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President Biden Accelerated Outsourcing and Automation with Vaccine Mandate

Monday, September 13, 2021

President Biden directed OSHA to mandate that any company with over 100 employees must have their employees vaccinated or submit weekly tests. There is no debate on this, OSHA can mandate this legally with enforcement without Congressional interference. But the problem is the corporations are going to have to weigh the cost of this OSHA requirement versus outsourcing or automation which are already matured options to consider. 

The easy solution would be for corporations tell their employees to simply take a day off to go and get the free vaccine. But we got ignorant folks out there that don’t want to take the vaccine and talk silly stuff about why they don’t want to be vaccinated. Same people who eat processed pork bacon every day for breakfast talking about how they don’t trust the vaccine. Well, these people who work at the corporation are a very expensive liability if discovered they cause the spread of a virus at a workplace killing innocent co-workers because they want to be ignorant about the virus. 

Corporations are going to have to look at the cost of operations with ignorant employees who think they are entitled to a job and don’t want to be vaccinated to ensure collective safety at the workplace. They are going to decide the best cost-effective move is to focus on either automation or remote outsourcing of the work where the workflow where possible. That means anywhere and everywhere a job can be done by an outsourced team or through automation, they going to pursue that path over dealing with the risk of OSHA violation because of a few ignorant employees that want to discuss not being vaccinated. 

Automation technology and outsourcing efficiency have extremely accelerated in a post-COVID world. Many of you are thinking outsourcing is sending jobs overseas but COVID-19 is ravaging overseas outsourcing markets such as Mexico, India, the Philippines, and more. The new way of outsourcing and automation is through the cloud platforms performing workflow automation and American microservice management firms of less than 100 people who can manage 100,000 microservices for enterprise companies. 

There is going to be an accelerated technocracy boom that may be bigger than the infrastructure bill impact. We are going to see advanced knowledge workers quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs setting up microservices and cloud-native workflow pipelines and platforms for major corporations to outsource their work and we going to see corporations willing to sign contracts and start laying off their workers calling them redundant due to digitalization. 

This vaccine mandate is simply going to drive corporations to create the most cost-effective solution for their stakeholders. Corporations are already looking at the current cost of paying for unused commercial real estate, video conferencing licensing and virtual remote work seat licenses, and more in addition to health insurance to those unvaccinated and hospitalized due to catching COVID-19. Corporations know it’s going to be hard to find truly qualified employees in a tight job market and have to settle for less than quality workers. They going to look at outsourcing and processing firms that can do the work with service level agreements and signing contracts.  

Learn to brace yourself with this slow-burn quiet transformation that going to be decided by corporations on how to move forward. When you try to pass mandates on private corporations, they always going to look at their bottom line and figure out how to adjust to always maximize their stakeholder interest. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide