we going to weaponize that shit.

Unionization as a Service allows the creation of a platform to help employees unionized and manage their union from an event-driven and connected paradigm. We have made huge advancements in creating digital-first firms supported on our Toshikiso platform over the years and can branch out to new endeavors and this is one of them. The unionization platform will operate as a network and control center with automation and bots to help focus on recruitment, the agreement contract, opposition control, regulatory compliance, and campaign management.  

If you wondering, yes, this is the same framework we have for our upcoming DBEXX exchange platform as well. Also the same framework of the involuntary blockchain model that ADOS United will use against Black politicians who are not doing the Black community they serve right.

Collective bargaining is digitalized on a blockchain, removing the human scapegoat element even though there needs to be a representative, they will have the blockchain helping guide them through the agreements and actual events to hold up to the agreements.

Now with that said, if one of these corporate media wants to come at us, one of these corporatists wants to come at me because I’m a Black and operating at agency – well, l wouldn’t want their employees to somehow get the motivation to unionize, hehe.

Co-ops and Event-Driven Blockchain

I wrote about co-ops and how the technology can be modernized with Agile, Blockchain, and Event-Driven Architecture and Digital Assets several times and got a global interest in the topic. Because I solved a massive economic problem – that problem is the ability for the professional-managerial class (PMC) to step away from the corporation and enter a trustless operating agreement with other PMCs to collaborate on their own venture.

This means an ex-VP of Marketing and an ex-VP of Logistics can get together and open their first premium food delivery of $200 meals prepared for the elite class in elite neighborhoods and the two VPs don’t have to know each other or have to be friends as they rely on the blockchain trustless nature. Also, they can make the venture a cooperative where the employees can get vested after a certain period of time and also get a stake in equity and profit-sharing. In the past, too many talented ventures failed because of ego-clashes and betrayals among smart PMCs, this model changes that paradigm.

Today, the founders can form an operating agreement that determines the number of shares, who makes the decisions, and how decisions can be voted – yep, you looking at the same dynamics as the unionization as a service discussed above. But another aspect is the event-driven paradigm, the events that add value to the growth and prosperity of the firm. These events can be tied to employees creating the value-added events and are rewarded per the operating agreement.

Everything from boutique hotels to restaurant concepts, to pop-up shops and customized sneakers, can be created in a co-op fashion where everybody adheres to a blockchain and events defined by them to perform against to produce value. Agile is a structured pipeline to continuously integrate improvements into the venture, those are events that can be added at a later time with a bounty.

Some of you will start thinking gamification and some will game the system – the blockchain is the source of truth and you will start seeing abnormal patterns quickly if that was happening and make adjustments. But overall, if we see VPs getting laid off, they now have the opportunity to enter co-ops launches with other PMCs like them and launch without the fear of betrayal.

Even music groups and youth entrepreneurs can get together and launch co-branded ventures as a co-op where they can enter deals with a manufacturer or a legal firm and do like that one bald-headed Boston guy on Shark Tank deal where he wants royalty on each sale – that can be facilitated as an audited contract fulfillment on the blockchain as well.

The Future of Labor is Now

As you saw with just a few topics how big the landscape is for the future of work opportunities. The problem is the corporatists, including corporate media don’t want you to know about your options as a value creator and trying to make you go back to working a job to support the corporatocracy to stand up the stock market for stakeholders capitalism.

We are looking at a new landscape of networked talent to come together and create solutions and collective talent who can now demand collective bargain against their employers and make everything digital. We can create something like the Unionization Channel on TV showing nothing but unionization efforts at the top corporations around the world and vilify CEOs and board of directors the same way corporate media vilify dictators in mineral-rich countries looking to manufacture consent for military complex industry intervention to engage in warfare. We can go full apesh*t with all of this from a labor angle if we want.

Look around the world, not just America – they want co-ops and better unionization efforts in Germany and Korea, and Chile. We got plenty of professional talent in New Zealand and Ukraine who want to get together and build up something in Lithuania via a new co-op software development firm. There is a need for people to work in remote spaces and have the technology to work remotely. There is also educational training that can be done to help employees become better value creators for themselves. I think some of yall are scared of the opportunities and landscape that global labor has transformed into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

That’s how awesome paradigm shifts work – they are both scary and wonderful at the same time. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide